教案 1 人教选修 6 Unit3 Speaking and writing Teaching material NSEFC Book 6 ?? Unit 3 Teaching Aims Enable the students to give advice on quitting smoking. Teaching Important & Difficult Points How to help the students to write a letter of giving advice on quitting smoking. Teaching aids A computer and a projector Teaching Procedure Step1 Letter reading T: Read this letter and imagine you are the adviser who deals with students’ problems. List some helpful advice to give Xiao lei. Slide show Li Xiaolei 203 Thames Street Oxford, OX41LF Class 2 Grade 2 GZ …Middle School, GZ, GD, China 518036 203 Thames Street Oxford, OX41LF Friday 11 Nov. Dear students in Class 20 Grade 2, Can you help me, please? I have tried to stop smoking several times. I am OK for two days and then I feel really sick and irritable and I have to start smoking again. I know smoking is a bad habit, but I just can’t seem to give it up. Do you have any useful tips? Yours sincerely Li Xiaolei Step 2 Discussion T: Discuss with your partner and make a list of the tips to quit smoking. Slide show Tips on how to quit smoking Write down why you want to quit (the benefits of quitting): live longer, feel better, for your family, save money, smell better, find a mate more easily, etc. You know what's bad about smoking and you know what you'll get by quitting. Put it on paper and read it daily. Set a quit date. Decide what day you will extinguish your cigarettes forever. Write it down. Plan for it. Ask your family and friends to support your decision to quit. Talk with your doctor about quitting. Begin an exercise program. Do some deep breathing each day for 3 to 5 minutes. Cut back on cigarettes gradually. Drink lots of water. Find something to hold in your hand and mouth, to replace cigarettes. Whenever you have a craving for a cigarette, instead of lighting up, writedown your feelings or whatever is on your mind. Believe in yourself. Believe that you can quit. T: Choose 3 pieces of most useful advice and write 2 or 3 sentences to explain how to do it. Step3 Writing T: Write a letter to give Xiao lei some helpful advice. You can refer to the structure and useful expressions below. Slide show structure beginning of the letter : show your sympathy for him and encourage him body of the letter: list the advice on how to quit smoking
end of the letter: express your wish and encourage him Useful expressions How to advise people about what to do Do… You should… Don't forget to… It would be a good idea to… It’s OK/ all right to… How to advise people about what not to do Don’t… You don’t have to… There is no need to… It’s not necessary to… Sample Letter Dear Li Xiaolei, I am sorry you have had so much trouble to stop smoking, but I am glad you are still trying. I hope the tips below will help you. First of all, don’t give up. The more often you try the more likely you are to eventually succeed. When you feel irritable, don’t automatically reach for a cigarette to makeyou feel better. Take a few moments to relax. Start by breathing deeply and lifting your arms out to the side and over your head. It is a good idea to drink lots of water and eat lots of fruit when you are quitting smoking. This will help to remove the nicotine from your body faster and you won’t feel so sick. It is normal to feel a little stressed when you first give up smoking, but try to remember that it will only last a few days and then you will begin to feel much better. Keep up the good work, Li Xiaolei ,and remind yourself how much healthier you will be when you finally quit. Good luck and best wishes, Sun Gao Step 4 Homework Revise the unit and prepare for an exam. 教案 2 人教选修 6 Unit3 Language points Teaching material NSEFC Book 6 ?? Unit 3 Teaching Aims
