Unit 4 Astronmy: the science of the stars Ⅰ. New words and expressions(P97-
  98) Ⅱ. Language points
  1.system: n. 系统;体系,制度;身体;条理,秩序;方法,方法
the solar system /the Milky Way system/the railway system/an alarm system/the digestive system/the British educational ~ / a social ~ / Alcohol is bad for your~./He works without ~/a good~of teaching language.
systematic: adj 系统的,有条理的/systematically(adv.)/ systematize(vt)使…系统化/有条理 Ex.①He's veryin all his does. / He does everything very. ②We must try tothe way we make notes. ③You'll find littlein his method of work. ④The legaloperates very differently in these countries. ⑤He claims to have a specialfor winning money on horse race. ⑥Thesystem is only a part of the Milky Way. the solar system/the solar energy the lunar new year.
  2.match/suit(sb)/fit(sb) Ex.①Her shoesher dress; they look very well together.
②?How about eight o'clock outside the cinema? ?Thatme fine. ③This afternoon's footballis sure to be an exciting one, for the two sides are well. ④The marriage of them is a pure love. (棋逢对手) ⑤I likeof your skirt. It isgood match for your blouse.

  3. interest(vt) sb/ interested/ interesting(adj)/interest: UN 兴趣 CN 爱好 UN 利息 pl.利益 What interests me most is that… be/get/become/grow interested in… have take/find/show/develop(a great)interest in sth./lose interest in… to one's interest / with(great) interest / in the interests of Ex.①What reallyShylock was thepeople owed him. ②My two greatin life are music and reading. I have developed a greatin reading. It is believed that if a book is, it will surelythe readers. I grow veryin the books. But sometimes I losein some boring books.
  4. the(起源)of life/ a Frenchmanorigin/the (源头) of the river/according to informed religion(n.)/religious(adj.)
  5. idea: have an/no/some/any idea of…/that… give sb an idea of…(了解) c.f: idea 想法, 念头, 主张, 打算/ opinion 意见, 主张, 看法/impression 印象/thought (通 过思考推理形成的)思想, 想法 Ex. ①What do you think of thethat we should all wear uniforms? ②Hanks spoke so forcefully that the rest had to give in to his. ③What's your firstof this city? ④are expressed by means of speech. ⑤Myof this weekend's activity is going out with some good friends.
  6. on earth ①=in the world 在世上 They are the best folks on earth.
②(who/what/when…疑问词后)究竟,到底 What~do you mean? / Why~didn't you tell me the truth? /on the earth 在地球上,在世界上/ in the earth 在泥土里/in the world ①在世界上 ②=on earth 究竟,到底

  7. exactly: adv. 精确地,确切地;恰好,正好;(表示赞同的回答)正是,确实如此 The train arrived at exactly 8 o'clock./That's ~what I expected./be exctly like…/be exactly the same / an exact(adj.) description Ex.?People should stop using cars and start using public transport. ?.The roads are too crowded as it is. A. All right B. Exactly C. Go ahead D. Fine.
  8. 两种形式的副词:①wide(宽大地)/widely(广泛地): be awake/open his eyes/with the dooropen beused/known/accepted/read ②deep(深地)/deeply(深深地) : diginto the ground/be moved ③close(近地)/closely(密切地):standto sb / berelated to / connected with… 第1页
④high(高地)/highly(高度地): fly/bepraised/thinkof.
⑤late(晚) /lately(近来) They came backand had some tea. / They lived in London until quite.
⑥free(免费)/freely 自由地 Ex. ①The friendto the doorthe door.(close) ②The player can jump really, so we all speakof him. (high) ③When we getto nature, we find it more beautiful. He was watched.(close) ④The old man has a love for the Party. She loves the Party.(deep) ⑤A kite is flyingup in the sky. I value the book.(high) ⑥His eyes are open. He travels.(wide)
  9. in the universe/in space in theory / practice: Your plan is good, but does it work?
  10. begin/ start /end up with/as… to begin / start with a cloud of dust?团尘埃
  11. direction ①方向 in all ~s /in every ~ /in the ~ of…/have a poor sense of ~ ②指导 under the ~of… ③pl. 指南, 说明书 read/follow the~s
  12. combine theory with(and) practice / in combination(n.)with...与…结合/联合
c.f: join sth to…The new highway has joined our village to the modern city. connect sth with…/unite…into…
Ex.①If your knowledge can be in some waywith my experience, we are sure to succeed. (joined/united/connected/combined) ②You can'tstudying for your exams with a wild social life! (combine/join/compare/compete.)

