20) 第一部分 听力(
  20) I、听句子,选出与其意思相符的图片(其中有两幅是多余的)(每小题 1 分,共 5 分) 。 (听两遍)
( )
  7. Jenny has A. curly ( )
  8. Where are they?
hair now. B. long straight C. short straight C. At shcool.
A. In a restaurant.
B. In a clothes store.
( )
  9. Where didn’t the girl go last weekend? A. She didn’t go to a new zoo. C. She didn’t go to the mountains. ( )
  10. The girl thinks Animal World is A. boring B. exciting . C. interesting Red Star Middle School. B. next to . B. China B. last month C. the United Kingdom . C. last week . C. across from B. She didn’t go to a new park.
III. 听长对话,选择正确答案。 (第小题 2 分,共 10 分) (听两遍) ( )
  11. The post office is A. in front of ( )
  12. Alice is from A. Japan A. last year II、听对话,选择正确的答案。 (每小题 1 分,共 5 分) (听两遍) ( )
  6. The girl wants to be a(n) A. actor B.singer . C.ping-pong player B. He can’t stand them.
( )
  13. Alice came to the school ( )
  14. They can’t listen to music A. in the dining hall C. in the hallways
B. in the classroom
( )
  15. What does Jack think of the school rules? A. He doesn’t mind them. B. He doesn’t like them. IV. 听短文,选择正确答案。 (每小题 1 分,共 5 分) (听两遍) ( )
  16. What does peter do? A. A doctor. B. A guide. C. A reporter. ( )
  17. What does Peter ollk like? A. He is tall and has blonde hair. B. He is of medium build and has blonde hair. C. He is of medium height and has brown hair. ( )
  18. When did Peter go to visit Beijing? A. Last winter. B. Last spring. C. Last summer. ( )
  19. What kind of food does Peter like? A. Peking Duck. A. Big and lazy. 笔试(
  80) 第二部分 笔试(
  80) V.单项选择。 (
  21. Please A. isn’t
  22. Bob comes from A. Japan , English C. French , France late for school. B. aren’t .He speaks C. don’t be . B. America , Chinese D. Australia, English D. not be B. Noodles. C. Dumplings. C. Dirty and lazy. ( )
  20. What does Peter think of lions? B. Big and dirty.

  23. I want a new house A. of
  24. They A. stay
  25. What about A. have
  26. Mary is B. with B. stayed B. to have
a small garden. C. have D. in D. stays D. has
When he felt hungry, he only ate some snacks(零食). Nobody 40 lived with his father. But his father wasn’t often at home. Who can help Peter? ( )
  31. A. before ( )
  32. A. late ( )
  33. A. really ( )
  34. A. day ( )
  36. A. played ( )
  37. A. teachers ( )
  38. A. exams ( )
  39. A. wanted D. have ( )
  40. A. reported A 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。 soccer very much. ( )
  35. A. agree with B. after B. later B. often B. class B. talked B. parents B. rules B. spent B. cleaned C. if C. early C. never C. show D. when D. soon D. always D. time C look for C. fought C. friends C. life C. hoped C. washed
for him. He
at home last weekend. C. was stayed C. having a party? Good idea. girl, but she knows a lot about science. B. eight-year-old D. an eight-year-old C. How C. has . B. He is from Japan D. He is a bank clerk B. playing, play D. playing, playing soccer with us ?Sure. I like D. What’s
A. a eight-year-old C. eight years old
  28. There A. is A. How’s B. What B. are
B. wait for
D. listen to D. ate D. classmates D. culture
the weather like in Hangzhou? It’s cloudy. some milk in the glass.
D. worked D. cooked