  1. To learn some new words and phrases.
  2. To master the main idea of each paragraph.
  3. To learn some complicated sentence patterns. Teaching Important Point How to help the students to master the usage of some useful words, expressions and sentences. Teaching Difficult Point How to enable the students to grasp and remember the detailed information of the reading material. Teaching Procedure Step1 Revision Match the words and expressions on the left to the explanations on the right. be due to be addicted to be accustomed to mentally automatically eventually manage a. likes sth very much and wants to spend as much time doing it as possible b. because of ;owing to c. relating to the process of thinking d. machines can do work by themselves instead of people e. at last; in the end f. give up g. use your nose to notice or discover sth. h. to succeed in doing sth. i. be used to
quit smell Step 2 Language points
  1. I think my long and active life must be due to the healthy life I live. due to因为;由…引起;由于 accidents due to driving at high speed Her illness was due to bad food. Her absence was due to the storm. 知识拓展: 表示因果关系的单词和短语 because of 介词短语“因为” 较口语化 owing to 介词短语“因为” 较正式 thanks to 介词短语“因为”“多亏了” as a result of 介词短语“因为” as a result 副词短语“因此” on account of 介词短语 Because 从属连词“因为”表示所叙述的理由是本局的重点 as/since 从属连词“因为”表示理由是已知的, 而理由以外才是叙述的重点for 并列连词,不 用于句首,置于第一分句之后,补充理由;第一分句表示推测时,用 for说明推测的依据。 therefore 副词 “因此” so 并列连词 “因此” The accident was his careless driving. A. due to B. because C. because of D. Both A and C Key: D
  2. I became addicted to cigarettes. addict vt. (
  1)使沉溺; 嗜好(
  2)使...成瘾, 热衷于 addict oneself to 沉溺于, 醉心于 be addicted to 嗜好, 热衷 He became addicted to the drug.他上了毒瘾。 The children are addicted to computer games. (喻)孩子们对计算机游戏上了瘾。 addict n. (
  1) 上了瘾的人 film addict电影迷 (
  3. This means that after a while your becomes accustomed to having nicotine in it… accustom v. vt. 使习惯于 be /get / become accustomed to 习惯于;适应于 accustom +n. /oneself +to 使自己习惯/适应于 其中To 为 介词 The boy has become accustomed to speaking English in public. 那孩子已经习惯于在公众面前说英语了。 My eyes soon grew accustomed to the darkness. 我的眼睛很快适应了黑暗 。 They had to accustom themselves to the hot weather. 他们不得不使自己习惯于炎热的天气。
  4. I knew it was time to quit smoking. quit 动词,过去式和过去分词均为quit,现在分词为quitting, ①接动词-ing形式,“停止做” I wish you’d quit complaining. ② 辞职,离开 His father quit because of ill health. He has to quit school because he can’t afford the education. 知识拓展 只能用动词的 -ing形式做宾语的动词和短语还有 miss, admit, avoid, acknowledge, consider, appreciate, delay, enjoy, escape, deny, fancy, favor, finish, mind, postpone, recall, practice, excuse, imagine, include, keep, mind, resent, resist , suggest, risk, resume, involve, justify, permit, prevent, put off, cannot stand, can't help, give up, object to, put off, feel like, look forward to, persist in, insist on, depend on, approve of, think about, think of, refrain from

  5.smell smell ① “闻起来”, 联系动词, 后接adj. 分词。 The flowers smell sweet. ②闻到,嗅出 常与can,could 连用。 I can smell something burning. ③ n. 嗅觉,气味,臭味 Taste and smell are closely connected. There’s a smell of cooking. What's that smell coming from the kitchen? Hmm, it smells like fresh homemade bread.
  6. In spite of her wounded leg, she managed to get up the stairs. in spite of /despite 尽管、无视,是介词短语/介词,都可接名词(短语) 、动名词(短语) 。 They had a wonderful holiday, despite/in spite of bad weather. 尽管天气不好,他们的假日还是过得极为愉快。 Despite the cold weather, she still wears short sleeves. In spite of the cold weather, she still wears short sleeves. In spite of the cold weather, she still wears short sleeves. manage Vt. & vi.
  1) control 控制,经营 He couldn’t manage this horse, and it threw him to the ground. The boy is so naughty that his parents cannot manage him. Mr. Brown manages a large company in the town.
  2) succeed, be able to do sth. 设法完成, 应付 Though I have a lot of difficulties, I can manage to get everything ready. I shan’t be able to manage without help. If I can’t borrow the money, I’ll have to manage without. manage 和 try 的区别 ?? manage : do then succeed 设法做成了某事 ?? try 表示尽量做,但不一定成功 ?? He tried to pass the exam, but he failed. ?? He managed to pass the exam, and the teacher praised him.
