人教版高一英语( 人教版高一英语(上)第四单元练习
第一部分 词汇 一、单词
  1. 难忘的
  2. 民族的
  3. 顽皮的
  4. 花生
  5. 庙
  6. 论文
  7. 机会
  8. 截止时间
  9. 灾难
  10. 惊骇
  11. 代理商
  12. 地动仪
  13. 恐吓
  14. 援救
  15. 提前
  16. 抓住
  18. 拖
  19. 搏斗
  20. 流动
  21. 震动
  22. 击打
  23. 摧毁
  24. 害怕
  25. 最后 二、短语
  26. 发生
  27. 失火
  28. 把……往上曳
  29. 站立起来
  30. 通过
  31. 在度假
  32. 与……保持联系
  33. 直视某人的脸
  34. 为了玩

  17. 吞没
  35. 与……斗争 第二部分 知识点
  1. Please tell me how the accident . I am still in the dark. A. came by B. came upon C. came to D. came about
  2. Have a good rest, you need to your energy for the tennis match this afternoon. A. leave B. save C. hold D. get
  3. Cotton easily, so no one is allowed to smoke here. A. catches fire B. makes a fire C. sets fire D. on fire
  4. Someone called me up in the middle of the night, but they hung up I could answer the phone. A. as B. since C. until D. before
  5. A committee was formed to the case of murder. A. look over B. look into C. look for D. look after
  6. He went in, a match and lit a candle to give off light. A. beat B. hit C. struck D. knocked
  7. The boy was afraid behind others, so he was afraid out for play. A. to fall; to go B. of falling; of going C. of falling; to go D. to fall; of going
  8. it is to go for a picnic on such a fine day! A. What a fun B. What fun C. How fun D. How a fun
  9. We spoke in a low voice waking the baby up. A. instead of B. for fear of C. in order to D. by means of
  10. The storm left, a lot damage to this area.
A. caused
B. to have caused
C. to cause
D. having caused her indirectly in hints that she had 2
The news did not come directly to Ella herself. It 1 the prize. But as she was a 3
girl, she went on working without 4
anything. Actually no one
really knew yet what the 5 of this year's contest was. Ella was such a good artist, her lines so sure, that no 6 student in the art class 7 but last year nobody had thought Frank Peters would win 8 of the city bridge. 10 ,it was hard to see the bridge to win, 9
that funny modern painting he had
11 you looked at the picture for a long
time. Still Frank had got the 12 and the Board of Governors had given it to him at a big dinner in the Rits Hotel. Ella was a rather shy girl but her classmates seldom and 14 13 her to be shy. She was pretty and clever
very well with everyone. She liked her school. She was very fond of her art teacher, Miss 15 , because she always seemed to be her favorite. What was 16 about Miss Drake
Drake, which was
was that she could bring out the best of her student in a clever way. Anybody else's best, however good 17 might be, was not good enough to 18 Miss Drake. So Ella was expecting the prize, not just for herself and her parents but 19 she had heard Miss Drake say that it was the finest painting
she had ever seen 20 one of her students.
  10.A.Terribly 11 .A. if
  14.A.lived B.arrived B.got B.naughty B.saying B.reason B.one B.expected B.about B.took B.Clearly B.after B.painting B.hoped B.got on C.got C.given up C.noisy C.telling C.result C.girl C.known C.through C.done C.In fact C.when C.praise C.expected C.stayed C.strange C.terrible C.she C.please C.for C.by
D.reached D.lost D.interesting D.talking D.medal D.other D.chosen D.over D.written D.Truly D.until D.thing D.thought of D.treated D.natural D.wonderful D.one D.cheat D.when D.of

