学 海 泛 舟
审核 时间 Mar.1
Seven 年级 Engish 组创编
Unit 9 How was your weekend ?

  1. 认知并熟练应用下列单词 认知并熟练应用下列单词:was ,did ,went ,visit, test ,stay ,have, practice mountain
  2.熟练应用下列短语 do some homework , study for the 熟练应用下列短语: 熟练应用下列短语 science test ,do some reading ,practice English
  3.掌握并灵活应用以下交际用语: 掌握并灵活应用以下交际用语: 掌握并灵活应用以下交际用语 --What did you do ? --I played tennis. --How was your weekend ? --It was great / It was’t very good .
Section A
教学重点:一般 过去时的灵活 应用。
学海 导航
重点 难点
教学难点:不规 则动词的过去 式。
学法 流程
自主探究 合作交流 当堂展示 相互评价 学 习 内 容
学习一般过去时: 学习一般过去时:一般过去时表示___发生的动作(包括_ __性动作) 、情况或存在的___一般过去时的谓语动词为 was/were 或其他动词的过去式。一般过去时的否定形式:主语 +___+动词原形+其他或主语+___/___ + 其他. 自测: 写出下列动词的过去式: 一、写出下列动词的过去式:be go come do cleanPlayhavestudywatch__ seewritestophopelive feelknow 用所给动词的适当形式填空: 二、用所给动词的适当形式填空:
  1.Peter (visit)the beach last Saturday.
  2.?she (do) her homework ??Yes,she did .
  3.How (be) your weekend ?
  4.She often (go )shopping with her sister.
  5.I (see) a talk show yesterday morning.
预 习 互 查
温习 评价 自 学 讨 论
I can write : --( 上 周 末 你 做 了 什 么 ) ? --I( 做 作 业 了) (踢足球了)(去海滩了) Let’s look at the picture,What did Lucy、Emma、 Ben and Carol do
( 去 看 电 影 了 )(_ 拜 访 我 阿 姨 了 ) (为数学考试而复习了) (你的周末过的怎么样)? It was (很棒)/(很无聊) 根据句意,补全已给出首字母的单词。
  1.They pEnglish on Sunday.
  2.Last Saturday ,Wang Ping vher grandmother.
  3.Does Tom often do some r?
  4.There are two rivers at the foot of a m.
  5.He is studying for the math t. 一、用所给短语的适当形式填空。 practice English ,study for the test ,stay at home ,go to the beach ,have a party
  1.Jane’s birthday is coming .Let’s
  2.They last weekend ,The beach was great.
  3.He every day .So he can speak it well.
  4.Her mother went to Beijing ,so she has to
  5.She’s now. 二、单项选择。
  1.He to the movies last weekend . A.went B. goes C. go
  2.How the beef ? A.were B .did C .was
  3.Tony is studying the English test Tuesday morning A.for, in B.for ,on C .at ,on
  4.?How was your weekend ,Sarah ?-- A.Sure B. It was great C .I played tennis .
  5.What about ? A. do some reading B.doing any reading C.doing some reading
last weekend ?Listen to the tape ,finish off 1b 、2 a and 2b
展 示 交 流
检 测 反 馈
收获 感言
按要求完成句子 。
  1. My weekend was boring.(对划线部分提问) your weekend ?
  2. He visits Beijing every year .(用 last weekend 替换 every year ) He Beijing 。
  3. Tony did his homework.(变为否定句) Tony his homework .
  4. Ming watched TV and cleaned the room.变为一般疑问句) Ming TV and the room ?
兴 趣 涉 猎
学 海 泛 舟
审核 时间 May.3
Seven 年级 English 学案组创编
Unit 9 How was your weekend ?
Section B
学海 导航

  1.认知并熟练应用下列单词: geography ,spend ,yesterday ,middlemost ,had ,saw ,talk .wrote ,song , sit ,sat, down, cat ,anything ,suggestion
  2.熟练应用下列短语:middle school ,go shopping,talk show,go for a walk,a little difficult ,a book about history
  3.灵活应用下列句式:It’s time to do sth.. 4 巩固应用以下交际用语:
  1. ?What did you do yesterday ?I played tennis.
  2.--How was your weekend ? --It was great It wasn’t very good .
重 一般过 点 去时的 难 用法。 点
学法 流程
自主探究 合作交流 当堂展示 相互评价 学 习 内 容
Played the guitar did my homework Studied geography went to the library Cleaned her room -wrote a new song Saw an interesting talk show a little difficult (
  1)英语数学语文体育 音乐美术 (
  2)上周末你做什么了? 我练习英语了。 你周末过的怎么样?很好。
指导及要 求
预 习 互 查
温习 评价
  1)--(上周末你做了什么)? --I ( 弹 吉 他 了 ) ( 学 地 理 了 ) (去图书馆了)(打扫房间了) (
  2)(我度过了一个繁忙的周末)? My homework was (有点难) I read (一本关于历史的书) My aunt (为我做饭了) I (看了一个有趣的访谈节目)
  1.G is my favorite subject because it is very interesting。
  2.He w a letter to her mother last night.
自 学 讨 论
展 示
交 流

  3.Y he was late for class because his mother was ill.
  4.For most kids , t show is very interesting
  5.My mother teaches English at a m school. 用所给单词的适当形式填空。 shop,see,practice ,spend , cook ,write , visit
  1.How did you your weekend?
  2.I a talk show yesterday morning.
  3.Did you like going with your mother.
  4.In my family ,my mother often dinner for us .
  5.I speaking English every morning.
  6.He the Great Wall last summer.
  7.She a new song for us .We all love it .
  1.The boy used to spend time his classmates. A. chat with B. chatting with C. to chat with D. on chatting with
  2.I enjoy_ my bike in the mountains.It’ not always easy,but exciting. s A. ride B. rode C. to ride D. riding
  3. “How was your weekend?" "Great! We a picnic by the lake." A. have B. are having C. had D. will have
  4. She a book but I TV last Sunday. A. watched ,saw B. read, watched C. readed, watched D. watched , read
  5. I’m feeling ill. I want to see a doctor. A. few B. a little C. little D. a few
  6. 对大多数孩子来说,周末是有趣的。 ,the weekend was fun .
  7. 我昨天下午和爸爸去和爸爸散步了. I with my father yesterday afternoon.
  3. 练习英语的时间到了。 It English .
  4. 昨天我什么也没做。I didn’t yesterday.
  5.--周末过的怎么样? --不好,我在为准备测验而学习。 -- your weekend ? --It wasn’t very good .I the test.
检 测 反 馈
收获 感言 兴 趣 涉 猎
用所给词的适当形式完成短文 Do you think everyone( enjoy) their weekends?Old Henry does not.Last month ,he (go) for a walk with wangwang, his cute dog. It(is )a nice day and Old Henry (is) happy.He (sit) down and (watch) WangWang (play) with a friendly black cat. It (is) time to go home.Old Henry (look) for his dog.But WangWang (is not) there


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