人教版高一英语必修一 Unit2 知识梳 重点词汇解析及单元自测 理、重点词汇解析及单元自测

  1.词汇练兵 英语可以让你想到那些词汇 词汇练兵?英语可以让你想到那些词汇 词汇练兵 English 英语 abroad 海外 listen 听 language 语言 foreigner 外国人 read 读 learn 学习等等
speak 、say 说

  2.说明文阅读技巧:找全文或每段的 the main point(中心话题) 说明文阅读技巧: 说明 (中心话题) Paragraph1: The spread of English language in the world Paragraph2:Native speaker can understand each other but they may not be able to understand everything Paragraph3:All languages change when cultures communicate with one another Paragraph4:English is spoken as a foreign language or second language in Africa and Asia
  3.短语归纳 短语归纳
  1. 不只有一种英语 more than one kind of English
  2. 在一些重要方面 in some important ways
  3. 彼此不同 be different from one another
  4. 与现代英语不同 be different from modern / present day English
  5. 世界英语 world Englishes
  6. 起着的重要作用 play an important role / part
  7. 起着越来越重要的作用 play a more and more /an increasingly important part / role
  8. 因为它特殊的作用 because of its special role
  9. 国际语言 an international language
  10. 在 16 世纪末 at the end of the 16 th century
  11. 在 17 世纪初 at the beginning of the 17 th century
  12. 在 20 世纪前期 in the early 20 th century
  13. 比以往任何时候都 than ever before
  14. 即使 even if / even though
  15. 以德语为基础 be based on German
  16. 使用更大的词汇量 make use of a wider vocabulary
  17. 它自己的特色 its own identity
  18. 众多讲英语的人 a very large number of English speakers
  19. 学英语的人数 the number of people learning English
  20. 迅速增长 increase rapidly
  21. 标准英语 standard English
  22. 信不信由你 believe it or not
  23. 讲最好的英语 speak excellent English
  24. 相邻的城镇 neighboring towns
  25. 从一个地方搬到另一个地方 move from one place to another
  26. 充分利用不同的方言 make full use of different dialects

目前的形势 present situation 国际组织 an international organization 词汇与惯用法 vocabulary and usage 辨认出他的口音 recognize his accent 中西部地区的方言 midwestern dialect(s) 发出命令 give commands 提出客气的请求 make a polite request
I 词语辨析 (旨在提供完形填空所需材料)
  1. voyage/journey/travel/trip/tour 【解释】 voyage: 去国外或较远地方的海上旅行 journey: 指较远的从一地到另一地旅行 travel: trip: 一系列的旅程,尤指旅行的概念 (短途)旅行
tour: 为了公务、娱乐或教育参观多处名胜的旅行 【练习】用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填空
  1). It is tiring to take a long by train from Paris to Moscow.
  2). The from England to Australia used to take several months.
  3). We’ll have time for a to France next weekend.
  4). We went on a guided round the castle. 答案:
  1). journey
  2). voyage
  3). trip
  4). tour
  1. recognize/realize/know (
  1)recognize 指原来很熟悉,经过一段时间的间隔或别的原因后又重新认出来。 (
  2)realize 强调在经过一个过程后的了解。 (
  3)know 是延续性动词,指互相间十分熟悉、十分了解 [应用 1](
  1)Only after you lose your health will you the importance of health. (
  2)I've Tom for years. (
  3)I him as soon as he came into the room
  2. frequent/common/ordinary/general/regular 【解释】 frequent 经常的,时间或间歇很短的发生或出现 common 通常的、常发生的、广泛使用或众所周知的 ordinary 指种类普通且不能从其他中加以区别的,有时含贬义 general 一般性的,到处的;不限于领域、地区或应用 regular 平常的;惯例的;习惯性的、通常的或正常的 【练习】用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填空
  1). This is a problem.
  2). He often makes errors of judgment.
  3).Look at the train’s schedule.

