Unit 1 单元练习
  1. 给某人写信
  2. 告诉某人某事
  4. 他最喜欢的科目
  3. 喜欢做某事
  5. 一个新笔友
  6. on weekends
  7. a little French
  8. in November
  9. the United States
  10. too difficult 二.很据据以及首字母提示写出句中所缺单词。
  1. Sydney is in A
  2.Japanese are from J .
  3. They l in Beijing , China .
  4. ?What l do you speak ? --Chinese .
  5. China is an interesting c.
  6. In F, people speak F .
  7. My King thinks China is a very i place .
  8. Please wto me soon ! 三.用所给词的适当形式填空。
  1. I like singing and (play) sports .
  2. What’s (he) favorite sport ?
  3. Where (be) your teachers ?
  4. His sons often (play) football after school .
  5. His daughter can (write) letters in English .
  6. Now her(parent) are in America .
  7. Look! That is a(China) car .
  8. Tony(come) from Paris ?
  9. Jim has four pen (pal) in China .
  10. My mother doesn’t like math , I (like) it , either . 四.句型转换
  1.My pen pal speaks English .(改为否定句) My pen pal English .
  2. That boy speaks English .(改为一般疑问句) that boy English ?
  3. That girl can speak English and Chinese .(对划线部分提问) can that girl speak ?
  4. My English teacher is from London . (对划线部分提问) your English teacher from ?
  5. She lives in Tonghua . (对划线部分提问) she live ? 五.选择恰当的答语 ( )
  1. Where is your pen pal from ? A. She lives in Beijing. ( )
  2. Where does she live ? B. Black. ( )
  3. What language do you speak ? C. I speak Chinese. ( )
  4. Where is your pen ? D. He’s from Japan . ( )
  5. What’s your favorite color ? E. It’s here . 六.单项选择 cousins ? ( )
  1. Do you have
A/a B. some C. any D. an ( )
  2. I often go to the movies my friend . A. and B. with C. for D. to ( )
  3. Where is from ? A. Sam and Bill B. your friends C. Tom’s pen pal Chinese . ( )
  4. The little boy can A. tell B. say C. speak D. talk ( )
  5. They’re from the United States . They speak . A. Chinese B. English C. French D. Japanese ( )
  6. My favorite is China . A. city B. country C. subject D. color soon ? ( )
  7. Can you write A. she B. our C. me D. to her ( )
  8. you speak English ? --No, I . A. Do , I’m not B. Are , I’m not C. Do , don’t D. Are , don’t France . ( )
  9. The nice girl A. come from B. is from C. is come from D. come is from ( )
  10. All the students go to school Monday Friday . A. on, and B. on , on C. from , to D. to , from like playing basketball very much . ( )
  11. A. My brother and I B. I and my brother C. My brother with I D. My brother to I ( )
  12. ?When is Toronto ? ?It’s in . A. France B. Canada C. the United States D. China ( )
  13. My sister TV . A. want watch B. wants watch C. want to watch D. wants to watch ( )
  14. Anna is from Sydney , she can speak Chinese . A. and B. with C. for D. to ( )
  15. Can you speak Japanese ? Yes , but only . A. few B. a little C. little D. a few 七.完型填空 Dadao is a 1 boy . He is 2 Tokyo . He 3 speak Chinese . But he wants to study 4 . So he comes to 5 . Every morning , he 6 in a middle school and teaches Chinese students 7 . Every evening , he goes to Chinese classes . He works very hard . Now he can speak 8 Chinese , 9 teacher likes him 10 . ( )
  1. A. Canada B. American C. Japanese D. Australian ( )
  2. A. from B. on C. at D. to ( )
  3. A. must B. can’t C. can D. isn’t ( )
  4. A. this B. them C. they D. it ( )
  5. A. Canada B. London C. China D. Japan ( )
  6. A. works B. helps C. studies D. runs ( )
  7. A. Chinese B. English C. French D. Japanese ( )
  8. A. a little B. a lot C. many D. a lots ( )
  9. A. Him B. His C. He D. Her ( )
  10. A. very B. at all C. so D. very much 八.阅读理解
Alice is from Mexico . She lives in Mexico City . She speaks two languages . They are Spanish and English .She has a pen pal in Australia . Her name is Helen and she lives in Sydney . She speaks English and French . Emily’s favorite sport is baseball ,and she plays the piano well . Helen doesn’t play baseball . She plays tennis . She can play the guitar but not the piano . ( )
  1. Emily lives in . A. Ottawa B. Sydney C. Mexico D. Beijing . ( )
  2. Emily doesn’t speak A. French B. English C. Japanese D. A and C ( )
  3. Helen plays . A. the guitar B. the piano C. baseball D. soccer well . ( )
  4. Emily plays A. baseball and tennis B. baseball and the piano C. tennis and the guitar D. tennis and the piano ( )
  5. Emily is Helen’s . A. sister B. classmate C. pen pal D. cousin
My English teacher is Mrs King . She is from the United Kingdom . She is tall and nice woman . She is a good teacher . We all love her . Mrs King has a son and a daughter .Her son , Jim ,is about ten years old . And her daughter , Sue , is seven years old . We often play games with them after school . Jim’s father is also a teacher of English in our school . They live in our school .They love China . people in Mrs King’s family . ( )
  6. There are A. one B. two C. three D. four ( )
  7. Mrs King is . A. Chinese B. English C. American D. Australian ( )
  8. Sue is Mrs King’s . A. student B. sister C. son D. daughter ( )
  9. What is Mr King ? He is . A. I don’t know B. a teacher C. in China D. in our school ( )10 Jim and Sue are . A. sisters B. boys C. brother and sister D. students



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