Test of Unit 4 I. 单项选择
  1. In order to speed the repairs of some products, we have made for our customers to deal with the factory directly. A announcements B applications C preparations D arrangements
  2. Before the operation, the doctor can answer your questions and help explain , so you won’t be worried. A how to expect B what to expect C what will expect it D how it will expect
  3. In the 1940s, two American scientists invented computer, invention that would later completely change people’s way of life. A the; an B /; the C the; the D /; an
  4. You to win first prize in the contest, Tom. Sorry, I have let you down. A are expected B were expected C have been expected D have been expecting
  5. It seems only seconds the beggar grabbed the bread and gave it a big bite. A until B before C when D after
  6. It’s the present situation in poor areas that much higher spending on education and training. A calls for B answers for C provides for D plans for
  7. Did you finish your project, Tom? No. I was going to type it out but I visitors. A had B have C have had D will have
  8. ?Tom, please serve the two guests. Coming. , Sir? A Can I help you B What do you want C May I take your order D Would you like to eat something
  9. They the mountain at noon. A set off to B set out to C set out for D set off in
  10. The manager promised to keep me of how our business was going on. A to be informed B on informing C informed D informing
  11. When I said some studnets were lazy, I to you. A don’t refer B wasn’t referring C hasn’t referred D didn’t refer
  12. your parents do is for your good. A All the things that B All what C Whatever D What that
  13. , her hands shook constantly and violently. A Knowing her son killed in the mine B When she knew her son was killed in the mine C Known her son killed in the mine D She knew her son killed in the mine
  14. Last month, part of southeast Asia was struck by floods, from effects the people are still suffering. A that B whose C those D what
  15. A story goes Elizabeth I of England liked nothing more than being surrounded by clever noblemen at court. A when B where C what D that II. 单词拼写
  1. Liu Hulan would rather die than b her own motherland.
  2. As is known to us all, there are twenty-six letters in all in the a.
  3. They won’t sell the old funiture, believing that it is worth good f.
  4. If she marries a foreigner, will her s as a Chinese citizen be affected?
  5. The film we saw last night is an (改编)of a play by Shakespeare.
  6. He awoke to find himself lying (不舒服)on this hard, cold floor.
  7. Nobody will get everything he wants; we all must (妥协)something.
  8. The teacher often tells us never to (犹豫) to do anything worth doing. III. 单句改错
  1. You had better take your unbrella, in case it will rain.
  2. The final examination is coming up soon. It’s time for us to get down our studies.
  3. It was a matter of whomever would take the position.
  4. Father got angry when he saw the disappointed result of his son’s examination.
  5. His serious illness condemned him being in bed all the time.
  6. Unless tying to the tree, the dog will bite whoever passes by.
  7. Many workders are buried deeply in the wall.
  8. He said he was in the need of my assistance while carrying out the plan. IV. 完成句子
  1. But they the open their mouths. 但是他们一张口说话就显露出他们自己的本来面目。
  2. He was judged guilty and condemned . 他被宣判有罪,并判处以枪毙。