  4).The violinist gave a very performance marked by an occasional memory lapse.
  5).As a rule I am home by six. 答案:
  1). common
  2). frequent
  3). regular
  4). ordinary
  5). general
  2. such as/for example/that is/and so on (
  1)such as 用于列举事物时常放在所列举事物与前面的名词之间, 且其后不用逗号,直接跟所列举 的事物,可与 like 互换。它所列举的事物的数量不能等同于前面所提的事物的总和,否则就用 that is 或 namely。 (
  2)for example 主要用于举例说明,其前后多用符号隔开。其位置比较灵活,可位于句首、句中或 句末(such as 只能位于所列举的事物之前)。 (
  3)that is 相当于 namely,它所列举的事物的总量等于前面所提到的事物的总和。 (
  4)and so on 对几个事物进行列举时,在说了其中的几个以后,用...and so on 进行概括,说明还 有例子,但不一一列出了。 [应用 2] (
  1)My daughter studies four subjects in school, , Chinese, maths, English and P.E. (
  2)Overcooking, , destroys many nutrients. (
  3)He can speak some other languages, French and German. (
  4)There are some books, pens, erasers in my bag.
  3. especially/ specially 【解释】 especially 意思是“尤其,特别”,表达事物的不寻常或特别重要 specially 指为了某一目的,专门做某事 【练习】用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填空
  1). Our city is very beautiful, in spring. 我们城市很美丽,尤其在春天。
  2). He came here to ask you for help. 他是专程来这里向你求助的。 答案:
  1). especially
  2). specially 4 a number of / the number of 【解释】 a number of 意思是“若干;许多” the number of 意思是“……的数目” 【练习】用上面所提供的辨析词的适当形式填空
  1). Today people learning Chinese in the world is raising rapidly.
  2). books in the market are in English. 答案:
  1). the number of
  2). A number of II 词性变化 (旨在提供语法填空所需材料)
  1. actual adj. 实际的
  2. base n. 基地;基础
  3. east n. 东方 actually adv. 实际上;事实上 base v. 以……为根据 eastern adj. 东方的;东部的 basic adj. 基本的
  1) What did he say? (actual)
  2) The cost was much higher than we had expected. (actual)
  3)My knowledge of physics is pretty . (base)

