Unit 1 Breaking records! I. 单元教学目标 技能目标Goals ▲0 Talk about records, adventures and hobbies ▲1 Practise expressing 技能目标 surprise ▲2 Review the subject ▲3 Complete smmmary II. 目标语言 . 功
  1. Talk about records, adventures and hobbies 能
  2. Practise expressing surprise: 句 You’re kidding! Is that all? That’s wonderful! How amazing! 式
  1. 四会词汇 hurdling, boxing, lunge, approximate, conventional, laughter, reality, 词 adjustment, tough, extreme, vomit, gymnastic, unfit, fascinate, meditation, spiritual, 汇 marathon, urge, accomplish, motivation, devotion.. ,
  2. 认读词汇 hula hoping, Guinness Book of World Records
  3. 词组 in reality
  4.重点词汇 in reality, break records, a sense of balance,… . 语法 Review the Subject 重
  1. While these activities might seem childish and cause laughter rather than respect, 点 in reality they require an enormous amount of strength and fitness as well as 句 determination. 子 III. 教材分析与教材重组 .
  1. 教材分析 教材重组;
  3. 课型设计与课时分配(经教材分析,本单元可以用 课时教完) 课型设计与课时分配(经教材分析,本单元可以用6课时教完 课时教完) 1st Period Reading 2nd Period Grammar 3rd Period Listening & Speaking 4th Period Reading &Writing IV. 分课时教案 The First Period Reading Teaching procedures & ways 过程与方式 Step I Leading in Look at the pictures and tell something about them. Can you imagine what it feels like to break a record. Step II. Pre-reading Look at the pictures and go through the new wording of different activities. Ask Ss to match the pictures and answer questions on Page 1 Step III. Reading
  1.Fast reading Quickly glance through the text and tick the topics about Ashrita the author does not cover
  2.Second reading Now read the story more carefully and answer the following questions in groups.
  3.Discussion Discuss some of the Ashrita’s beliefs.and explain. Step IV. Language points The Second Period language study Step I Words and expressions
  1. Fill in the table and tell Ss the way of remembering these new words.

  2. Word match : Find new words in the reading passage that are similar in meaning to the underlined words. Step II. Useful structures
  1. Underline the subject in these sentences. And give some explanation of different forms of subject.
  2. Match the subject on the left with an ending on the right to make the correct saying. Then translate it into Chinese.
  3. Turn to page 52 and
  53. And finish the rest exercises The Third Period listening and speaking Step I. First listening
  1. Get Ss to read exercise 1 and make sure that they understand the information they are listening for. Step II Second listening 2 Read through the questions first in Ex
  2. focus on the ideas as well as some specific information. Then check answers in groups. Step III. Third listening 3 Play the listening text and stop it after each expression of surprise. Step IV Speaking Practice the short dialogue, using the expressions of surprise. The forth period Reading and writing Step I reading Quickly glance through the profiles to answer the following questions?
  1. What kind of magazine do you think the text is from?
  2. How many profiles are there?
  3. How many men and women are profiled?
  4. What sport do they do?
  5. What are their names?
  6. Where are they from?
  7. Who is the oldest and who is the youngest? Then ask Ss the read more carefully to finish the Ex 1, 2 and 3 Step II. Writing Ask Ss to write their own profile.


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