Unit2 English around the world
Period 1 Warming Up, Pre-reading,Reading & Comprehending 编写人:刘月霞 编写人: ,
学习目标: 学习目标:

  1. 深入理解课文,掌握课文中基础知识,培养快速阅 读,整体理解的能力。
  2.自主学习,合作探究;根据时间线索,达到对文章 进行深层理解的目的。
  3.对英国英语和美国英语的差异有所了解;激情投入, 体验学习的快乐。 重点: 重点:对现代英语的发展过程的了解。 难点: 难点:长难句分析
使用说明及学法指导 使用说明及学法指导:

  1.在预习时,要把课文通读三遍,先(第一轮)通读教 材,完成表层理解题, (第二轮)再勾画出文中的疑难 点,然后(第三轮)再读教材进行填空。
  2.完成时间 30 分钟。 game living room mad mail mom movie/film sick the first floor the second floor match sitting room angry post mum film ill ground floor first floor 比赛 客厅 气愤 邮递 妈妈 电影 生病的 一楼 二楼
Ⅰ. 背景展现
While there are certainly many more varieties (各种各 样)of English, American and British English are the two varieties that are taught in most ESL/EFL programs. Generally, it is agreed that no one version is
二、Differences in spelling American English theater,center,liter color,honor,labor,ordor traveler,woolen skillful, fulfill program story(of a building) burned dreamed smelled British English theatre,centre,litre colour,honour,labour,odour traveller,woollen skilful,fulfil programme storey (of a building) burnt/burned dreamt/dreamed smelt/smelled spelt/spelled
"correct" .However, there are certainly preferences in use. The most important rule is to try to be consistent 一致的) ( in your usage. If you decide that you want to use American English spellings ,then be consistent in your spelling (i.e. The color of the orange is also its flavour - color is American spelling and flavour is British), this is of course not always easy or possible. The following guide is meant to point out the principal differences between these two varieties of English. 一.Diffferences in spelling. American English apartment bar bathroom busy can candy chalkboard check cookie crazy fall flat pub toilet engaged tin sweets blackboard banknote/cheque biscuit mad autumn 公寓 酒吧 厕所,洗手间 电话占线 罐头 糖果 黑板 支票 饼干,小点心 疯狂的 秋天 British English Chinese
教材助读(三轮阅读) Ⅱ. 教材助读(三轮阅读)
一、 一轮阅读做题目 学习建议:限时阅读,完成表层理解题。 学习建议:限时阅读,完成表层理解题。 Read the passage and finish the following exercises.
  1. Decide whether the statements are Frue or False. (
  1) English had the most speakers in the 17th century.( ) (
  2) English developed when new settlers and rulers came to Britain.( ) (
  3) Languages frequently change.( ) (
  4) The language of the government is always the language of the country.( ) (
  5)English is one of the official languages used in India.
  1(人教版) ( ) ( 6 ) This reading describes the development of the English language.( )
  2. Choose the best answer. (
  1) English has/had the most speakers. A. now B. when the British ruled many parts of the world C. in the time of Shakespeare D. in the 12th century (
  2) Which of the following statement is true? A. Languages always stay the same B. Languages change only after wars C. Languages no longer change D. Languages change when cultures change (
  3) From AD 450 to 1150, English sounded more like? A. French B. Chinese C. German D. Russian
  2.短语 (
  1) at the end of the 16th century (
  2) make voyages to (
  3)because of (
  4)than ever before (
  5) over time (
  6)communicate with (
  7)be based on (
  8) at present (
  9) make use of (
  10)such as 答案: 答案: (
  1) at the end of the 16th century 在 16 世纪末 (
  2) make voyages to 作航海旅行 (
  3) because of 因为 (
  4)than ever before 与以往相比 (
  5)over time 在一段时间里 (
  6) communicate with 互相交流 (
  7) be based on 以…为基础 (
  8)at present 目前,现在 (
  9) make use of 充分利用 C. India D. Britain (
  10) such as 例如…
  3.句型: 句型 Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English. even if 含义是 答案: 答案 Native English speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English. if”意思是“即使” 三、三轮阅读会复述 学习建议: 学习建议:第三次阅读课文后, 第三次阅读课文后,尝试不参照原文完成下 列短文。 列短文。 Today, more people 1 as their first, second or a “even
  4) Shakespeare’s English was spoken around ? A. 1400’s B. 1150’s C. 450’s D. 1600’s
  5) Which country has the fastest growing number of English speakers in the world? A. Australia 答案: 答案
  1. (
  2. B. China (
  2)T (
  3)F (
  5)T (
  1)A (
  2)D (
  4)D (
二、二轮阅读找难点 学习建议:在文中勾画出下列单词、短语、 学习建议:在文中勾画出下列单词、短语、重点句型和 下列单词 交际用语,并结合语境理解其含义。 交际用语, 并结合语境理解其含义。 理解其含义
  1.单词: 单词 (
  1)native adj. (
  2)apartment n. (
  3)actually adv. (
  4)gradually adv. (
  5)vocabulary n. (
  6)spelling n. (
  7) latter n. (
  8) identity n. (
  9) fluent adj. 答案: 答案 (
  1)native adj. 本国的;本地的 (
  2)apartment n. 〈美〉公寓住宅;单元住宅 (
  3)actually adv.事实上 (
  4)gradually adv. 逐渐地;逐步地 (
  5)vocabulary n.词汇;词汇量 (
  6)spelling n.拼写;拼法 (
  7) latter adj.(两者中)后者的 (
  8) identity n. 本身;本体;身份 (
  9) fluent adj. 流利的;流畅的
foreign language than ever before. Native English speakers can understand each other 2 kinds of English. But English has 3 when cultures meet and 4 5 they speak different and developed
one another. From AD more 6 German
450 and 1150 , English was than the English we speak 7
. Then gradually 8
between about AD800 to 1150, English became
German because those who ruled England spoke first Danish and later French. By the 1600’s Shakespeare 9 a wider vocabulary 10 moved to 11 . In 1620 some British settlers too. Finally by the 19th . Now English is spoken in . Later in the 18th century, some British
people were taken to 12 century, the language 13
  1(人教版) many countries. 答案: 答案
  1.speak English
  2. even if
  5. based
  3. changed
  6. on
  12. Australia
  13. was settled.
Ⅲ.我的疑惑 我的疑惑
请你将预习中未能解决的问题和有疑惑的问题写下 来,等待课堂上与老师和同学探究解决。 待课堂上与老师和同学探究解决。