  13. what/which/that/as/it: ①is important for us students is that we should make full use of time.
②is important for us students, we should… ③is important for…that we should… ④__we should make…is important for us students.⑤We should make…, __is important for…
  14. be to do ①(将来)计划,安排,打算 The meeting is to take place tomorrow./We are to meet at the school gate at 9 o'clock. ②must/have to /should/ought to: You are to be back by 10 o'clock. /The books you borrowed are to be returned before July
  5. I was to have returned earlier, but they managed to let me stay over the weekend.(be to have done/should (ought to) have done) ③(过去时)注定将会: They were never to meet again./He was later to regret his decision. ④(条件状从)表将来: The flowers must be watered regularly if they are to survive. ⑤表目的 The prize is to honour him for his great discovery. ⑥be to blame/let
⑦与将来事实相反的虚拟条件从句中 were to do: If we were to offer you more money, would you stay?
c.f: be about to do sth(when) 正要, 即将(不连具体时间状语) We were about to go out when a stranger came in./The meeting is about to start. be doing 位移动词用进行时表将来,安排好的事情 She's leaving early tomorrow morning. be going to do sth ①(人)打算 ②(物)有迹象表明某事要发生 It's going to rain./The rope is going to break. will ①意愿色彩的将来时 ②边说边做,说了就做 ?Jane is in hospital. ?I'm sorry to hear that. I will go and see her. Ex. ①Yao Ming has become a superstar, but several years ago no one could have imagined the role on the basketball playground he. A. has played B. played C. was to play D. plays ②?It was really very kind of you to give me a life home. ?Oh, don't mention it. Ipast your house anyway. A. will come B. had come C. have come D. was coming
③Ladies and gentlemen, please fasten your seat belts. The plane__ . (take off/is taking off/has taken off/took off)
④?__leave at the end of this month. ?I don't think you should do that until__another job. A. I'm going to; you'd found B. I'm going to; you've foundC. I'll; you'll find D. I'll ; you'd find ⑤In a room above the store, where a party, some workers were busily setting the table. 第2页
A. was to be held
B.has been held C. will be held D. is being held.
A. are not B. are not to C. are going to
⑥Childrenplay football on busy streets in case of danger.

  15. violent: adj 剧烈的, 猛烈的,强烈的;暴力的;(脾气)狂暴的,暴躁的 violently adv. have a change/wind/storm/reaction/crime/death/quarrel/attack/earthquake/temper have a violent pain in his stomach/have a violent toothache I took a violent dislike to him./His heart was beating. violence: UN 暴力,暴行;侵犯,伤害,损害;激烈,猛烈; War is an act of./do violence to 损 害,粗暴对待/take by violence 强攻/夺/lay violent hands on 对…行凶,向…下毒手/ The wind blew with great/. Ex.① The robber laid violent handsthe passengers. ②He took my walletviolence. ③He died a(惨遭横死). ④He was caught in (狂风暴雨) yesterday. ⑤She trembledwith fear. ⑥You'd better not shut the window with great./. ⑦It's commonly believed thatprogrammes and video games really cause people to become more aggressive.(fierce/violent/cruel/fearful)
  16. if/whether (
  1)宾从,主语从句后置用 if/whether 皆可 (
  2)条件状从 "如果" 用 if, 宾从是 否定句时用 if
I don't know if/whether he'll come. If he comes, I'll let you know. I don't care if you don't come.
  3)只用 whether 的场合 ① whether or not ②whether to do ③介+whether… ④discuss whether…⑤表从;同位语从句;句首的主语从句 ⑥Whether…or…不管…还是…(状从) Ex.①it rains or not, we are playing football on Sunday. ②All people, they are old or young, rich or poor, have been trying their best to help those in need since the disaster. ③We haven't settled the question of it is necessary for him. ④So__life will continue on the earth for millions of years to come will depend onthis problem can be solved. ⑤His ability has never been in doubt?the question ishe is prepared to work hard. ⑥It hasn't been decidedthe sports meet will be held on time. ⑦I know nothing aboutMr Smith's operation has been successful. ⑧We discussedthis article should be cancelled. ⑨We don't carethey won't support us.
  17. last ①vi. vt. 持续, 延续;耐用;够(某人)用…(时间) The hot weather lasted 4 days (c.f: The weather remained /stayed/continued hot for 4 days) The cloth lasts well. The food will last us another 3 days.
②adj. adv. 最后的;最不可能的;最近的 He is the last to leave / to tell lies. in the last 30 years (have done)
③The rain is expected tountil the end of this week.
  18. explode (某物)爆炸; (感情)迸发;(人)冲动,激动=burst out suddenly The boiler/firework exploded. explode with/into laughter 哄然大笑 His anger exploded./He exploded with(in)anger .(勃然大怒) I was about to explode. the exploding world population explosion n. 爆炸/explosive adj.易爆的 n. 炸药,爆炸物/unexploded: adj.未爆炸的 c.f: explode 炸弹,火药,瓦斯的爆炸/burst 炸弹,堤防,血管,气球等的爆裂/erupt 火山爆发/ blow up 炸毁(vt)/explode/set off a bomb 引爆

