Unit 4 Pygmalion The First Period Warming up 一.Aims: Teaching goals 教学目标
  1. Target language 目标语言: 重点词汇和短语 adaptation, plot, professor, Pygmalion
  2. Ability goals 能力目标 Enable the students to talk about the Greek story Pygmalion 二.Contents: Ask Students to look at a group of three pictures and try to describe them in their own words. T: Yes, today we are going to learn about a Greek story Pygmalion. First, look at the pictures on page
  28. Please work in pairs and work out the story. S1: Let me try. Pygmalion was a very gifted artist. He spent a long time making a stone statue of a beautiful woman. It was so beautiful that he couldn’t help loving it and wanted it to be his wife. T: What problems do you think they will have? S1: Maybe they can’t understand each other, because they come from different world. S2: It’s very hard for Pygmalion to understand his wife, because his wife is made form a stone. She doesn’t know the words, behavior, anything about him.… Step III Discussion Make a brief introduction about Shaw. T: George Bernard Shaw, Irish dramatist, literary critic, a socialist spokesman, and a leading figure in the 20th century theater. Shaw was a freethinker, defenders of women’s rights, and advocate of equality of income,. In 1925 he was awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature. Shaw accepted the honor, but refused the money. He was a very humorous playwright. Here is a story about him. One day, Shaw took part in a grand party, in which he met the then Prime Minister Churchill. Churchill was very fat at that time whereas Shaw was very thin. Churchill said to Shaw very sharply, “When people see you, they will know how poor your country is”. And then Shaw answered very quickly, “When people see you, they will know the reason why our country is so poor.” From it we can see how witty Shaw is! T: Have you seen the film My Fair Lady? Do you like the film? Say something about the film. Step V Homework Ask the students to do the following.
  1. Find more information about Pygmalion
  2.Pre-read the play and get ready for the next period. The Second Period Reading 一.Aims:
  1. Ability goals 能力目标 Enable the Ss to talk bout the play and use the play to work out the characteristics of each social group.
  2. Learning ability goals 学能目标 Help the Ss learn how to talk about the play and use the play to work out the characteristics of each social group. 二.Contents: Step I Revision and Lead-in Step II Reading Deal with the Reading part. Play the tape for the Ss to listen. Then analyze the play. Ask the students to read through the text. While reading, pay attention to the writing style. Skimming Ask the Ss to read the play quickly and answer the questions. T: Now please read the play. After a few minutes, I’ll ask you some questions. Show the followings.
  1. How many characters are there in the play?
  2. What is the weather like when the play begins?
  3. Do you think Eliza a well educated woman, why or why not?

  4. Why did Professor Higgins want to make notes of what Eliza said?
  5. What’ the meaning of the newly rich? Scanning Ask three students to read to the play while other students scan it and get ready to answer the questions: According to Higgins, if a person is very poor, he or she can still be better off at last. Do you agree with him? If so, how to realize the aim Who can complete the last sentence in the first line on page 30: Now once taught by me…? What other things show one’s statue in society apart from how one speaks? Do you think Pickering if of the upper class? Step III Comprehending Ask Ss to listen to the tape as carefully as possible. They should not only pay attention to the pronunciation and intonation but get the main idea of the play as well. T: Pygmalion is about recognizing a person’s position in society by the way they behave and speak. Please listen to the tape and use the play to work out the characteristics of each social group. And then fill in the blanks on page 30 Step IV Discussion Ask Ss to do part 5 on page
  31. T: Suppose you have a chance to help Eliza improve her use of the English language. Look at the sentences on page31 in Part 5 and help her correct all these sentences in terms of grammar, spelling, etc, so that she can use them properly. Step V Homework
  1. Read the play repeatedly and try to act out it.
  2. Preview the grammar part.
The Third Period Language Points 一.Aims: Learn the language points and some important sentence patterns. 二.Contents:
  1. work out 计算出,设法弄懂,精心制定出,逐渐解决,按某种方式发展。
  1) You can work out the answer by adding all the numbers.
  2.…an expert in phonetics, convinced that the quality of a person’s English decides his/her position in society (
  1) Convince vt. to cause to believer or feel certain; to persuade 说服;使相信,说动 (某人) We convinced him to go by train rather than plane.
