第二部分 笔试部分(100 分) 二 单项填空 (20 分)从每题所给的 A.B.C.D 四个选项中,选出最佳选项。 ( )
  16. How you spell watch? A.areB.isC.do D can ( )
  17. Have you got any carrots? No,I . A. have B. haven’t C. don’t D. am not ( )
  18. Ann likes ,but she can’t well. A. cook;cook B. to cook;cooks C. cooks;cooking D. cooking;cook ( )
  19. Lucy likes drawing, she doesn’t like reading. A. or B. so C. and D. but ( )
  20. Mr and Mrs White a new car. A. have got B. has got C. is having D. does ( )
  21. This is mother, and name is Mary. A.her; hisB.my; herC.your; his D his,his ( )
  22. .-Is there a hospital near here? -Yes,. A.there ’s B. it is C.there is D they are ( )
  23. This boy is my . A brother B daughter C father D uncle ( )
  24. Is this a knife?. A. Yes, it’s. B. No, it’s not.C. Yes, it is.D. No, it is. ( )
  25. It’s black. It’s black car. A…./…B.a/…C…./a D.a/a ( )
  26. Where are the? A .book B .pens C .map D water ( )
  27. What color are the cats? I think white and black. A.they’reB.themC.it’sD.it ( )
  28. How’s your mum? She’s . A.at homeB.in bedC.OKD.sorry ( )
  29.. -students are there in your class,Mr Li? -Fifty. A.How old B.How much C.How many D what ( )
  30..There’s old pencil on the book. pencil is mine. A.a/anB./theC.an/TheD.the/the ( )
  31. Betty is in front of me,so I am Betty. A.next to B.behind C.in front of D under ( )
  32. There are two American boys and English girl in my class. A.an B.a C.the D many ( )
  33. I haven’t got erasers.I think Ann has got . A. any;any B. some;any C. some;some D. any;some ( )
  34. There a mother,a father and children in the family. A. be B. have C. are D. is ( )
  35. We’re Kate’s .I’m her mother’s brother.He is her father’s brother.
A. uncle
B. friends
C. uncles
D. brothers
三.完形填空(15 分) 新课标第一网 <http://www.xkb
  1.com> Zhang Jun is a Chinese
  36.He is not young,but he is not
  37.He is thirty-nine.He has a daughter.38name is Zhang Li.She is
  39.__40 is a Chinese girl. And she is a student. She __41very lovely(可爱的). She is in __42 Three, Grade One. She likes 43because(因为) she likes the sky(天空). And she 44_dance.Mr Zhang teaches English.45his class,there are forty-two
  46.They are all 47 students.His wife 妻子) ( ,48Zhang,is a teacher,too.Today is Sunday.They needn’t(不必) go to__
  49.50is free(有空) in Mr Zhang’s family. ( )
  36. A. worker B. policeman C. student D. teacher ( )
  37. A. good B. old C. young D. friend ( )
  38. A. He B. His C. He’s D. Her ( )
  39. A.eight B. thirty-two C. double eleven D. double sixteen ( )
  40. A. His B. She C. He D. Her ( )
  41. A.is B.am C.are D .has ( )
  42. A.class B.Class C. Grade D. grade ( )
  43. A.apples B.dancing C. blue D. chairs ( )
  44. A. can B. likes C.is D.do like ( ) 4
  5. A. At B. In C. On D. Of ( )
  46. A. boy B. girl C. students D. boy and girl ( ) 4
  7. A. fine B. good C. Well D. OK ( )
  48. A. Miss B. Mr C. Mrs D. Mis ( )4
  9. A. the work B. work C. a work D. works ( )
  50. A. Every B. Every one C. Everyone D. One 四阅读理解(30 分) A I have two new friends in our class. They are American girls. Their names Lucy and Lily. They are twelve. They are twins. I am Wei Hua. I am Chinese. I am twelve , too. We are in No.6 Middle School. We are in Class Two, Grade One. Lucy is Number 5 in Row
  5. I am Number 5 in Row
  8. Lily is behind Lucy. We are good friends. ( )
  51.How old is Lily? A. She’s 11 B. She’s 12 C. She’s 13 D. She’s 14 ( )
  52.What class are the twins in? A. They are in Class I B. They are in Class 4 C. They are in Class 3 C. They are in Class 2 ( )
