21) 高一上知识归纳(U
  21) 知识归纳

  1. interested [举例] (
  1) (
  2) (
  3) adj. 感兴趣的 He looked interested. 他看起来很感兴趣. He is very interested in the study of English. 他对学英语很感兴趣. He is interested to know her personal history. 他对她的经历感兴趣(想知道她的经历). [拓展]interesting 也是形容词,表示"某人或事令人感兴趣,能引起兴趣,有趣的". [举例] (
  1) an interesting game /boy 有趣的比赛/男孩 (
  2) This plan is interesting to us. 这个计划令我们感到有趣 o (
  3) I have something interesting to tell you.我有一件有趣的事要告诉你. (
  4) It is interesting to watch birds.赏鸟非常有趣. 倾斜;屈身;依靠, lean vi. 倾斜;屈身;依靠,倚靠 [举例] (
  1) The tower is leaning slightly. 那座塔轻微倾斜. (
  2)He leaned forward (down) to hear what she said. 他俯身向前<弯下身子)想听她说什么. (
  3) He leaned against the tree. 他倚靠着那棵树. 传达,表达(信息) communicate v. 传达,表达(信息);取得联系 [举例] (
  1) He communicated his intention to me. 他把他的意向告诉了我. (
  2)We communicate with each other by letter. 我们用书信彼此联络. [拓展]communicate 的名词形式为 communication. [举例]Language is a major means of communication. 语言是主要的交际工具. 匆忙, in a hurry 匆忙,仓促 [举例] (
  1) He left them in a hurry. 他匆忙离开他们. (
  2)Don't be in a hurry. There is plenty of time. =Don't hurry. There is plenty of time. 别忙,时间还多着呢. agree v. 同意,答应 同意, [搭配]agree to do sth. 同意(赞成)干某事 agree that... 同意… agree to sth 同意某事 agree with sb/sth. 赞成某人/ 某事 agree on sth. 对…取得一致意见 [举例] (
  1) I asked him to help me and he agreed. 我要他帮我的忙,他同意了. (
  2) They agreed that it was a mistake. 他们同意这是一个错误. (
  3) He didn't agree to the plan.他不赞成那个计划. (
  4) They don't agree with one another.他们之间互不同意. [辨析]agree with,agree to,agree on (
  1)agree with 的意思是"同意……""赞成……" , ,后面接指人或表示"意见" "看 法"的词.例如: We quite agree with what you said.我们同意你说的话. (
  2)agree with 还有"与……一致""(气候,食物等)适合"的意思.例如: , The verb must agree with the subject in person and number. 动词在人称和数上应与主语一致. The climate here doesn't agree with him. 他不适应这里的气候. (
  3)agree to 的意思是"同意……" "赞成……" ,后面接表示"提议" "办法" "计划" 等的词.例如:




Do you agree to this arrangement?你赞成这个安排吗? (
  4)agree on 的意思是 "对……取得一致意见" 主语常常是协商一件事的人们或单位, . 后面常接表示具体协议的文件,计划,行动等名词.例如: After discussion, the two sides agreed on a cease-fire. 经过讨论,双方达成了停火协定. sick, .由于年老有病,
  6.Being old and sick,. 由于年老有病,…… ..由于年老有病 [用法]这一结构为现在分词短语.由"being+ adj/n"构成,在句中作状语,表示原 因,相当于一个原因状语从句. [举例](
  1) Being too young, he couldn't join the army. = As he was too young, he couldn't join the army. 由于年龄太小,他不能参军. (
  2) Being league members, we are ready to help others. = Since we are league members, we are ready to help others. 田于我们是团员,我们乐意帮助别人. 设法做好;想法达到( can, 连用) 经营;
  7.manage vt. & vi. 设法做好;想法达到(常与 can,could 连用);经营;管理 [举例](
  1) This kind of TV set is difficult to repair but I can manage. 这种电视机很难修理,但我能设法修好. (
  2) The box was heavy but he managed to carry it. 那箱子很重,但他仍设法搬动它. (
  3) He is managing the business for his father.他代他父亲做生意. (
  4) The store was badly managed.这家商店的经营不善. [比较] manage to do sth. / try to do sth. / try doing sth. (
  1) manage to do sth.意为"设法完成" ,表示经过努力达到了目的. Though we left home very late, we managed to catch the last bus. 尽管我们出门很晚,但我们赶上了末班车. (
  2) tryto do sth.表示"尽力去做某事" ,不包含是否成功的意思. He tried to climb the tree, but he failed. 他试图爬上这棵树,但失败了. (
  3) try doing sth.试着去做某事 ①You'd better try carrying out the experiment in another way. 你最好试试用另一种方法做这个实验. ②Let's try knocking at the back door. Maybe he is sleeping. 咱们敲敲后门试试.可能他在睡觉.
  8. shake hands 握手 [用法] shake hands 中的 hands 不能改为 a hand. 但在 shake one's hand(s) 或 shake sb. by the hand 中,前者用 hand 或 hands,后者要用 hand. [举例](
  1)I went up and shook hands with him warmly. 我上前去热情地和他握手. (
  2)1 went up and shook his hand warmly. (
  3)I went up and shook him warmly by the hand. (以言语 表情)表达…… 叙述…… 以言语, ……,
  9. express vt. (以言语,表情)表达……,叙述…… [举例](
  1)She is able to express herself in English. 他能用英语来表达自己的意思. (
  2)His face expressed his disappointment. 他脸上浮现出失望的表情. (
  3)She expressed her thanks to us. 她对我们致谢. (
  4)I can't express to you how encouraging your letter was.
你的来信多么令人鼓舞,我无法用言语来表达. 变化,
  10. vary vt. & vi. 变化,改变 [举例](
  1)Her mood varies from day to day. 她的心情天天在变化. (
  2)A good driver varies the speed of his car according to the condition of roads. 优秀的司机会依照路况变换车子的速度. 介意,反对,
  11. mind v. 介意,反对,当心 [搭配] mind doing 介意做某事 mind + 从句 介意…. [举例] (
  1)Don't mind his opening the door. 他开门你别介意. (
  2)Would you mind filling out the form? 请填一下这张表好吗? (
  3)Would you mind my smoking here? 我在这儿抽烟你不反对吧? (
  4)Do you mind if I take this away? 我把这个拿走你不反对吧? (
  5)I don't mind who he is. 不管他是谁我都不在乎. [拓展]在回答 Would you mind... 问句时,如果表示不介意时,常说: Oh, no, please/Certainly not/ Of course not 或 Not at all. 如果表示反对 时,习惯上说 I'm sorry, but I do.或 Yes, I do mind.



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