课 题:Period 3 Grammar Modal verbs 日期:2011 年 3 月 3 日 设计 要素 设计内容 This teaching period mainly deals with the grammar: modal verbs-the use of 教学 内容 分析 can, could, may, might, will would, shall, should, must, mustn’t. Ss often feel modal verbs difficult, so it is necessary to make the lesson interesting and connect it with their daily life in order to make it easy to accept and understand. 知识 与 技能
1 Get Ss to know the characters of modal verbs. 2 Let Ss learn the use of can, could, may, might, will, would, etc. 3 Enable Ss to use modal verbs correctly and properly.
教学 目标
过程 与 方法
1 Task-based teaching and learning 2 Cooperative learning 3 Discussion
情感 态度 价值 观 学习 者 特征 分析
1 Get Ss to become interested in grammar learning 2 Develop Ss’ sense of group cooperation
情态动词是学生比较早接触的一个语法知识点,学生知道情态动词的中文意义,但 是具体用法肯定没有掌握,学习过程中,教师该给予更多的帮助。
教学 重点 教学 分析
Get Ss to learn and master the use of modal verbs.
难点 教学 难点
Enable Ss to learn how to use some verbs correctly.
解决 办法
Provide more examples for Ss.
教学 策略
1 Comparison of the differences 2 Efficient exercises to apply the rules.
教学 资源
1 Textbook 2 Teaching reference book
Modal verbs 1 can/could 板书 设计 2 may/might 3 must/mustn’t 4 will/would 5 shall/should
教 学 过 程 教学内容 教学环节
Step 1 Lead in
Ask 4 Ss to speak some sentences which are containing modal verbs.
Analyze the modal verbs used in the sentence.
教学媒体使用 预期效果
Step 2 Presentation
Present some groups of modal verbs and examples and ask Ss to analyze their usage: Can/could May/might Will/ would Shall/should Must/mustn’t
Analyze the examples and take notes.
Step 3 Consolidation
Provide some exercises students to apply the rules.
Think about the different choices.
Step 4 Homework
Let students male up a short dialogue by using modal verbs.
Make up a dialogue by using modal verbs.
Modal verbs
分析例句 展示例句并对比

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