  53. Are they students or teachers? A. Yes, they are. B. No, they aren’t C. They are students. D. They’re teachers. B We do the shopping(购物)on Sundays. I often go to the supermarket(超市)with my mother on Sunday morning in a car. Father likes red apples very much. So we buy some red apples for him. Mother likes yellow bananas. The oranges are very nice. Mother buys some for me. I like oranges very much. There are many vegetables. They are very nice. We buy some tomatoes and carrots. After
shopping, we have some milk , some bread and some icecream. And then we go back home. ( )
  54. Who likes apples very much? A. Mother B. Father C. I D. I don’t know ( )
  55. What does mother like? A. oranges B. apples C. bananas D. pears ( )
  56. Mother buys some oranges for . A. us B. me C. her D. him ( ) 57 After shopping, . A. we go back home B. we have some food C. we have some apples D. We only(仅仅) have some ice cream. C I am a tall boy. I can play basketball and soccer very well. Today is Sunday. I don’t go to school. I watch a soccer match on TV. It’s a good match. Beckham is my idol (偶像) He plays well . in the match. In the afternoon, I play soccer with my good friends Jim, Ben, Peter, Gary and Kevin. Sarah is in the park, too. She is my good friend. She watches us play. We are hungry at 4:00, but we are happy. ( )
  58. Today is . A. Monday B Tuesday C. Saturday D. Sunday ( )
  59. I at home in the morning. A. watch TV B. listen to a song C. read a book D. call my friends ( )
  60. I play in the afternoon. A. basketball B. soccer C. baseball D. volleyball ( )
  61.. The man “Beckham” probably(可能) is a . A.basketball player B. soccer player C. singer D. baseball player D Bob Pearson is an old man. He has two big houses and a new car. He has no wife. But he is the father of four children. He has two sons and two daughters. One son is from England. His name is Bill. The other son is from America. His name is Mike. One of his daughters is from Japan. Her name is Mikou. The other one is from China. Her name is Lanlan. Bob Pearson is not the children’s real (真的) father, but he loves them very much. The children love their “father” , too. ( )
  62. The children Bob Pearson’s real children. A. is B. isn’t C. are D. aren’t ( )
  63. His children are from countries. A. lot of B. two C. three D. four ( )
  64. Bob Pearson the children very much. A. doesn’t like B. like C. likes D. don’t like ( )
  65. Which is RIGHT? A.Bob Pearson is a very nice young man. B.Bill and Mikou come from the same(同样的) country. C.Bob Pearson has a wife. D.Lanlan is a Chinese girl. 卷二 五.词汇运用(10 分) 阅读短文,请根据中文正确拼写单词,每空限填一词
Hello,I’m (66 来 自 ) Beijing.There are (
  67. 四 个 )seasons here. Spring,summer,autumn and winter. I have two (
  68.姐妹),I can (69 游泳.)in the river. I can (
  70.唱歌) and (
  71.弹)the piano very well. I can (
  72.说)English .I can ride a (
  73.自行车).I (74 喜欢) to be (75 你的) friends. 六任务型阅读(5分) ( ).
  76. Liu Hui is . A. English B. Chinese C. Japanese ( )
  77. Her Chinese name’s . A. Hui Liu B. Liu Hui C. Linda King ( )
  78.Her telephone number is . A. 209 B. lin209 C.637-8209 ( )
  79. Linda is . A. a girl B. a boy C. not Liu Hui ( )
  80. What’s the Chinese for “e-mail” here (这里) A. 邮包 B. 邮局 C. 电子邮箱 七、书面表达 (共 2 小题,满分 20 分) 1 在下面的自我介绍中,填入合适的词。 分) (5 Hello. My name is Jim. I’m from England. My favourite subject(学科) is__
  81. My favourite sport is82, and I often play football with my friends. My favourite colour is83 . I have a 84family. They are: my father, my mother and I.My parents __85 me. 2 根据下面的家谱图,以 “Betty’s Family”为题写一篇小短文。 (15 分) 要求:
  2、字数不少于 40 字。
  3、文章中不能出现你的真实姓名和班别。 听力:1-5CADBD 6-10 BBAAA 11-15 CABAB
笔试:16-20 CBDDA 31-
  35.BADDC 51-55BCCBC
  25. BCACC
  30.BACCC 41-45 ABCBB 61-65BDDCD 46-50 CBCBC
36-40 DBDAB 56-60BADAB
66-75 from,four sisters,swim,sing,play,speak,bike,like,your
  81.English /maths/Chinese/PE…
  85.like/love 82 football


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