  4)She used her family's history as a for her novel. (base)
  5)This novel is on historical facts. (base)
  6)He is interested in customs. (determine)
  7) The wind is blowing from the . (determine) 答案:
  1) actually
  2) actual
  3) basic
  4) base
  5) based
  6) eastern
  7) east 重点词汇
  1. present n. 礼物 adj. 在场的;目前的 vt. 赠送 [典例]
  1). The mountain bike is a birthday present from my parents.这辆山地自行车是父母给我的生日 礼物。
  2). I am afraid I can’t help you at present. 恐怕现在我没法帮助你。
  3). In the present case, I advise you to wait. 按照目前的情况,我建议你等等。 [重点用法] at present=at the present time=now 目前,现在 be present at 出席;到场(反义: be absent from) present sb.with sth = present sth. to sb.把某物送给某人 ⑴ All the people (出席晚会的)were her supporters. [练习] 中译英
  1). 所有(那些)在场者一眼就看出那个错误。
  2). 这本书是哥哥赠送给我的。 答案:
  1). The mistake was obvious to all (those) present.
  2). This book was a present from my brother.
  2. command n.& v. 命令;指令;掌握
  1). The officer commanded his soldiers to fire. 那名军官命令士兵们开火。 [重点用法] command sb. to do sth 命令某人做某事 be under the command of 由…指挥,由…控制 be in command of 控制… be at one’s command 听任某人支配 have / take command of… 指挥… [特别提醒] command 后接 that 从句时要用虚拟语气 [练习] 用适当的介词填空
  1). For the first time in years, she felt command of her life.
  2). The army is the king’s direct command.
  3). The police arrived and took command the situation. 答案:
  1). in
  2). under
  3). of
  3. request n.& v. 请求;要求 请求; [典例]
  1). Your requests will be granted. 你的请求能够获准。.
  2). I requested him to help. 我请求他帮忙。 [重点用法] request sb.to do sth.要求某人做某事 request that sb (should) do 要求某人做某事 ⑴ He requested me (write) a letter of recommendation. ⑵ He requested that I (write) a letter of recommendation. ⑶ The passengers (request) to show their passports.
[练习] 中译英。
  1). 我是(特别)应你要求而来。
  2). 请不要吸烟。 答案:
  1). I came at your (special) request.
  2). You are (kindly) requested not to smoke. 扩展===联想:像 command 一样,其后的名词性从句的谓语用“(should)+ 动词原形”的 常用词有: 一个“坚持(insist)”; 两个“命令(order,command)”; 三个“建议(suggest,advise,propose)”; 四个“要求(demand,ask,require,request)”;
  4. recognize vt. 辨认出;承认;公认 [典例]
  1). I recognized her by her red hat. 我根据她的红色帽子认出了她。
  2). Everyone recognized him to be the lawful heir/as the lawful heir. 大家都承认他为合法继承 人。 [重点用法] recognize…by sth 认出或识别某人/某事物 recognize…as sth 承认某人/某事物是 recognize…to be 承认…是 recognize +宾语从句 意识到;承认 宾语从句 意识到; ⑴I recognize him. (他是个聪明人). ⑵Though they hadn’t met for many years,they (认出了对方)at the first sight. [练习] 中译英
  1). 人们都承认他是他们理所当然的领袖。
  2). 我认出他是我朋友的哥哥。 答案:
  1). He is recognized to be their natural leader.
  2). I recognized him as my friend’s brother.
  5. straight adj.笔直的;正直的 adv. 直接;挺直 [典例]
  1). This is a straight road. 这是一条直路。
  2). She went straight from school to university. 她中学一毕业就马上进了大学。 [练习] 中译英
  2). 一直往前看。 答案:
  1). Is my tie straight?
  2). Look straight ahead.
  6. block vt. 堵塞;阻碍 n. 街区;木块;石块 [典例]
  1). He lives three blocks away from here. 他住的地方与此处相隔三条街.
  2). A large crowd blocked the corridors and exits. 人群把走廊和出口都堵死了 [重点用法] a block of 一大块 block out 堵住 block off 封锁;封闭 block up 堵塞;阻碍 [练习] 中译英
  1). 他们在绕楼群散步。
  2). 大雪阻塞了所有通往苏格兰的道路。 答案:
  1). They are taking a walk round the block.
  2). Heavy snow is blocking all roads into Scotland.
  7、actually adv. 实际上;事实上 、 相近词汇:in fact\as a matter of fact 逐渐的, 逐渐地,
  8.gradual adj.逐渐的,逐步的 逐渐的 逐步的→gradually adv.逐渐地,逐步地 逐渐地 .
  9..native adj. 本地的,出生地的;天赋的 本地的,出生地的; . n. 本地人;出生于某国的人 be native to... 原产于某地 one’s native country/land 本国,祖国 native place 出生地 one’s native language 本国语,本族语,母语 a native of 当地人/产于……的动/植物
[即学即练 1] (
  1)China is our , and Chinese is our . 中国是我们的祖国,汉语是我们的母语。 (
  2)The tiger India. 这种虎产于印度。 (
  3)He is Beijing.他是北京人。 答案.native country; native language;is native to;a native of 重点词组 (旨在提供综合运用所需材料)
  1.come up 走近;上来;提出 [典例]
  1). The little came up to the stranger and showed him how to get to the police station. 小男孩向陌生人走去,并告诉他去警察局的路。
  3). It is certain that the question will come up at the meeting. 这个问题在会议上一定会被提出来的。
  5). I am afraid something urgent has come up. 恐怕发生了什么急事。 [短语归纳] come across 邂逅 come about 发生 come at 向…扑来,攻击 come from 来自 come out 出版;开花;结果是 come up with 想出 come round 绕道而来 come down 落下,塌下 [练习] 用 come 构成的词组填空。
  1). The hunter walked across the forest when suddenly a bear him.
  2). The magazine once a month.
  3). I wish you can to England on your holiday.
  4). The engineers has new ways of saving energy.
  5). They an old school friend in the street this morning. 答案:
  1). came at
  2). comes out
  3). come over
  4). come up with
  5). came across
  2. make use of 利用;使用 [典例]
  1). You ought to make good use of any opportunity to practise English. 你应该好好利用机会练 习英语。 [短语归纳] make good use of 好好利用



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