  2)(be) convinced + of 短语/ that 从句意思是“坚信…”;“确信…”。例如: I am convinced of his guilt.
  3) convince (vt.) sb + of 短语/that 从句,“使…坚信…”; “使…确信…”。 Convinced adj.坚信的,意志坚定的 Convincing adj.令人心服的
  3. set (
  1) vt. 安排; (岗哨) 定 布置 ; (时间、 标准) 创造 ; (记录) 专心于
  1) Set guards around ; the gate. (
  2) vt. 使――做某事;使――处于某状态
  5)I opened the cage and set the bird free.
  6) A spark set the soods on fire.
  3) vi.(日、月等)下落;下沉
  7) It will be cooler when the sun has set. (
  4) n. 一套,一组;电器设备
  8) I bought a set of LuXun’s short stories. 短语: set off 出发,动身 set out 出发,着手 Set about 开始,着手 set up 建立,成立 Set sb. a good example 为某人树立好榜样
  4. Hold up
  1) raise; keep up 举起
  2) show as an example 提出(作为榜样) The teacher always holds up Tom as a model of hard work.
  3) to delay 阻滞 The building of the new road has held up by bad weather. 短语:hold back 使固定;阻挡 hold down 压制 Hold to 遵循;坚持 hold together (使团结;连接在一起)
  5.Hand over 移交;让与;交给某人照料
  1)The captain was unwilling to hand over the command of his ship. 军舰的指挥权
  2)The thief was handed over to the policeman. 短语: hand down 传给 hand over 传递 Hands up 举手 hand out 分发,分给
  6. But they betray themselves every time they open their mouths. betray oneself 无意中露出本性;背叛 money.betray
  1)vt.泄露(秘密)她不会把他的秘密泄露给我。 He betrayed the news to all his friends.
  2)vt. to be disloyal or unfaithful to 出卖;背叛 His best friend betrayed him. He betrayed his country to the enemy (
  3) to be a sign of (sth. One would like to hide)显露;显示 His face betrayed that he was angry.
  7. Condemn vt.谴责 condemn sb. / sth. 谴责某人/某事 Step II sentences
  1.Generally speaking, people are more polite to those whom they think are of higher social class. 总的来说,人们对那些他们认为属于较高社会阶层的人更礼貌一些。 (
  1)本句中的 of 表示”从属”关系。例如: Birds of a feather flock together. (
  2) be of + 形容词+抽象名词=be +副词+与该抽象名词同根的形容词。例如:What I said is of great importance. = What I said is very important.
The Forth period Learning about language and Using language 一.Aims
  1. Target language 目标语言: 重点词汇和短语 pronounce, distinct, nail, compromise, horrible, bathtub, sob, disgusting, overlook, alphabet, fade, classic, effective, show… in, the other day, take away, in need of, fade out
  2. Ability goals 能力目标 Enable the Ss to learn about the play Making the bet 二.Contents Step I Revision and Lead-in
  1. Check the homework. Ask the Ss to review Act One: Fateful meetings. Step II Reading Have the students read the play carefully and then answer the following questions. After a few minutes.
T: Now answer my questions. First: Do you think Eliza is very ambitious? Why did Pickering fancy himself? S: Yes. Because she still likes to learn even if Higgins treats her rudely. Because he can pronounce twenty-four distinct vowel sounds. T: What habits did Eliza have? S: She has never had a bath in her life; not over her whole body. T: What do you think Higgins would have to do to change Eliza into a lady? S: Teach her alphabet. T: How do you like Colonel Pickering? S: Well-educated and kind. T: Why does Eliza collect Henry’s slippers for him although she is not a servant. S: Although Eliza is not a servant, from her deep heart, she looks down upon herself, and thinks she is in the lower class. But Henry is in the higher class. So I think she collects his slipper willingly. T: Why does she throw the shoes at him? S: Because Henry looked down upon her, which hurts her. She is angry. T: Why does Henry think he wins the bet? S: Because he thinks it is he who makes Eliza attractive in the party. T: Why does Eliza get upset when Henry does not congratulate her? S: Because in Eliza’s opinion, it is she that tries her best to make other people attracted to her. T: Why does Henry get upset when he hears Eliza will marry Freddy? Step III Reading Task
  1. Read the play once again.
  2. Pre-listen to the recording for listening and speaking part.


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