一、选择题(20 分)
  1. There‘s a bank King Street. A. on B. at C. for D from

  2. Where is the bookshop? it’s the post office and the park. A. behind B. between C. near D. across

  3. Is there a pay phone the neighborhood? A. on B. at C. near D. in

  4. Next to the bus stop is a big house a small garden. A. with B. to C. and D. of

  5. I’ll arrive New York next Saturday. A. in B. at C. / D. to

  6. Is there a bank near here? Yes, A. it is B. it does C. there is D. there isn’t

  7. Does Jim sit Ann’s left? A. in B. under C. behind D. on

  8. Let me you my telephone number. A. telling B. to tell C. tell D. tells

  9. The street is .There are so many cars and buses. A. quiet B. busy C. clean D. old

  10. the hospital? It’s near our school. A. Where B. Which C. Where’s D. What’s

  11. How can he the new school? A. gets to
  12. There A. has B. get to C. arrives D. arrive to
many students in the library after school every day. B. have C. is D. are

  13. My house is the garden. A. across in B. cross from C. across from D. across at

  14. Please during the tour.
A. have a fun
  15. Xi’an is A. an
  16. Why do you want A. go
  17. Does Tom sit A. in
  18. She wants A. am B. is B. on
B. have fun
C. have funs
D. have funny
old city; we want to travel there. B. a C. the to Beijing this year? B. going C. to go D. goes D. /
Ann’s right? C. at D. under
a shop assistant. C. be to people and B. talk, ask D. to talk, asking Green Street. D. to be them questions.

  19. A reporter likes A. talks, asks C. talking, asking
  20. At the
of the garden tour, you can go B. begins, through D. begining, down
A. begin, across C. beginning, down 二、完形填空(10 分)
Today is Sunday .Tom and Kate are 1the park with their
  2.They are very
  3.They want to drink 4__.Tom wants some 5,and Kate wants some tea .Their mother buys the drinks .They ask their mother 6__first.__7their mother says she isn’t thirty. Tom and Kate think the drinks are nice .Tom _8__Kate gives some tea __9Tom .They have a 10__day. Their mother is also very happy. 1 A. in B. on B. mother B. different B. anything B. water B. to drink B. Because B. to give C. at C. parents C. happy C. something C. cakes C. eat C. But C. gives D. to D. uncle D. thirsty D. everything D. rice D. to eat D. So D. giving

  2. A. father
  3. A. hungry
  4. A. nothing
  5. A. cokes
  6. A. drink
  7. A. Or
  8. A. give

  9. A. /
  10. A. sorry
B. to B. helpful
C. with C. worried
D. for D. happy
三、阅读理解(30 分) Lily is American. She is a twelve .She is a middle school student .She is in No.15 Middle School. She is in Class Four, Grade One .Her teacher is Mr. Green .Her bedroom is very nice .In her bedroom you can see a bed, a table , a chair ,a clock ,a
map ,a picture ,a cat and some flowers .The bed is white .The table and the chair are brown. The cat is black .It’s under the table .The clock is blue .It’s on the table .The door and the window are yellow .The map is a map of China .The picture is her family picture .Both of them are on the wall. ( )
  1.Lily is a (n) girl B. American C. Japanese D. English
A. Chinese (
  2. She has a clock B. white C. blue D. black
A. red (
  3.Where is the cat? B. Under the table C. At the door D. On the desk
A. On the wall (
  4.How old is the girl? A. 11 B. 15 C. 13 D. 12
( A. 5
  5. How many things can you see in her bedroom? B. 6 C. 7 D. 8
My Green is from England .He and his wife are teachers. They teach English in Shanghai .They have a son and a daughter. Their names are Jack and Mary .Jack is ten .He is a student in a school. But Mary isn’t a student. She is only five .They have two bikes and a car. One bike is small, the other is big .The big one is for Jack, and the small one is for Mary ,Mr. and Mrs. Green go to work in their car .They don’t like to stay at home on Saturdays and Sundays. They sometimes go to the park .Sometimes they go to their friends’ home .They have a lot of friends in China. 1, The Greens are in now.

