人教版高一英语必修 1
参考时间 70 分钟 单词拼写( 一. 单词拼写(10 分)
UNIT5 巩固练习
满分 100 分
细节决定成败,请认真细心答题,规范书写,让优秀成为一种习惯! 细节决定成败,请认真细心答题,规范书写,让优秀成为一种习惯!

  1. This new computer is of high q and is not expensive, either.
  2. Norman Bethune f against the German Nazis and Japanese invaders during World WarⅡ.
  3. Some of the films are full of v. Too much fighting is not good for young kids to watch.
  4. Black people are born e to the whites so they should share the same rights as them.
  5. It was so cold inside the house that she had to wrap herself in a b to keep warm.

He was (慷慨的,大方的) with his time, for which I was grateful.

  7. Since I was better (受教育), I got a job working in an office.

  8. All that time my wife and children had to beg for food and help from (亲戚)or friends.
  9. I remembered the beatings and the (残忍) of the guards and my friends who had died.
  10. It was a prison from which no one (逃脱).
完成下列句子( 二. 完成下列句子(20 分)

  1. (事实上), she didn’t attend the meeting yesterday.
  2. She never (灰心) even when she (身处逆境).
  3.The time Nelson Mandela (我第一次见到) was a very difficult period of my life.
  4. He was the black lawyer (我寻求建议的)
  5. The last thirty years saw the greatest number of laws stop our right and progress, until today we have reached a
stage(关系词) we have almost no rights at all.(T/F) Morning found Christie reading by the window. (英译汉)
  6. I worried about (我是否会失业)

  7. Only then we decided to (用暴力反抗暴力) A. Only yesterday his father told him the truth, which was a big surprise. (改错) B.
  9. Only when was the war over was he able to return to his hometown. (改错) I felt bad the first time when I talked to a group. (T/F) The new house that he has just bought is about three miles far away. (改错)

  10.(起床以后),he always drinks a glass of water, that he believes is good to his heath. (改错)
单项选择 (15 分)

  1. I can still remember the sitting-room my mother and I used to sit in the evening. A. what B. which C. where D. that
  2. Only yesterday him the truth, which was a big shock to him. A. his father told B. told his father C. did his father tell D. his father did tell
  3. He a great actor as a child, and at last his dream . A. dreamed to be; came to true B. dreamed of being; realized C. dreamed of being; came true D. dreamed being; realized
  4. It’s impossible for all the people to get jobs because of them are not fit for them. A. none of B. all C. not all D. everyone
  5. They will not even if they can’t win the match. A. lose their hearts B. lose their heart C. lose heart D. lose the heart
  6. My family climbed up the hills, we had a picnic. A. on the top of it B. on its top C. on the top of which D. on the top of that
  7. She is the only one of the girls in her school who the piano well. A. plays B. play C. playing D. are playing
  8. Did you give him the book to him? Yes. I gave it to him I saw him. A. once B. the moment C. while D. suddenly
  9. Recently I bought an ancient Chinese vase, was very reasonable. A. the price of it B. which price C. its price D. the price of which
  10. I found her nice and honest I saw her. A. for the first time B. the first time C. on the first time D. at first
  11. It’s helpful to put children in a situation they can see themselves differently. A. that B. when C. which D. where
  12. Sam some knowledge of the computer just by watching others working on it. A. brought up B. looked up C. picked up D. set up
  13. Little about her own safety, though she was in great danger herself. A. did Rose care B. Rose did care C. Rose does care D. does Rose care
  14. I would like a job which pays more, but I enjoy the work I’m doing at the moment. A. in other words B. on the other hand C. for one thing D. as a matter of fact
  15. Shall I give you a ride as you live so far away? Thank you. . A. It couldn’t be better B. Of course you can C. If you like D. It’s up to you
四. 阅读理解 (10 分)
There is an endless supply of stories about sleepwalkers (梦游者). People have been said to climb on roofs, solve mathematical problems, write music, walk through windows, and do murder in their sleep. In Revere, Massachusetts, a hundred policemen searched for a lost boy who left his home in his sleep and woke up five hours later on a strange sofa in a strange living room, with no idea how he had got there. At the University of Lowa, a student was reported to have the habit of getting up in the middle of the night and walking three-quarters of a mile to the Lowa River. He would take a swim and then go back to his room to bed. An American expert on sleep claims (声称) that he has never seen a sleepwalker. He is said to know more about sleep than any other living man, and during the last thirty-five years he has lost a lot of sleep watching people sleep. He says, “Of course, I know that there are sleepwalkers because I have read about them in the newspapers. But none of my sleepers ever walked, and if I were to advertise for sleepwalkers for an experiment, I doubt whether I would get many takers (应征者).” Sleepwalking, however, is a scientific reality. It is one of those strange things that sometimes look quite fantastic (怪诞的).
Doctors say that sleepwalking is much more common than is generally supposed. Many sleepwalkers do not try to find help and their sleepwalking is never recorded.
  61. Generally speaking, sleepwalkers are people who . A. climb on roofs B. walk through windows C. do fantastic things during their sleep D. walk in a half-awake state
  62. It was reported that a boy . A. was found on a strange sofa, telling how he had got there B. slept in his own room but woke up in a strange room C. lost his way five hours after he left home D. was searched for by policemen when he lost his way
  63. There was a college student who got into the habit of . A. getting up in the middle of the night and walking down to the river B. walking three-quarters of a mile every day C. swimming in the Lowa River before going to bed D. walking about before he went to bed
  64. Why do people think sleepwalking is nothing but a fantastic thing which doesn’t have any explanation? A. It is so common that it needn’t be recorded. B. Scientists take no interest in it. C. Most sleepwalkers do not seek help for their problem. D. No records about it have been made.
五. 阅读表达 (15 分)
[1] If you are applying for an American higher education, you probably dream of getting into an Ivy League (常青藤联盟) university.The eight schools with the best reputations attract top students from the United States and many other countries. However, on average, the Ivy League schools accept less than 15 percent of applicants.And with the applicants growing in size year on year, it is becoming more and more difficult . [2] So how can you give yourself the best chance of admission? [3]Having a high school grade point average (GPA) in the top 10 percent of your class and being ranked among the top few students dramatically betters your chances. although GPA and SAT scores are important, they only tell admission deans But (主任) part of the story. [4] The whole admissions process will single out (挑选出) from a large pool of academically strong applicants the unique individuals.They stand out because they have shown in their interviews a range of virtues (优点) expected of these universities.Take Harvard for example.Although there is no guarantee of admission, the school judges applicants based on 15 additional criteria. [5] Intellectual curiosity(求知欲) comes first tor almost all admission deans. Schools look to such students because they believe their peers find them slimulaling(激励人的)inside and outside the classroom. [6] Leadership also weighs heavily. The school would rather see an applicant who takes on additional responsibility in one or two areas where he or she is good at, rather than one who is merely "very good" academically.This can mean the class presidencv(主席职务), leading the cheerleading team or being the officer of a student union. [7] Whether a person has personal warmth and cares about others counts a lot with the admission deans.Writing an essay on a personal experience, like a summer spent raising funds for the earthquake victims or teaching in a local school, can show that a person has qualities in addition to academic experience.
  76.What is the purpose of the passage? (no more than 15 words)
  77.Which sentence in the passage can be replaced by the following one? The universities pay attention to the students with this virtue in that they can inspire their fellow students at school.

