Unit 4
Where’s my ’ backpack?
教师: 教师:窦秀玮
Hi! I’m Tommy .
Fill in the blanks (填空) name Hello, everyone. My is Tommy. These the my pictures __my family members. I am the boy. This is __ mother father . He is tall. This is my . She is very nice(漂亮) sister And that is my . We are Americans(美国人).I love (爱) my family.
bed /e/
table /ei/
chair /e?/ ?/
chairs /z/
plants /ts/ plant /a:/
/? /
sofa /?/
dresser /?/ ?/
drawer /'dr?:(r)/ ?
bookcase /ei/
bookcases /iz/
An American house
Furniture in American houses
Living room 客厅
table sofa
Living room客厅 客厅
bookcase bookcases
Dining room餐厅
chair chairs
bedroom 卧室
washroom浴室 浴室
dresser drawer
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c d i h g a b f l k 3
in 在……里面 on 在……上面
under 在……下面
I’m Tom.
Where’s Tom? ’
where’s = where is
It’s in the case. It’s on the case. It’s under the case.
Where’s my dog? It’s behind the sofa.
fc1 ind in front of
Where is the sofa? It’s in front of the dog.
方位介词: 方位介词 on in under behind
在…上面 上面 在…里面 里面 在…下面 下面 在…后面 后面
前面 in front of 在…前面
In Tommy’s home
A:Where is the plant?
on the table B:It is .
A: Where is my backpack/…?
backpack baseball
It’s under the desk. ’
B: It’s under the table.
A: Where is his notebook?
in the backpack B: It’s .
A: Where is the …? B: It’s in/on/under/behind/in front of the…
A: Where are the keys?
B: They’re . ’ under the sofa
B: They are on the bed.
他们 她们
they’re = they ’ are
are Where the books ? in the bookcase . They’re
Where the keys ? are the They’re under pencil case.
Grammar Focus
Questions Answers
Where’s the baseball? It’s in the backpack. Where is my computer It’s It s under the bed. game? Where are your books? They’re on the chair. They’re on the Where are his keys? dresser. Where are her keys? They’re on the table. Find differences of these two groups of sentences.
5 4
Complete the tape script
A:Where are my books? B:They on the sofa. are A:How about my pencil case and my baseball? B:They are in your backpack. A:OK. And where’ my ’ computer game? s ’ B:Your computer game? It’s under your bed. Where A:Great! Now, are my keys? B:Oh, they are on the dresser.
in on under behind in front of where they 本课生词 plant chair table bed sofa dresser drawer bookcase
backpack Where’s the ? It’son thebed .
Where’s theplant ? It’son the . chair
plant Where’s the ? It’sunder thetable .
are Where the books ? They’rein the . drawer
Where’ ’ ?
  1.? my baseball? s ? ?It’s under the chair. ? A. Where B. Where’s C. Where’re ?
  2.?Where are the CDs? ? A. is B. are C. am D. be
Translation (译一译) 译一译)

  1.我的背包在哪? 在沙发上。 我的背包在哪? 在沙发上。 我的背包在哪 Where’s my backpack? It’s on the sofa.
  2.你的那几本书在哪?在椅子上。 你的那几本书在哪?在椅子上。 你的那几本书在哪 Where are your books? They are on the chair.
根 据 句 意 和 单 词 首 字 母 完 成 句 子

  1. Where i__ my backpack? s It’s nder the hair u c.
  2. Where’s the lant p?pen/ pencil It’s o__ the able t. n
  3. W h jacket? his here’ er It’s on the ed b. bookcase s
  4. Where a your keys? re They’ren the rawer i__ d. dresser here
  5. W are her books? hey’ T on the s. ofa

  1. ring/ in/ drawer Where’s the ring? It’s in the drawer.
  2. clock/ on/ table Where’s the clock? It’s on the table.
  3. phone/ under/ bookcase Where’s the phone? It’s under the bookcase.
  4. photos/ on/ dresser Where are the photos? They’re on the dresser.
  5. quilts/ on/ sofa Where are the quits? They’re on the sofa.

  1. Remember the new words.
  2. Talk about the things in your room. A: Where’s your baseball? B: It’s under the table. A: Where are your books? B: They’re on the bookcase. ……
in on under where they plant chair table bed sofa dresser drawer bookcase
Thank you!



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