  2. Mr. and Mrs. Green teach in China. A. English B. Chinese C. Japanese D. math

  3. The small bike is A. Mr. Green’s B. Jack’s C. Mary’s D. Mrs. Green’s

  4. Mr. and Mrs. Green go to work A. on their bikes B. in their car C. on foot D. by bus

  5. They don't like to stay at home . A. on Sundays B. on Fridays C. on weekdays D. on Mondays
Bruce is an English boy. Now he lives in a big house in Beijing with his parents, but he can't speak Chinese, he can only speak English. He likes swimming very much, and his house is near a river. He often goes to swim with his friends in the river. There are three people in his family. His father is a bank clerk, his mother is a teacher. It's Sunday today, Bruce doesn't go to school. Their parents aren't at work. They go to the park by bus. Now they are in the park, they enjoy themselves very much. ( ( )
  1. What language does Bruce speak? A. French B. English C. Chinese D. Japanese )
  2. What does Bruce like? A. He likes running. B. He likes talking. C. He likes swimming. D. He likes singing. ( )
  3. Where does Bruce live? A. He lives in a hotel. C. He lives in a bank. ( ( )
  4. Where is Bruce's house? A. Next to a park. A. At home. B. In front of a school. C. Near a river. B. At school. C. In a park. D. Behind a park. D. On a bus. )
  5. Where are Bruce and his parents now? B. He lives in a school. D. He lives in a big house.
四、根据句意及首字母或汉语提示补全单词。 (10 分)
  1. China is a very interesting c
  2. Can you sing this song in F . .

  3. If you want to go to Shanghai by plane, you must get to the a
  4. He is h . He wants something to eat.

  5. If you want to go to Beijing by plane, you must go to the a first.
  6. If you want to read or borrow some books, you can go to the l.
  7. There is not a pay phone in the n.
  8. If you are h, you can have some bread.
  9. It’s too late now. There is no bus here. You can take a t instead.
  10. Look! Your hands are so d. Please wash them. 五、补全对话,每空一词(15 分) A: me. Is there a office near here? I want to post a letter. B: Yes. Just go and right. It’s down the Central Street the left. A: Is it from here? B: No, it isn’t. It’s quite near. It will take you only five minutes to go there on . A: By the way, is the bookstore? B: The bookstore? It’s Eighth Avenue. It’s to the supermarket. A: Can I there? B: Yes, you can. But it will take you about an hour to walk there. You had better a bus there. A: bus shall I take? B: No.
  66. A: you very much. B: You are . (15 分) 六、书面表达 请你给远方的笔友写一封信,介绍一下你的邻近环境。 Dear Lisa: I want to talk to you about my neighborhood.



   文 新 学 堂 教 学 教 案(燕 郊 分 校) 七年级英语( 七年级英语(下)复习提纲 Unit 1 Where’s your pen pal from? 一.短语: 短语 1 .be from = come from 来自于2. live in 居住在 3. on weekends 在周末 4 .write to sb = write a letter to sb 给某人写信;写信给某人 5 .in the world 在世界上 6.in China 在中国 7.pen pal 笔友 8 ...


   文 新 学 堂 教 学 教 案( 燕 郊 分 校) UNIT 7 一、用所给单词的正确形式或根据句意和首字母提示填空。 1. The teacher is coming. Would you mind (clean) the blackboard? 2. The river is very dirty. It smells (terrible). It is (terrible) polluted. 3. Last night he watched an (excite) football ...


   初中一年级下册英语课文 第一课 第一单元 我们玩得很开心 贝蒂:你好,妈妈,你能听到我说话吗? 贝蒂的妈妈:使得,我能。你在哪里? 贝蒂:我正站在中国的长城上跟你通话呢? 贝蒂的妈妈:真的吗? 贝蒂:我们参加学校的郊游,而且玩的可高兴啦。 贝蒂的妈妈:好极了,贝蒂。其他人在做什么呢? 贝蒂:哦,托尼在吃冰激淋,王辉正在拍一些照片,玲玲在买礼物和明信片,大 明则躺在阳光下吃午饭。 贝蒂的妈妈:你能给我也寄一张明信片吗? 贝蒂:好的。我和玲玲正在写明信片呢。我们非常喜欢学校的这次郊游。好了, 我 ...


   7B-Modlue9 备课材料 秀洲区新塍镇中学??熊国辉 一、教材分析 本模块题材为童话故事,主要是关于 Goldilocks的故事,另外增加了精卫填 海的故事。内容和情节很容易引发学生 的兴趣,语言简单易懂,描写细致生动, 非常有利于开展听、说、读、写方面的 语言实践活动,让学生在使用语言的过 程中学习语言,促使学生更有意识地自 觉学习英语。 教材分析 讲故事须使用一般过去时,所以本模块继 续以一般过去时作为语法学习重点。通 过操练、使学生在掌握语言结构的同时、 既学习语言知识、感悟语言 ...


   Unit1 Welcome back toschool 第一课时 教学设计 二、教学目标 掌握句型 We have a new friend today.和 I’m from…(国家名)及其 Welcome。 听说几个国家的名称,如:America, Canada, China 能听懂会说 We have a new friend today. I’m from…. Welcome! 并能在实际情景中运用,要求模仿正确,语 调自然。 三、教学重点 句型:We have a new frien ...


