新课标模块七 Unit2 能力目标单元测试题 第二部分:英语知识运用 第一节:单项填空 从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,选出可填入空白处的最佳选项。
  21. It is not where you come from or what you are, but the ability to do the job matters. A. one B. that C. what D. it
  22. She had a computer at home, and her parents desired that she all her work at home. A. do B. does C. must do D. would do
  23. The bank is reported in the local newspaper, in broad daylight yesterday. A. being robbed B. having been robbed C. to have been robbed D. robbed
  24. (2002 年上海春季高考)Is this the reason at the meeting for his carelessness in his work? A. he explained B. what he explained C. how he explained D. why he explained
  25. Peter the papers he was marking and reached for his cigarettes and matches. A. set out B. set off C. set in D. set aside
  26. ?How was your dinner date, dear? ?Very nice. A. Much more than I could have imagined B. I can't wait to have it again C. could have helped myself to some more D. If only they had served better
  27. Many people stood near the bus stop, nervously waiting . A. to pick up B. picking up C. to be picked up D. being picked up
  28. (NMET19
  94)?Do you think it is going to rain over the weekend? ?. A. I don't believe B. I don't believe it C. I believe not so D. I believe not
  29. It is always difficult being in a foreign country, if you don't speak the language. A. extremely B. naturally C. basically D. especially
  30. Don't leave matches or cigarettes on the table with in the of little children. A. hand B. reach C. space D. distance
  31. Not until all the fish died in the river, how serious the pollution was. A. did the villagers realize B. the villagers realized C. the villagers did realize D. didn't the villagers realize
  32.?I am sorry I stepped outside for a smoke. I was very tired.
?There is no for this while you are on duty. A. reason B. excuse C. cause D. explanation
  33. At least 100 people lost their lives in the fire, 7 children. A. contained B. included C. including D. except
  34. (2003 年北京高考)? David and Vicky married? ?For about 3 years. A. How long were; being B. How long have;got C. How long have; been D. How long did; get
  35. I am going to Shanghai. Do you have anything to your parents? A. to take B. taken C. taking D. to be taken 第二节:完形填空 When I was a college student, I did a lot of traveling abroad. That was because a professor 36 me to do so. She said,“Now it is the time for you to travel around the world, 37 your knowledge through actual experiences and have fun?” I 38 her. Since I started to work for a 39 company, however, I have done most of my traveling through the Internet. By using the Internet, I have seen the 40 of many cities on my computer screen. And I have really made business 41 , too. With the help of the Internet, I have also got 42 about food in different countries. Therefore, I was beginning to feel that actual trips were 43 necessary when I happened to read a famous chef's (厨师) comment on the Internet. He said, “It is very difficult to have real Italian food in a foreign country, because we enjoy food and the 44 around us at the same time. So why don't you fly over to Italy and enjoy real Italian 45 ? “Those words reminded me of my 46 advice. As information technolongy 47 , you might be able to do without making some real trips. But this also means that you will miss the various 48 you can get from traveling. Today there are people who 49 direct communication with others and spend much of their time on the Internet. It is not surprising to see a group of people 50 not with each other but into their micro phones. It seems as if such people are 51 by an invisible wall. They seem m be losing out on a good chance to 52 and talk with other people. I do not think that they are taking good advantage of information technology. We should use information technology as a tool m make our daily 53 more fruitful. However, we should never let it 54 our time for face to -face communication. Let's make use of information technology more 55 ,and have great fun in experiencing the actual world.
  36. A. promised B. allowed C. hurried D. encouraged
  37. A. build up B. use C. practise D. exchange
  38. A. agreed with B. learned from C. followed D. obeyed

