人教版(pep)小学六年级下册英语 Unit2 练习试题 人教版 小学六年级下册英语
一、 翻译下列短语 (10 分) 感冒 头痛 牙痛 二、选词填空 (10 分) 1 、What’s the
  3、My throat is
  4、What’s wrong
  5、You’d better go to 三、填空 (10 分) Model:1000meters= 1kilometer
  1. 2meters=
  2. 88centimeters=
  3. 1000kilograms=
  4. 5000grams=
  5. 10meters=
四、选答语(20 分)
发高烧 have a sore throat

What is the matter with you, John? ( How do you go to Beijing? ( )

  5.What do you do when you hurt your leg?
A. I have a headache (matter, wrong) with you? B. Yes, she does C. See the doctor D. No, they don’t E. I go to Beijing by plane 五、.补全对话。(20 分) A: Hi, Mike. today? You look so tired. B: I feel sick. A: ? millimeters ton kilograms millimeters ) A: I see. Don’t worry. Go to see the doctor. You’ll feel better soon. ) B:Thank you. B: My throat is sore, my nose hurts. A: ? B: Yes, I have a headache. A: ? B: No,I don’t have a fever.
(have, feel ) a fever. (sore, ill). (for, with) you? (see, look) a doctor.

Does Lisa feel angry? (
Do Chen Jie go swimming with her parents? (
A; A. What’s the matter with you? B. You’re welcome C. How are you? D. Do you have a fever? E. Do you have a headache? 六、.(阅读短文,选择正确的答案,并将其字母符号填在句子前面的括 号里,每小题 2 分,共 10 分) Kate has a bedroom. There’s a bed, a desk, a bookcase and two chairs in it. It has a green door and two clean windows. There’s a clock on the wall. It’s made in Shanghai. It is seven in the evening. Kate is sitting at the desk .She is doing her homework. Kate has a black cat. It is lovely. It is playing with a toy mouse. ( ( ( )
  1. There are two in the bedroom. )
  2. The windows are . A. beds A. green B. chairs B. clean B.
(old, older, younger, shorter, longer, one, two, three, reading, watching, Her, his,) )
John is 12 years . He has friends. They are Sarah, Amy and Mike. Sarah is
  12. She has long hair. Sarah likes playing the piano very much. Amy is
  13. She is year than John. hair is not long. It is than Sarah’s. Amy likes books. Mike is
  10. He is years than John. Climbing mountains is hobby. They often play together.
  3. The clock on the wall is made in . A. Dongguan
Shanghai ( ( )
  4. Kate is doing . A. homework B. housework B. the mouse
  5. The cat is playing with . A. the toy mouse
四、choose the words and finish the paragraph (选择合适的词填空,使短 文的内容完整,每词只能用一次,每条横线 1 分,共 10 分。 )(10 分)



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