  15.A. interesting B.obvious
  20.A.through B.lucky B.he B.comfort B.as B.with
人教版高一英语( 人教版高一英语(上)第五单元练
第一部分 词汇 一、单词
  1.银;银子_silver; 金;金子_gold
  2.男主角__hero; 女主角heroine
  3.场面;情景scene; 景色scenery
  4.女演员actress; 男演员actor
  5.戏剧__drama; 戏剧的dramatic
  6.奖;奖品award; 奖赏;奖金__prize
  7.导演__director; 方向_direction
  8.手稿;手迹__script; 书法__handwriting
  9.和平_peace; 和平的__peaceful
  10.工业__industry; 农业__agriculture
  11.动作_action; 行动__act
  13.学位degree 第二部分 完型填空
  19.残忍;残酷__cruelty; 残忍的__cruel
  24.决定(v) __determine
  25.评论_comment 二、词汇
  26.成功__take off
  27.误入歧途go wrong
  28.把……归功于某 owe sth to sb

  29.总共_in all
  30.外出__stay away
  31.将某人锁于某处不得进出_ lock sb up__
  32.追赶__run after
  33.送回某人_bring sb back
  34.正在播出的_on the air
  35.对……高度评价_ think highly of
I became lame(瘸的) in both legs in my childhood. I can't stand 1 the support of two sticks. Only in my wheelchair can I " 2 ". I still remember the first day at 3 . When I appeared at the door, 4 in the classroom stared(凝视) at me in 5 . My
face turned 6 . I couldn't help 7 back. It was the 8 and sympathy(同情) in their eyes that 9 me doing so. I went shyly towards an unoccupied (空的) seat. Being lame, I didn't dare(敢) to 10 in front of my classmates. I was afraid that I might be 11 at. In those days I was very sad to see others walking 12 . One day, a few students came up to me and asked me to go outside. I was really 13 . They encouraged me with a(n) 14 smile and 15 me in my wheelchair from place to place. I was 16 to them for giving me a chance to see the 17 of our lovely school with my own eyes. After that we often read, played and talked together. My friends are always 18 to help me. It made me 19 I am handicapped(残疾的). Once they asked me, "What is the most beautiful thing in our school ?" Without hesitation(犹豫) I said, "It is the 20 . "
  1. A. with
  2. A. walk
  3. A. school
  4. A. he
  5. A. thought
  6. A. red
  7. A. entering
  8. A. feeling
  9. A. made
  10. A. walk
  11. A. laughed
  12. A. quickly
  13. A. brave
  14. A. honest
  15. A. pushed
  16. A. satisfied
  17. A. signs
  18. A. ready
  19. A. forget
  20. A. teachers B. without B. run B. wheelchair B. she B. interest B. brown B. hiding B. kindness B. prevented B. study B. smiled B. slowly B. sad B. friendly B. placed B. sorry B. sights B. smart B. remember B. schoolyard C. under C. sit C. home C. everyone C. anger C. white C. coming C. sorrow C. kept C. practice C. stared C. happily C. hurt C. luckily C. drew C. loyal C. buildings C. wise C. imagine C. classmates
D. on D. stand D. hospital D. nobody D. surprise D. black D. turning D. pain D. let D. speak D. looked D. shyly D. excited D. handsome D. pulled D. grateful D. students D. unwilling D. think D. friendship
人教版高一英语( 人教版高一英语(上)第六单元练
第一部分 词汇 一、单词
  1.打断 v interrupt
  2.道歉 v apologize → n _apology
  3.过错 n _fault
  4.介绍,引进 vt__introduce →n __introduction
  5.原谅,饶恕 vt__forgive
  6.文化;文明 v__culture→adjcultural
  7.方式;样式;方法 n__manner →礼貌 nmanners
  8.印象;感想 n__impression→ v__impress
  9.干杯 n__toast
  10.举动;行为表现 v__behave→ n__behaviour
  11.餐巾纸 n__napkin
  12.甜点 n__dessert 沙漠 n __desert