  39. A. computer B. food C. clothing D. machine
  40. A. life B. rivers C. sights D. houses
  41. A. plans B. bargain C. progress D. trips
  42. A. information B. taste C. cooks D. feelings
  43. A. even more B. no longer C. much D. actually
  44. A. people B. drink C. atmosphere D. environment
  45. A. shoes B. dishes C. customers D. situations
  46. A. friend's B. parents C. professor's D. boss's
  47. A. produces B. advertises C. forms D. advances
  48. A. news B. pleasures C. troubles D. places
  49. A. avoid B. keep C. lose D. enjoy
  50. A. meeting B. talking C. communicating D. traveling
  51. A. stopped B. met C. surrounded D. hurt
  52. A. look at B. employ C. travel D. meet
  53. A. communication B. study C. work D. action
  54. A. spare B. increase C. reduce D. make use of
  55. A. wisely B. correctly C. or less D. slowly 第三部分:阅读理解 阅读下列短文,从每题所给的四个选项(A、B、C 和 D)中,选出最佳选项。 A Long long ago, there was an old merchant who had three sons.“To which one shall I leave my fortune?” he wondered. “It must be to the cleverest son. But which one is the cleverest?” He called his three sons to him. “Here is some money,” he told them, “you must each take one coin to buy something that will fill this room. Anyone who can do this shall have my fortune.” “It is a big room,” said the eldest son. “One coin will not buy very much,” said the second son.
But the youngest son said nothing. He stood and thought, and then he smiled, “Come, brothers,” he said, “let us go to the market.” The eldest son bought straw with his coin. But one coin bought only a bit of straw. Even when he had spread it as much as he could, the straw covered only a corner of the room. The second son bought sand with his coin. But one coin bought only a bit of sand. Even when he had spread it as much as he could, the sand covered only half of the floor. “What did you buy?” the eldest son angrily asked the youngest son. “You don't have any straw.” “Yes, what did you buy?” the second son asked angrily. “You don't have any sand.” “I bought this,” said the youngest son. “A candle! cried his brothers. “What good is a candle?” ” “Watch”,said the youngest son. He lit the candle, and all at once the room was filled from wall to wall, from ceiling to floor. It was filled with light! “Although you are the youngest, you are indeed the cleverest of my sons,” the old merchant said. And that is how, the old merchant left his fortune to his youngest son, the one who could fill a room with light.
  56. Who would get father's fortune? A. The oldest son. B. The richest son. C. The cleverest son. D. The silliest son.
  57. The merchant left his fortune to the son A. who would fill the room by using something which is worthy of one coin B. who would take care of him when he became old C. who wanted to get his fortune D. who got married first
  58. How do you think of the youngest son? A. He is very clever. B. He is very lazy. C. He is very mean. D. He is very diligent.
  59. The youngest son used to fill the room. A. straw B. candle C. sand D. water B Doha: The World Trade Organization (WTO) finally opened its door on Saturday to China, advancing the country with the largest population on the planet into the open world market and send an active signal to slumping( 不 景 气 )global economy on the edge of a full-blown backwardness. The Chinese delegation signed a membership protocol (协议书)with WTO yesterday. Under WTO rules China will become a full member 30 days after it reports the global trade body of the approval(批准)by President Jiang Zemin. It took only minutes for WTO trade ministers to consider and then, on a basis of agreement, vote for a report of the China Working Party with an applause on Saturday evening. The moment
came to the climax(高潮) when WTO conference chairman Youssef Hussain Kamal of Qatar knocked the table following resounding extended applause. The vote was a formality (形式, 礼节), with China reaching the requested agreements with each of the trading partners necessary for the admittance. Upon entering WTO, the Chinese delegation became the center of international media attention. The cameras of the news photographers flashed non-stop as Minister of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation Shi Guangsheng enjoyed a lasting applause. “China's entering WTO is not only the interests of China, but also the interests of all WTO members and good to the development of the multilateral (多国的) trading system ,” Shi said, “it will certainly have wide-reaching effect on China's economy and the world economy in the new century.”
  60. It can be inferred from the first two paragraphs that A. China's entering WTO is the only decision in the history of WTO B. China will become the newest member in WTO very soon C. Shi Guangsheng signed the membership with WTO in Geneva D. China will open all its markets to the outside world from now on
  61. It took only minutes for the WTO ministers to consider and vote because A. China had reached the agreements with each of the governments already B. the Chinese delegation signed on the day before they considered and voted C. they had discussed the report of the China Working Party somewhere else D. there was not enough time for them to consider and discuss at the conference
  62. The underlined expression “a lasting applause” shows A. Shi Guangsheng's success in his speech B. that Shi Guangsheng was popular with journa lists C. the welcome to the Chinese delegation D. the congratulation on China's entering WTO
  63. China's entering WTO does good to . A. China's own economic reform and construction B. China's own business into the open world market C. the economic development of China itself and all WTO members D. the Chinese leaders when they make a strategic (战略的) decision C The United States: Fliers may want to have their tickets in hand before catching their planes, but the airline companies are doing everything they can to bring forward cost-saving ticketless flight?no paper needed , just a ticket number and a photo ID(带照片的身份证 ). Anyone who buys a Northwest E-ticket through the airline's computer service by June 16 will get an award(奖 励). Next time you fly, you can buy another ticket for a friend for $ 99, good anywhere in the US or Canada through Feb. 12,2000, along with the lowest ticket prices. Some airlines offer extra frequent-flier miles for the ticketless crowd. And there are rising punishments for paper lovers, American, Northwest, United, and last week, US Airways have raised the cost for lostticket replacement (替换) to $ 70 from either $ 60 or $
  50. The airlines insist that the increase in price is not meant to push travelers toward E-tickets but only covers the increasing cost of replacing and tracking a missing ticket.
  64. Why is the new ticketless flight introduced? A. It is cheaper for air travelers.
B. It helps reduce the cost for airlines. C. It can use computer to plan air traveling. D. It helps prevent fliers from losing their tickets.
  65. To encourage people to take ticketless fights, the airlines A. sell their tickets for $ 99 from June to February the following year B. let travelers go to both the US and Canada with the same tickets C. allow each traveler to have an extra $ 99 ticket for a friend of theirs D. offer ticketless travelers free miles to fly in the US
  66. Who are the paper lovers mentioned in the text? A. People who like to have paper airplane tickets. B. People who love paper products of various kinds. C. People who travel with paper on a plane. D. People who have lost their ticket and buy a second one. D In the late 1500s, a large powerful gun was placed on top of the Signal Hill, in Newfoundland, to prevent attacks from the outside. Flags were also flown there to warn sailors of bad weather. It's fitting, then, the Italian Gulielmo Marconi should have chosen this site to receive the world's first radio signal?in Morse code?from England on December 12,19
  01. Marconi, combining earlier ideas with his own, led us to a new communications age. For the next 50 years, until the appearance of television, radio ruled the air waves. Today, it's the TV that rules. No single person can say to have invented television. In 1884, the German Paul Nipkow invented a device that sent pictures mechanically, and in 1906, Boris Rosing, a Russian, used a ray and a disc to create the world's first TV system. Then in the early 1920s, another Russian, Vladimir Zworykin, invented a picture display tube. He took out a patent for color TV, even though it wouldn't be developed for another 25 years. In 1924, a Scot entered the scene?John Logic Baird. He first succeeded in sending a moving picture and a year later got the first actual TV picture. In 1926,Baird showed TV in a London laboratory. Two years later in New York, Felix the Cat became the first TV star. TV excited everyone's imagination, but hardly anyone had



   Unit 2 Robots I. 单元教学目标 技能目标 Goals ▲ Learn about literary work about science, Robots and Science fiction writerIsaac Asimov ▲ Talk about Robots ▲ Practise Supposition and belief ▲ Revise the Passive Voice (I) ( including the infinitive) ▲ Science f ...

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