17) 桂林十八中高一下知识归纳( ) (绝密) 绝密) Ⅰ、①本单元重点单词 fisherman great-grandfather northeastern great-grandmother central coast surround mild subtropical bay harbour ( =harbor ) landscape volcano spring heat surface kiwi Maori Aotearoa Polynesia rat settle settler mainly voyage Dutchman secretary possession take possession of bold paragraph heading location grassland grassy rocky sandy hilly mountainous surprising percent make up Maori wedding burial conference relation agricultural cattle export lamb turn to ship sail go sailing cottage seaside camp ethnic ②本单元重点短语 lie to 位于 位于…… be made up of 由……组成 组成 be surrounded by 被……环绕 be famous for 因……闻名 环绕 闻名 such as 例如 take possession of 拥有 拥有…… refer to 参考;所指 参考; in relation to 与……有关 有关 be marked with 标有 记号 标有……记号 compare…to…把……比 把 比 stand for 代表 plenty of 大量;许多 大量; be native to 原产于 原产于…… be careful in ( 在 某 方 面 ) 仔 细 prepare for … 为 …… 作 准 备 refer to go sailing majority pleasure go abroad stand for be of high quality turn to doing sth share go camping region (be) in relation to lie to sign an agreement location surface percent conference 语法.学习 学习“it”的用法。 的用法。 Ⅱ.Grammar:语法 学习 的用法 It is getting dark. It is April 1st today.
It rains a lot in New Zealand. It is some 3500 kilometers from Polynesia to New Zealand. It is interesting to visit New Zealand. It is too bad to miss the train. It was kind of him to give you a lift home. It is no use crying over the spilt milk. It is a good thing that New Zealand helps the Maori to keep their own language and culture. It is strange that you don’t know where New Zealand is. We made it a rule to speak English every day in class. It is time for the meeting. Who is it? It is me. Ⅲ、句子

  1. New Zealand is an island that lies off the eastern coast of Australia.
  2. It is made up of two large islands: North Island and South Island.
  3. New Zealand is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean to the north and east.
  4. It is about the same size as the Philippines.
  5. Wellington, the capital city, lies on the North Island.
  6. New Zealand has a mild sea climate, while the north is subtropical.
  7. The ocean and seas surrounding the islands are deep blue and many of New Zealand’s cities lie on a bay and have a natural deep harbor.
  8. The sand beaches in New Zealand are also clean.
  9. The North Island is famous for an area of hot springs, some of which throw hot water high into the air.
  10. There are many plants and animals that only live in New Zealand.
  11. It is called kiwi and it is New Zealand’s national bird.
  12. The Maori were the earliest people to came to New Zealand.
  13. It is some 3500kilometres from Polynesia to New Zealand.
  14. They settled mainly on the North Island where the weather was warm.
  15. More than 120 years later, Capital James Cook took possession of the islands in 1796 and from that time British people started to settle in New Zealand.
  16. It is a good thing that New Zealand helps the Maori to keep their
own language and culture.
  17. New Zealand has a population of about
  3.8 million people, of which about fourteen percent are Maori.
  18. The majority of the people speak English. However, Maori, which the native language of the Maori people, is also an official language.
  19. Maori children are taught at an early age what to do when they came the Maori.
  20. New Zealand wine is of high quality and is sold all over the world.
  21. Living in a country with plenty of space and a good climate, New Zealanders love all kinds of sport and outdoor activities.
  22. It is about the same size as Japan.
  23. New Zealand is an important agriculture country, with cattle farming on the North Island, while the hilly South Island has more sheep farms.
  24. The deer are farmed for their meat and fur, which are then shipped to many other countries.
  25. It is interesting to visit New Zealand.
  26. Some farmers have turned to keeping deer, and there are shipped to many other countries.
  27. In summer, people like to go sailing, swimming, horse-riding, and rock climbing in the mountains. 夏天,人们喜欢去航海、游泳、骑马和到山 夏天,人们喜欢去航海、游泳、
里攀登岩壁。 里攀登岩壁。 这类“go +-ing”结构表示 去干某事 的意思,大多数跟体 结构表示“去干某事 的意思, 句中的 go sailing, go swimming 这类 结构表示 去干某事”的意思 育、娱乐活动有关。例如: 娱乐活动有关。例如: Did you go dancing last night? 昨晚你去跳舞了吗? 昨晚你去跳舞了吗? Let's go mountain-climbing next weekend. 下周末咱们去爬山吧。 下周末咱们去爬山吧。 属于这一类的常见结构有: 属于这一类的常见结构有: go boating go cycling go fishing go riding go shooting go skating go walking 去划船 去骑车 去钓鱼 去骑马 去射击 去滑冰 去散步 go camping go dancing go hunting go sailing go shopping go swimming 去露营 去跳舞 去打猎 去航海 去购物 去游泳