  13.打开;显露 vt_unfold→折叠 vfold
  14.潮湿的 adj __damp
  15.习惯;风俗 n__custom (个人)习惯 n __habit
  16.第一道菜 nstarter
  17.祈祷 v__pray →nprayer
  18.胸部;胸怀 n__breast 胸膛 nchest
  19.肉;果肉 nflesh 骨头 nbone
  20.忠告;建议 nadvice 建议;提议 nsuggestion
  21.烈酒 n__spirit
  22.无礼的 adj__impolite→有礼的 adjpolite
  23.混淆 vtmix→混合物 nmixture
  24.外加的 adi__extra
  25.残疾的 adjdisabled→ 残疾 n__disability 二、短语
  26.省去;遗漏leave out
  27.盯着stare at
  28.以某人为笑柄__make jokes about sb 第二部分 完型填空
The British people are famous for being quite reserved(保守的). We are known around the world for having the biggest "personal 1 "?the distance between us and the person we are 2 to. I have 3 been more aware of this than over the last month, since I arrived in China. Getting used to Chinese
colleagues 4 close by me and even placing their hands on my arm is proving quite 5 . My natural British reaction is to 6 back and move away, even though I realize it is a friendly gesture by the Chinese person. I have 7 many people holding hands or putting their arms around each other as they walk along the streets of Beijing. This would rarely be seen in the UK , even between very close friends. And 8 at someone in Britain is considered very 9 . But here, I find myself being stared at often. It 10 me long to realize this was not rude in China, but a 11 of curiosity. I visited Datong last week, where the local people are 12 used to Westerners. An elderly woman couldn't believe her 13 when she saw me. And 14 feel offended(使不舒服) by her staring at me, I was 15 to see her smile back when I said "Nihao." When I visited one of Datong's middle schools to talk about English Weekly, the students asked me to 16 their copies of the newspaper. And one girl at the Yungang Grottoes asked to have her picture taken with me. I 17 like a celebrity(名人)! I have 18 over the last month how true it is that the British are very 19 . We can learn a lot about 20 from China's culture and habits. And I am learning more every day.
  1. A. feeling
  2. A. turning
  3. A. never
  4. A. sleeping
  5. A. easy
  6. A. go
  7. A. seen
  8. A. hitting
  9. A. rude
  10. A. took
  11. A. scene
  12. A. more
  13. A. tongue
  14. A. more than
  15. A. pleased
  16. A. pronounce
  17. A. felt
  18. A. repeated
  19. A. tidy
  20. A. cleverness B. secret B. talking B. hardly B. coming B. difficult B. push B. heard B. speaking B. cruel B. spent B. scenery B. less B. experience B. rather than B. unwilling B. publish B. seemed B. compared B. reserved B. friendliness C. signal C. pointing C. almost C. standing C. friendly C. pull C. exchanged C. smiling C. polite C. used C. sight C. quite C. eyes C. less than C. surprised C. share C. sounded C. realized C. brave C. happiness D. space D. listening D. always D. passing D. interesting D. look D. watched D. staring D. equal D. paid D. sign D. somehow D. ears D. no more than D. angry D. sign D. acted D. noticed D. independent D. politeness
人教版高一英语( 人教版高一英语(上)第七单元练
第一部分 词汇 一、单词
  1.文化的 adj →文化 n
  2.金字塔 n
  3.雕像 n 肖像;人像
  4.太空舱;胶囊 n
  5.代表;表现 v →代表 n
  6.包括;包含 vt→包含;容纳 vt
  7.废墟 n
  8.修复;重建 vt→康复 vi
  9.重建;复原;改造 vt
  10.美;美景;美好的人或事物 n
  11.照片 n = ;
  12.再创造;重新创作 vt
  13.联合;团结 v→联合;工会;联盟 n
  14.艺术家;美术家 n
  15.一段时间;时期 n
  16.花瓶 n
  17.损害;伤害 n→ 毁灭 vt
  18.古代的;古老的 adj
  19.计划;方案;工程 n
  20.砖 n;石头 n;土 n
  21.朝代;王朝 n



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