Unit 1 Women of Achievement
Words and Expressions

  1. achievement
n.成就; 成绩; 功绩;达到; 完成 achieve: vt.取得, 获得;实现, 达到, 完成 Altogether, our achievements are very great. Such a goal is impossible of achievement. They achieved some victories despite these setbacks. Only practice can achieve mastery

  2. common
adj.普遍的, 常见的;公有的, 共有的, 共同 的;一般的, 平常的 This sort of weather is quite common. Britain and America share a common language. It is common knowledge that the earth is round. in common一样,同样 have sth. in common有共同之处

  3. condition
u.n. 状态,状况 be in good/excellent/ perfect condition be in bad condition n. 条件 poor working and living conditions teaching and studying conditions on the condition that 引导条件从句 只有在…的 条件 I will buy you a notebook on the condition that you are admitted to a key university.

  4. concern
concern oneself with sth 使担心,使挂念 使担心, show concern about be concerned about 对…关心 关心 be concerned with 与…相关 …相关 concerning: 关于 regulations concerning price

  5. institute
vt. 建立, 制定; 开始, 着手,实行 The government instituted a consumer protection agency. n. 协会, 学会; 学院, 研究院 I visited a number of scientific institutes in Asia. Many universities have institutes of education.

  6. special
adj.特殊的, 特别的;专门的, 特设的 ;不寻常的;不 一般的 His accent is quite special. He's a special friend of mine. n.特别的事物 或人 The train was a special for the football game.专 车 on special特价 specialist specialize in 专修

  7. devote to
把…奉献给 ;专心致志于 ; 把…专用于 奉献给 专用于 He has devoted all his life to (help) the blind people. Devotion奉献,献身 奉献, 奉献

  8. 比较 build, establish, found, set up build最普通用词,主要指“修建、建筑”,常带house, road, bridge, socialism, hope等; establish主要指建立机构、组织或联系,有稳固建成的 意思; Our hospital was established in 19
  50. She established her fame as an actress. found主要用于创立机构、组织或理论;如: They founded a college. His theory is founded on facts. set up是口语用词,同establish;着重表示开始,草创 A new government was set up after the war.

  9. connect
Connect A with/to B Combine A with/and B

  10. campaign


  1)行为;举止 )行为; 她表现出了很大的勇气 She behaved with great courage. 他对顾客的态度不好 He to the customers (
  2) vi. (指事物)有某种作用 指事物) 我的摄像机自从修好后一直很正常。 我的摄像机自从修好后一直很正常。 My camera since it was repaired. (
  3)behave oneself (
  4) behavior

  12. worthwhile
worthwhile: (adj.) 值得 花精力、时间、金钱 值得(花精力 时间、 花精力、 做) 的 a worthwhile experiment It is worthwhile to do / doing sth. worth: 值得的 只作表语) 值得的(只作表语 只作表语) 这辆自行车值50英镑 这辆自行车值 英镑 This bicycle is worth 50 pounds. 这个博物馆(非常)值得参观。 这个博物馆(非常)值得参观。 The museum is (well) worth visiting.
be (well) worth + n. / doing sth. The experiment is well worth the time and money. The experiment is well worth doing. worthy: 值得(只作表语) 值得(只作表语) be worthy to be done be worthy of + being done / n. The experiments is worthy to be done. He is worthy of our praise. worthy: 可敬的,相称的 (作定语) 可敬的, 作定语) a worthy man 可敬的人

  13. observe
Observe(观察,注意) + n./pron./ 观察,注意) 观察 sb. doing/do sth that-cl The scientist has observed the stars all his life.
I observed a stranger go/going into the office I observed that several students were asleep in class.
遵守, 遵守,顺从 We must observe the traffic rules. 举行(仪式等) 庆祝(节日等) 举行(仪式等), 庆祝(节日等) Do you observe Christmas Day in your country?

  14. Only+状语+部分倒装
只有这样,我们才能学好英语。 只有这样,我们才能学好英语。 Only in this way can we learn English well. 到那时我才意识到我的错误。 到那时我才意识到我的错误。 Only then did I realize my mistakes. 但Only+主语时不倒装 主语时不倒装 只有你了解我。 只有你了解我。 Only you.
I failed in the final examination last term and only then the importance of studies. A. I realized B. I had realized C. had I realized D. did I realize It was back home after the experiment. A. not until midnight did he go B. until midnight that he didn’t go C. not until midnight that he went D. until midnight when he didn’t go

  15. argue
argue with sb about sth argue for/against argue +that从句 argue: 争论,辩论。指举出理由或事实来与 对方争辩,企图说服对方 quarrel: 争吵,吵架,争辩,侧重口角争执 discuss: 讨论 ,指为了解决问题或弄清对方的 观点而交换意见

  16. inspire
adj: inspired / inspiring n. : inspiration She was an inspiration to all of us. Her speech yesterday made us. We are determined to learn from her and try to do our job better. He was an poet at that time and his poems spread through all the country. A. inspired; inspired B. inspiring; inspired C. inspired; inspiring D. inspiring; inspiring


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