  29. What does your brother do? A. He is Mr Green C. He often plays the piano
  30. Would you like A. to play, playing C. to play, play
VII.阅读理解(每小题 2 分,共 30 分)
My cousin Bill likes going to the beach on Sunday. Last Sunday it was sunny, he went there with his brother. They got there at 9:
  00.There were lots of people there on vacation.Bill and his brother sat down and began to relax. Soon Bill found there were olts of empty(空的) water bottles on the beach. He also saw some paper bags on the beach. That made Bill sad. He and his brother
VI. 完形填空(每小题 1 分,共 10 分) 阅读短文,从 A、B、C、D 四个选项中,迁出可以填入空白处的正确答案。 Peter was a good boy in the past. He studied hard at school. But 31 his parents divorced(离婚), many people thought he wasn’t a good boy any more. Peter began to arrive 32 for school. His teacher told him to get to school on time, but he 33 did as the teacher said. Sometimes when he got to school, the first 34 was over. In class, he didn’t 35 the teacher;he slept. He with other boys after didn’t like talking to others any more. He often 36
began to work. To clean the beach. They worked hard. About two hours late ,the beach was clean again. At last they put up a sign, saying, “No Littering(乱 扔)” on the beach. They wanted people to keep the beach clean. After that, they were very hungry. So they went to a restaurant nearby to have lunch. They had two large bowls of beef noodles there, and then went home. ( )
  41. Last Sunday the weather was A. rainy ( )
  42. Bill saw many A. money B. cloudy B. bottles C. sunny C. books on the beach. D. signs . . D. cold
school. Once he had to be in hospital for a week, but he didn’t stop. His 37 couldn’t stand him. They told Peter he must leave school if he broke(违反) the school 38 again. On weekends Peter stayed at home and 39 all day playing computer games.
( )
  43. Bill and his brother spent about
A. one hour A.推荐
B. two ours B. 提供
C. three hours C. 提出
D. four hours ” in Chinese.
Hello, everyone! It’s nine o’clock.Welcome to GMTV’s Music & Stories Show. I’m the host , Wang Chunxue. We all know that music plays an important(重 要的) part in everyone’s life. It can make people happy or sad. Babies and young children would like others to sing to them. When they are a little older, they like to sing the songs the have heard. After children go to school, their world of music grows (扩大). In the middle grades students take music lessons. When they go to high schools, they are interested in pop music. Well, in today’s program, we’ll listen to the People’s Musician, Xian Xinghai’s songs . Do you know Xian Xinghai? He’s from Macao, China. He brought western and Chinese music together. He’s famous (出名的)for the song The yellow River. He wrote this song in 1939 in only six days. OK, to the wonderful song The Yellow River. 任务一:翻译句子。
  51. 将文中划线部分翻译成汉语。 任务二:选择填空。 ( )
  52. What does Wang Chunxue do? A. A musician. 任务三:回答问题。
  53. What’s the time now ?
  54. What are the students interested in when they go to high schools?
  55. How long did Xian Xinghai spend in writing the song The Yellow River? VII. 词汇(
  10) A)根据句意及道字母提示,补全所缺单词。
  56. Please don’t talk l
  57. It is r
  58. My uncle w .the kids are sleeping. outside . Take an umbreua with you. shopping yesterday. . B. A host. C. A writer. D. A teacher. let’s listen
( )
  44. The underlined phrases “put up” means “ D. 贴出 ( )
  45. Which of the following is TRUE(真的)? A. Bill is very lazy
B. Bill stayed on the beach all day.
C. The restaurant is near the beach. D. Bill’s brother had a small bowl of noodles for lunch. B 根据短文内容,判断正(T)误(F) Old Henry lived on a clean street in Green City Every weekend, Alan and his friends played soccer in the street. The children were too noisy (吵闹 的)for the old man to have a good rest. One day, Old Henry told the children that he would give them 10 douars each weekend to watch them play soccer in the street. He said, “I am so glad when seeing you play soccer happily”.Alan and his friends were surprised to hear Old Henry’s words. The first weekend after that, the boys went to play soccer near the old man’s house, and went awaly happily with 10 dollars.The second weekend they also got 10 douars. The third weekend, Old Henry said he spent his monet on his grandson’s school things. So he only gave. The children 4 dollars. The next weekend, Old Henry said he had a cold and he spent his money on medicine(药). He only gave them I dollay. After that, Alan and his friends didn’t play soccer in that street any more. ( )
  46. Alan likes playing soccer. ( )
  47. Alan and his friends cleaned the street every weekend. ( )
  48. Old Henry’s grandson is a student. ( )
  49. Old Henry gave 26 dollars in all (总共) to the children. ( )
  50. In fact, Old Henry didn’t want the children to play soccer near his house. C 根据短文内容,完成下列任务。

  59. She has long hair and is of medium b

  60. We need some m
  61. There are many
  64. Stop
  65. Tom wants
  66. 卡罗尔在阅读。 Carol is
  67. 他不必 10 点前睡觉。 He
to buy a computer. (child) playing in the park. (study) hard.
B)用所给词的适当形式填空。 (run) is good for our health. (talk). It’s time for class. (play)the guitar.

  63. Xiaoming is a good student . He
IX. 完成句子,每空一词。 (
  10) reading. to be in bed by ten o’clock. my idea? the supermarket.

  68. 你妈妈认为我的主意怎么样? What does your mother
  69. 银行在邮局后面,紧挨着超市。 The bank is behind the post office and
  70. 上周末我和父母一起去看望了祖父母! I my grandparents my parents last weekend. X. 写作(
  10) 今天天气晴朗,你现在在人民公园(the people’s park) 。有很多人在这里度 假:有的正在照相,有的正在踢足球,有的正在散步,每个人都很开心。你来自澳大 利亚的朋友 Lucy 也在这里,她的信息如下表,她正在练习中文。写一短文对比情况进 行介绍,80 词左右。 Looks like Favorite animals Favorite food Favorite TV shows Wants to be Tall,has long hair Koalas and penguins Mutton noodles English Today, Healthy living A reporter



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