  7. Still others just get into the habit of smoking. get into the habit of 养成/染上某习惯 知识拓展 fall into the habit of 养成/染上某习惯 form a habit of 养成/染上某习惯 from habit 出于习惯 by habit 出于习惯 get out of a habit 改掉某种习惯 break off the habit of 改掉...的习惯 get into trouble 惹上麻烦 get into debt 负债累累 get into a temper 大发脾气 get into deep water 陷于困境 get into one’s head 有某种看法 get into the way of 习惯于、学会
  8. feel like “ feel like ”意为“感到想要”。具体用法如下:
  1. 后面接名词、代词或动词- ing 形式,表示“想要”某物或“想要做”某事。例如: I feel like a drink. I don't feel like eating.
  2. “ feel like ”还有“感到像……,摸起来像……”的意思。例如: They made me feel like one of the family. 他们使我感到我像是这个家庭中的一个成员。 This feels like silk. 知识拓展 would like would like ”意为“想要”,其语气比用 like 婉转些。具体用法如下:
  1. 后面接名词或代词,表示“具体要”某样东西。例如: I'd like two sweaters for my daughters. Would you like one of these moon cakes?
  2. 后面接动词不定式,表示“愿望,喜爱”,常用于有礼貌地提出邀请、请求或建议。例如: I would like to drop maths. Would you like to come to supper? would like ”后面可以用动词不定式作宾语补足语。例如:
What would you like me to do? I'd like you to meet my parents, too. Step 3 Quiz Complete the sentences with words and phases from the text.
  1. Rice production has increased greatly in China over the last few years, largely super hybrid rice.
  2. Having lived in Hawaii all his life, he was not to the cold of Northern Europe.
  3. In spite of her wounded leg, she to get up the stairs.
  4. He told me the same story until I felt like screaming.
  5. When I playing sport I become very fat and unhealthy.
  6. The doctor told him to the bad habit of smoking.
  7. One can become physically and addicted to nicotine.
  8. He tried many times but he gave it up.
  9. This kind of flower so good.
  10. He was of his body so he decided to go on a diet and do more exercise.
  11. With exams only a week away, I am under a lot of .
  12. often take more risks than adults.
  13. Now that I am I eat a good diet because I want my baby to be born healthy.
  14. She can’t see very well in spite of her glasses.
  15. When young he was watching cartoons and playing games online.
  16. He was having a walk alone in the garden after dinner.
  17. The girl has got into the habit of playing with her hair while reading.
  18. It’s so hot today. I feel like going swimming. Keys:
  1. due to
  2. accustomed
  3. managed
  4. automatically
  5. quit/quitted
  6. quit
  7. mentally
  8. eventually
  9. smells
  10. ashamed
  11. stress
  12. Adolescents
  13. pregnant
  14. in spite of
  15. addicted to
  16. accustomed to
  17. got into
  18. feel like Step 4 Homework
  1. Master and go over the use of the words and phrases above.
  2. Pre-view the use of it on page
  21. 教案 3 Unit3 A healthy life Grammar
Teaching material NSEFC Book 6 ?? Unit 3 Teaching aims Enable the students to master the usage of it. Teaching important & difficult points How to enable the students to know the usage of it. Teaching aids tape recorder, slides Teaching procedures Step1 Revision Complete the passage with the suitable words in their proper forms.
  4. due to
  6. stress
  5. addicted
  6. alcohol
  7. manage
  8. cigarettes
  10. adolescents Smoking , drinking or taking other produce many harmful effects and have no real benefits. So why do do it? Some begin because they believe it makes them look cool. Others think it will help with . In their life possibly pressure from their parents or teachers. Some just want to see what it is like. What they don’t realize is that they will get into the habit and become . It will then be difficult to the habit. A few people to quit easily but for many it is a very painful process. Of course, the best way to deal with these drugs is not to start in the first place. Keys:cigarettes;alcohol;drugs;adolescents;stress; due to;eventually;addicted ; quit


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