  78.Fill in the blank in the first paragraph with proper words or phrases to complete the sentence. (no more than 5 words)
  79.Based on the passage, list three additional criteria for admission besides academic performance. (no more than 10 words)
① ?② ?③
  80.Translate the underlined sentence in the fourth paragraph into Chinese.
六. 书面表达 (30 分)
根据下列材料,写一篇关于物理学家吴健雄的简介。词数: 100 左右。 (
  1)吴健雄,美籍华裔物理学家,1912 年 5 月 31 日生于江苏省太仓县; (
  2)1936 年赴美国留学,1940 年获美国加利福尼亚大学博士学位,之后又获得许多美国著名高等学府的博士学位; (
  3)她长期从事物理学研究并在美国及国际上多次荣获大奖; (
  4)吴健雄生前关心中国科技事业的发展, 从 1973 年起多次来中国讲学,1992 年在东南大学建立了吴健雄实验室; (
  5)1997 年 2 月 16 日,吴健雄女士因心脏病逝世。

七. 我爱查牛津字典
  1. . devote
A. He has devoted his life to help the poor in Africa. (改错) B. Devoting to caring for the blind, she has no time to think of herself. (改错)
  2. .
This kind of bikes is of good /high quality.
B. The man is said to have leadership qualities.

  3. escape A. He managed to escape from prision.
B. C. The pilot narrowly escaped being killed. His name escaped me at the moment. to stop hoping for sth or trying to do sth because of no confidence

  4. lose heart :
lose one’s heart : to fall in love with sth or somebody.
  5. 以 anti-开头的单词 开头的单词
antihero antifreeze antibody antisocial anticlockwise antibacterial

  6. pick up
A. B. C. D. E. F. G. Let’s pick up where we left off yesterday. I will pick you up at five o’clock.
She went over to the crying baby and picked him up. You were able to pick up the BBC World Service. She failed to pick up on the humor in his remark. She picked up Spanish while traveling in Mexico.
This is the very shop where I picked up the dress yesterday.
  76.To tell applicants how to get into an Ivy / To introduce the criteria by which an Ivy admits students / To show applicants how to give themselves the best chance of admission to an Ivy
  77.Schools look to such students because they believe their peers find them stimulating inside and outside the classroom.
  78.to get a place / to be admitted /


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