  19. in time 及时; 总有一天, 迟早 be in time for the bus/to catch the bus / If you keep on, you'll succeed ~.
in time/on time 按时/ahead of time / all the time / at one time 曾经,一度/at a time 一次/ at times 有时/at the same time 同时;然而/at no time 绝不(句首倒装)/in no time 立刻/ from time to time 时而,不时/for the time being 暂时/against time 争分夺秒地,尽快地/ each(every) time/the first time/for the first time/once upon a time/kill time/take one's time 从容
进行,慢慢来/gain/lose/keep time(钟表)走得快/慢/准/have a good time/in one's spare time/ as time goes on.
Ex.①He arrived at the sceneto save his daughter. ②The train pulled in. 第3页
③This is a difficult problem, it is extremely interesting. ④we met frequently. ⑤will China be the first to use nuclear weapons. ⑥I thought her nice and honestI met her.⑦Don't worry?I'm sure things will get better. ⑧Experts have been warningof the health risks caused by passive smoking. (at a time/at one time/for some time/for the time) ⑨?Can I look at the menu for a few more minutes before I decide? ?Of course,sir. A.Make yourself at home B. Enjoy yourself C. It doesn't matter D. Take your time
⑩I listen to your advice, I'll get into trouble. (Every time/Every time that/Each time when/When that) (
  11)Don't speak at once! please. A.Each at one time B.One by one time C.One for each time D.One at a time

  20.produce ①vt 生产,制造;生育(子女),产(崽);制作,拍摄(电影);拿出,出示 ②UN 农产品 produce cars/ a TV series/ a gun/your ticket / The soil produced good crops./The cow has produced a calf(小牛). fresh local produce / native produce(n.) producer n.生产商,制片人/ production n.生产,制造/productive: adj./productivity(n.)生产效 率, produce(UN)农产品/product(CN)(工业)产品/production.艺术作品
  21. loud(大声地)/aloud(出声地)/loudly(喧闹地,嘈杂地):adv. in a voice(adj.)
Ex.① In order to be heard, the teacher speaksand clearly. ②Someone knockedat the door. ③He played strong and loudly music till 4 o'clock in the morning. (改错) ④read/think.

  22. atmosphere n.大气, 大气层;(封闭空间的)空气;气氛,氛围 the earth's/pollution of the/a moist atmosphere/the tense/The talk was conducted in a friendly . c.f: atmosphere 大气层/air 周围人和动物呼吸的空气 Let's go out for some fresh. Ex. The top leaders of the two countries are holding talks in a friendly. (state/situation/phenomenon/atmosphere)
  23. cool(sb/sth)down/off vi.vt (使…)变冷,冷却下来;(使…)冷静/镇静下来 e.g:The hot metal contracts as it cools down./They urge the public to~./How can I cool the coffee down quickly? cool down/calm down 平静下来/settle down 安顿下来/get down to 安心下来干…/set down 写下, 记下/break down 出故障, 崩溃
  24. as time went on=with time going on 随着 Ex.①With the noise(go on), I couldn't get down to my studies. ②He was wandering through the street, looking aroundhe walked.(as/with/since/when)


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