   四年级英语试卷 学校姓名班级考号 一、英汉互译(20 分) 英汉互译( 1. teacher’s office 3. just a minute 5. what for 7. go to school 9. art 线 2. 讲台 4. 回家 6. 欢迎 8. 去操场 10. 谁的帽子 room 二、找出不同类的单词(16 分) 找出不同类的单词( ( ( ( ) 1. A. green ) 2. A. yellow ) 3. A. sweater ) 4. A. breakfast ) 5 ...


   Unit1 马 horse 羊 lamb Do you like young 母牛 cow 小狮子 cub animals? 你喜欢小动物吗? 你喜欢小动物吗? 山羊 goat 小山羊 kid 绵羊 sheep 小绵 小马 foal 狮子 lion 鸟 bird 小奶牛 calf 老虎 tiger 老鼠 mouse 袋鼠 kangaroo 什么 what 小袋鼠 joey 猴子 monkey 这个 this 那个 that 叫 call 兔子 rabbit 大象 elephant in 句型 ...

七年级 英语(下)各类作文范文

   七年级 英语(下)各类作文范文 一、描写朋友、自己或家人的喜好 1、 Dear friend, My name is Sally. I am from China. I want a pen pal in Australia. I am 14 years old. I have no brothers or sisters in my family. MY favorite subject in school is science, because I think it’s very int ...


   义务教育课程教学辅助用书 (PEP) PEP PRIMARY ENGLISH STUDENGTS’BOOK 三年级(下) 丰南区东田一小 目 录 Unit 1 Welcome Back To School2 Unit 2 My Family 24 Unit 3 How Many 46 Recycle 1 70 Unit 4 Do you Like Pears 84 Unit 5 Where is My Ruler 100 Unit 6 At The Zoo 117 Recycle 2 144 ...


   四年级英语下册教学目标要求 一、目标总体描述 对英语有较浓的兴趣,持续的爱好。能用英语交换有关个人的信息(年龄、 正在进行的活动、兴趣、爱好、擅长、食物及用英语进行购物等) 。能做简单的 角色扮演,能唱一些英语歌,能在图片的帮助下听懂和读懂小故事。能正确拼写 词汇表中的单词,能根据图片或提示完成句子。在学习中乐于参与、积极合作、 主动请教,乐于了解异国文化习俗。 二、分类目标 (一)知识目标 了解元音字母在开闭音节中的发音;掌握本册词汇表中的词语(含三会、四 会及习惯用语) ;了解并能运用现 ...



   G gain vt.获得;增加 n.增进 gallery n.长廊,游廊;画廊 gallon n.加仑 game n.游戏;比赛;猎物 gang n.一帮,一伙 gap n.缺口;间隔;差距 garage n.车库;加油站 garbage n.垃圾,污物,废料 garden n.花园,菜园;公园 gardener n.园丁,花匠 gas n.煤气;气体;汽油 gaseous a.气体的,气态的 gasoline n.(美)汽油 gasp vi.气喘,喘息 gate n.大门;篱笆门 gathe ...


   一.问好. How's everything? What's up? What's new? What's happening? 任何时后都可以用,但比较见外: How are you? 二.报价 适用于第一次见面: Nice to meet you. 适用于曾经见过,但不太熟的人: Nice to see you again. 适用于有一阵子没见面的朋友: How have you been? 适用于很久没见的朋友: Long time no see. what price are you ...


   第 卷 第 期 月 河 北 理 工 大 学 学 报 】 川 社 会科学 版 年 文 章编 号 一 一 一 英 语 姓 名 的 引 申意 义 宋 颖 , 河北理 工 大 学 外 国语 学院 河北 唐 山 关键词 性 名 意义 源 自 摘 要 性 名 是 一 个 代 码 是 人在 社 会 上 的 一 种 称 谓 , , 。 但 是 由 于 其使 用 者 的 原 因 某 些 姓 名 , 已 经 不 再 仅 仅是 某 , 些 人 的 代 称 了 而 是 成 为 被 人 们 广 泛 接 受 的 具 有 ...


   初中英语学期教学总结 转瞬一学期的教学工作即将结束,现我对本期教学情况作如下总结: 教学就是教与学,两者是相互联系,不可分割的,有教者就必然有学者。学 生是被教的主体。因此,了解和分析学生情况,有针对性地教对教学成功与否至 关重要。最初接触广州学生的时候,我一点都不了解他们,只是专心研究书本, 教材,想方设法令课堂生动,一厢情愿的认为学生这样就易接受。但一开始我就 碰了钉子。在讲授第一课的时候,我按照自己的教学设计,上了一堂自认为明白 易懂而又不死板的课,认为教学效果如期理想,结果后来下课一 ...


   Lesson 1 A private conversation 私人谈话 First listen and then answer the question. 听录音,然后回答以下问题。 Why did the writer complain to the people behind him? Last week I went to the theatre. I had a very good seat. The play ...