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journal fare transport finally cycle persuade stubborn insist
(n.) 日记,杂志,定期刊物 日记,杂志, (n.) 费用 (n.& vt.) 运输,运送 运输, (adv.) 最后,终于 最后, (vi.) 骑自行车 (vt.) 说服,劝说 说服, (adj.) 顽固的,固执的 顽固的, (vt.) 坚持,强调 坚持,
  9. . (adj.) 适当的,恰当的 适当的,
  10. determine (vt.) 决定,确定,下定决 决定,确定, .

determined prefer
  11. altitude .
  12. valley .
  13. attitude .

  14. shorts .
  15. .
(adj.) 坚决的,有决心的 坚决的, (vt.) 更喜欢,选择某事物 更喜欢, (n.) 海拔高度,高处 海拔高度, (n.) 山谷,流域 山谷, (n.) 态度,看法 态度, (n.) 短裤

  16.camp .
  17.record .
  18. topic .
  19. familiar .
  20. brave . (n.& v.) 营地;设营 . 营地; (v.) 记录,录音 记录, (n.) 主题,话题 主题, (adj.) 熟悉的 (adj.) 勇敢的
dream about/of
  1.梦想 .
  2.骑车旅行 take a bike trip .
  3.从……毕业 graduate from . 毕业
  4.使某人对 .使某人对……感兴趣 get sb.interested in 感兴趣
  5.河流发源地 the source of the river .

  6.改变某人的主意 change one’s mind .
  7.下决心 make up one’s mind .
  8.屈服 give in .
  9.关心 care about .
  10.醒着 stay awake .
  11.搭帐篷 put up a tent .
  12.扎营 make camp .
  13.为……所熟悉 be familiar to . 所熟悉

  1.Once she has made up her mind, . , nothing can change it. 她一旦下了决心,什么也不能使她改变。 她一旦下了决心,什么也不能使她改变。 once此处为连词,意为“一旦”,引导条 此处为连词, 此处为连词 意为“一旦” 件状语从句。 件状语从句。
  2. For one thing,a journal isn’t as . personal as a diary.For another ,a travel journal has a different purpose. 一来游记不像日记那样私人化; 一来游记不像日记那样私人化;二来游记 有不同的目的。 有不同的目的。
单词拼写 dreamed/dreamt
  1. When I was a child, I d of becoming a scientist. insisted
  2. He i that he should be sent to where he was most needed. finally
  3. After a long time, they f found the lost child.
  4. The goods will be t to Singapore transported by air.
  5. The salesman p us into buying persuaded his product yesterday.
  6. I need a d report about that accident not just a summary.
  7. What’s you’re a to this idea? attitude Good or not?
  8. Her purse(钱包) was stolen so she didn't fare have money for the taxi f.
  9. The children (急不可 can hardly wait 待)to visit the Great Wall
  10.Jane travels worldwide a lot with his parents. Now he becomes greatly interested in writing j. journals
  1. Hurry up! The train. You know it at 8:30 am. A. leaves; leaves B. is leaving; leaves C. leaves; is leaving D. is leaving; is leaving

  2. He insisted that we there for the night. C A. stayed B. had stayed C. stay D. would stay
  3. Once we , we should work hard until we C succeed. A. make up our mind B. make our mind C. make up our minds D. make our minds
  4. After the fighting, the enemy . A. gave up B. gave out C. gave off D. gave in

  5. The Great Wall winds its way high mountains, C deep valleys and great deserts. A. on, across, through B. over, through, through C. over, through, across D. on, in, across
  6. Do what you think right; Never what others say. A. care for B. care of C. take care of D. care about

  7. China is a great country. For one thing, she has a long history with much knowledge; , she is C developing rapidly in her own way. A. secondB. the secondC. for another D. for other thing D
  8. Was it in 2002 he was still at middle school the boy became expert at computer? A. that; where B. when; whereC. that; when D. when; that
  9. Are you still busy? B Yes, I my work, and it won’t take long. A.just finish B. am just finishing C. have just finished D. am just going to finish
10 .Sometimes customers can’t help C the things they don’t really need. A. persuading to buy B. to be persuaded into buying C. being persuaded to buy D. to persuade into buying
根据according to时间表,下一年我将大学毕业。 我再也不能照常学习。我很喜欢骑自行车浏览 see风景。 在我的大四senior生活,我选择旅行而不是学习。 所以在午夜,我改变主意,我下定决心骑车去山 谷、庙宇、洞穴和冰川。 我劝说我的可靠的舍友和我一起去,我舍友的缺 点是很固执,他忧虑旅行的费用。不过最后他 终于屈服了,他改变了他的态度。从那以后, 我们就一直组织着我们的毕业之旅trip of graduation 。


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   一,写作 1,(1 分) 提示: 张楠的父亲有位美国同事,他的孩子约翰?史密斯即将来华.约翰写信向张楠询问一些有关 他所在城市的问题.张楠回信,内容如下: 得知约翰要来非常高兴.告诉他可能遇到一些不同于美国的情况. 气候:冬天冷,有时下雪.夏天几乎不下雨,但一下起来就很大.提醒约翰带雨衣,棉衣. 饮食:饮食与美国很不同,他应尽力适应中国饮食,并要学会如何使用筷子. 最后,请他带一张美国地图,希望早日能见面. 字数:100?120 个词. 2,(1 分) 日记 1.今天,在学校礼堂举行了开学典 ...


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