  30.The language which the Maori speak is related to the languages of Tahiti and Hawaii. 毛利人所说的语言同塔希提岛和夏威夷的语言是有关联的。 利人所说的语言同塔希提岛和夏威夷的语言是有关联的。

  31.population 人口 [用法 用法]population,作“人口 解时是集体名词,一般不用作复数。当我们说一个城市, 人口”解时是集体名词 用法 , 人口 解时是集体名词,一般不用作复数。当我们说一个城市, 地区或国家的人口时,常加冠词。 地区或国家的人口时,常加冠词。如:人口众多:has a large population,有……人口 has 人口众多: , 人口 a population of.. 表示人口多、少一般不用 much,little,而用 large,small 来修饰。 . 。表示人口多、 .。表示人口多 来修饰。 , , , 问有多少人口时应用疑问词 what。 。 [举例 Our country has a large population.我国人口很多。 举例] 我国人口很多。 举例 我国人口很多 The city has a population of 100,0
  00.那城市有十万人口。 那城市有十万人口。 那城市有十万人口 What is the population of your province?你们省有多少人口 你们省有多少人口? 你们省有多少人口 [注意 当 population 作主语指人,且宾语或表语是表职业或身份的词,那么其谓语动 注意] 作主语指人,且宾语或表语是表职业或身份的词, 注意 词应用复数形式。例如: 词应用复数形式。例如: Most of the population in this factory are women workers. 这个工厂大部分职工都是女职工。 这个工厂大部分职工都是女职工。
  32.while conj.而 . 而 [用法 用法]while 作连词,表对比,常译为 而”;此时,不能同 when 互换。 作连词,表对比,常译为“而 ;此时, 互换。 用法 [举例 举例](
  1)He is lazy, while his brother is diligent.他懒惰而他兄弟勤勉 . 举例 , .他懒惰而他兄弟勤勉?. (
  2)While you maybe right,I cannot altogether agree with you. , . 你也许是对的,可我不能同意你。 你也许是对的,可我不能同意你。 [注意 while 作“当……的时候 讲时表示一段时间, 注意] 的时候”讲时表示一段时间 往往有自己的特殊意义, 往往有自己的特殊意义, 含有“趁 注意 当 的时候 讲时表示一段时间, 含有 趁 之意。 意义的区别: 着”之意。细读下列句子,体会句中 while 与 when 意义的区别: 之意 细读下列句子, If you don’t work hard while you are young,you may regret when you , are old. . 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。 少壮不努力,老大徒伤悲。
  33.A 地位于 B 地境内以东 西、南北 地境内以东(西 南北) A lies/is in the east/west/south/north of B. / / / / A 地位于 B 地境外以东 西、南、北) 地境外以东(西 A lies/is to the east/west/south/north of B. / / / / A 地位于 B 地的东 西、南、北)部接壤 地的东(西 部接壤 A lies/is on the east/west/south/north of B. / / / / 另外:lie on 还表示 位于 畔”。 还表示“位于 位于……畔 。 另外 Japan lies to the east of China. 日本位于中国东部。 日本位于中国东部。 Guangzhou lies in the south of China. 广州位于中国的南部。 广州位于中国的南部。 Korea lies on the northeast of China. 朝鲜在中国东北。 朝鲜在中国东北。



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