  3. She refused to . 她对原则寸步不让。
  4. All memory of her childhood . 她对童年的一切记忆逐渐从脑海中消逝了。
  5. He escaped by . 他冒充警卫逃走了。
  6. Think of it an investment. 从投资的角度来考虑那件事。 V. 句型转换
  1. Work hard and you will succeed. work hard, you will succeed.
  2. Would you like to go fishing this afternoon? going fishing this afternoon.
  3. You will know what happened as soon as you see him. you see him you will know what happened.
  4. Six minus four is two. If you four six, that leaves two.
  5. They are alike. He mistanes Tom for Mike. They look exactly like each other. He Tom Mike.
  6. They sat face to face and they were lost in conversation. They sat face to face, conversation. VI. 阅读理解 There is probably no field of human activity in which our values and lifestyles are shown more clearly and strongly than they are in the clothes that we choose to wear. The dress of an individual is a kind of “sign language” that communicates a set of information and is usually the basis on which immediate impressions are formed. Traditionaly, a concern for clothes was considered to be an affair of females, while men took pride in the fact that they wre completely lacking clothes consciousness. This type of American culture is gradually chaging as man’s dress takes on greater variety and colour. Even as early as 1955, a research in Michigan said that men considered that the value of clothing in daily life was very important. White-collar workers in particular viewed dress as a symbol of ability, which could be used to impress or influence others, especially in the work situation. The white-collar worker was described as extremely concerned about the impression his clothing made on his boss. Although bule-collar workers were less aware that they might be judged on the basis of their clothing, they recognized that any difference from the accepted pattern of dress would be made fun of by fellow workers. Since that time, of course, the patterns have changed, the typical white-collar worker may now be wearing the blue shirt, while the blue-collar may be wearing a white short, but the importance of drss has not become less. Other researchers in recent years have helped to prove its importance in the lives of individuals at various age levels and in different social and economic status groups.
  1. The passage tells us that . A. our values and life-styles are in no field of human activity. B. the clothes that we choose to wear have something to do with our values and life-styles. C. our values and life-styles are from the sign language. D. the clothes we choose to wear depend on a set of information and immediate impression.
  2. Traditionally, people usually thought that . A. men cared very much for clothes. B. women concerned greatly about what they wore while men didn’t. C. both men and women paid great attention to their clothes. D. neither men nor women showed interest in clothes.
  3. White-collar workers pay great attention to their clothes because . A. they extremely concern about the impression their clothes make on their bosses. B, they know that people might judge them on the basis of their clothes. C. they want to impress and influence others. D. they don’t want to be laughed at.
  4. The passage manily suggests that . A. now man pay more attention to their clothes. B. women always like beautiful dresses. C. people have paid more and more attention to the importance of dress. D. American cluture is changing greatly. VII. 阅读表达 Internet use appears to cause a decline in psychological well-being(健康), according to the research at Carnegie Mellon University. Even people who spent just a few hours a week on the Internet experienced more depression and loneliness
than those who logged on less frequently, the two-year stuey showed. And it wasn’t that people who were already feeling bad spent more time on the Internet, but that using the Net actually appeared to cause the bad feelings. Researchers are puzzling over the results, which were completely contrary to their expectation. They expected that the Net would prove socially healthier than television, since the Net allows users to choose their information and to communicate with others. The fact that Internet use reduces time available for family and friends may account for the drop in well-being, researchers hypothesized ( 假 设 ) . Faceless, bodiless “virtual” communication may be less psychologically satisfying than actual conversation, and the relationships formed through it may be shallower. Another possibility is that exposure to the wider world via the Net makes users less satisfied with their lives. “But it’s important to remember this is not about the technology; it’s about how it is used,” says psychologist Chiritine Riley of Intel, one of the study’s sponsors. “It really points to the need for considering social factors in terms of how you design applications and services for technology.”
  1. What is the best title of the passage? .
  2. Translate the underlined sentence in the third paragraph into Chinese. .
  3. In the opinion of the researchers, why would the Internet be socially healthier than TV?(Please answer within 20 words.) .
  4. Please write out one reason that causes the Internet users’ bad feelings. .
  5. What’s the main idea of the last paragraph? 附答案: I. DBABB AACCC BABBD II. betray, alphabet, fortune, status, adaptation, uncomfortably, compromise, hesistate III. will rain?rains; down 与 our 间加 to; whomever?who; disappointed?disappointing; being?to be; tying?tied; deeply?deep; 划掉 the IV.
  1. betrayed themselves every time;
  2. to be shot;
  3. compromise her principles;
  4. faded from her mind;
  5. passing himself off as a guard / disguising himself as a guard;
  6. in terms of V.
  1. If you;
  2. How / What about
  3. Once
  4. take…away from
  5. takes..for
  6. lost in VI. BBAA VII.
  1. The Internet may cause depression.
  2. 结果完全与预料相反,研究学者们对此感到困惑。
  3. Because the Net users can choose information and their Net friends.
  4. The Internet user has spent less time communicating with his family and friends. The Intenet users have lacked satisfaciton after the virtual communication. The Internet users are no more content with their life and their family.
  5. People can’t condemn the technology itself but themselves.



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