  4. communicate with
  7. at present

  8. less like

  9. was able to make use of
  10. than ever before
  11. America
导入新课 Warming Up: Step1:Please match the words that have the same meaning. center flat color lift gray honor grey centre apartment elevator honour colour In 1620 In the 18th Between AD 450 and 1150 Between AD
800 and 1150 In the 1600’s
century By the 19th
Step2: The words above have the same Chinese meaning, but they are different in spelling. That is one of the differences between American English and British English. Pre-reading: Do you know why there is more than one kind of English? Do you know why so many people speak English? Let’s learn “The road to modern English”
century Now
  2.Please divide the passage into four parts and summarize the main idea of each part. Part 1(para )
质疑探究??质疑解疑、合作探究 Ⅰ. 质疑探究
探究点一: 探究点一:语篇探究
Part2 (para ) Part3 (para ) Part4 (para ) 答案: 答案:
  1.The road to modern English The cause cultures communicate with one another Between AD 450 and 1150 Between AD less like German; more like French Shakespeare made use of a wider vocabulary than ever before. In 1620 Some British settlers moved to America. based on German
教学建议(探究点的使用) 教学建议(探究点的使用)
请老师先引导学生通过问题 1 了解现代英语的发展过 程,再得出问题 2 的答案,并且要通过问题 2 帮助学 生理清文章的篇章结构。 注意:问题 1 是客观题;问 题 2 是主观题,可以有不同的见解; 学习建议: 通过了解现代英语的发展过程对文章进行深 层理解。
  1. Complete the form. The road to modern English The cause
800 and 1150 In the 1600’s
  1(人教版) In the 18th English was spoken in Australia. 教学建议(探究点后即时练习的使用) 教学建议(探究点后即时练习的使用) 请老师限定学生 2 分钟完成即时练习,然后给出答案 19th The English language was settled. Two big changes in English spelling 并对练习 2 进行必要的点拨及拓展。
century By the
我思考, Ⅱ.学贵有疑 ??我思考,我收获! 学贵有疑 我思考 我收获!
??通过以上学习,请你把尚存的疑问写下来,进一步 探究。
happened. Now English is spoken in South in
Asia,Singapore,Malaysia,countries Africa and China.
  2.The main idea of each part.

Part 1(para1 ) Brief introduction of the change in English. Para 2(para2 ) An example of different kinds of English. Para 3 (para3-4 ) The development of English. Para 4 (para
  5) English is spoken in some other countries. 探究点二:重点句型与长难句 探究点二:
  1. It was based more on German than the English we speak at present. we speak at present 是 从句, 修饰. 翻译:
  2. Then gradually between about AD 800 and 1150, English became less like German because those who ruled England spoke first Danish and later French. who 引导 从句,修饰. 翻译: 答案: 答案
  1.we speak at present 是 定语从句,修饰 the English. 翻译: 当时的英语更多地是以德语为基础的。
  2.who 引导定语从句,修饰 those. 翻译:然后, 渐渐地, 大约在公元 800 年到 1150 年期间, 英语不那么像德语了, 因为那时的英国统治者起初讲丹 麦语后来讲法语。 探究点二即时练习 探究点二即时练习
  1. He has two sons work in the same company. A./ B. which C.whom D. who
  2. ??Did Mr Jones leave office? ??No, was lying (2007 山东济南二模). A.Those who told you that C.Whom told you 答案: 答案:
  1. D
  2.D B.Anyone told you
Ⅲ. 能力提升
教学建议 老师要给学生充足的时间思考, 可以采用小组辩论的方 式进行。注意:老师要通过引导帮助学生竖立正确的 观点。 Some people say that Chinese is a much more elegant language, so it is more important for us to master it and it is not so necessary to master a foreign language. Do you agree with this opinion and why?
Ⅳ. 总结反刍
学习建议: 学习建议 : 回扣本节课的内容从课文理解和长难句分 析方面进行二次领会和记忆。 课堂总结 让学生总结阅读的篇章结构和能力提升部分; 组织学生 进行一对一互查,内容是本节课 9 个单词、10 个短语、 3 个长难句及句型。
我的收获??反思静悟、体验成功 反思静悟、 Ⅴ. 我的收获 反思静悟
??请写出本堂课学习中,你认为感悟最深的一至 两条收获。
课后作业 Ⅵ.课后作业 课后
D. Anyone who told you that
课后训练案(限时 30 分钟)
基础训练题??把最简单的事做好就叫不简单! 基础训练题 一、单词拼写
  1. Our school has organized a lot of activities in order to (丰富)our school life.
  2. He (渐渐) knew this city with frequent visits throughout the year.
  3. I showed two books to you just now. Which one do you prefer, the former or the (后者)?

  4. The chairman ordered that we should show our (身份)card when leaving here.
  5. frequent practice.
  6. The date for the celebration has been (官 方)announced.
  7. People from England made (航海) to conquer other parts of the world.
  8.( 事 实 上 )all languages change and develop when cultures meet



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