单词) 人教版小学六年级英语总复习资料 (3-6 年级句子 单词)
三年级上册单词 黑体字(73 个单词) 黑体字 个单词 pen rayon head leg pencil sharpener face foot nose body green brown panda rabbit bird dog bear hamburger chicken French fries duck squirrel \mouse blue purple white black orange pencil-case school mouth eye ear arm hand finger book bag ruler eraser c
red yellow pink
cat dog monkey elephant cake Coke bread pig hot
juice milk water tea one doll two three four five
coffee six seven eight nine ten
ball boat kite balloon car
黑体字( 个单词、词组) 三年级下册单词 黑体字(72 个单词、词组) boy girl teacher student this my friend
nice good morning goodafternoon father dad mother meet mom goodbye man woman too I’m=Iam
grandma grandfather grandpa sister brother let’s=let
us really great fifteen nineteen twenty and howeleven twelve thirteen fourteen sixteen seventeen eighteen how many can look at banana grape bus walkman long short bike lamp tall
peach pear orange watermelon apple strawberry like taxi your giraffe window jeep desk zoo small some thanks
chair big
deer 四年级上册单词 黑体字(66 个单词、词组) 黑体字( 个单词、词组) light computer picture wall door floor fan teacher’s desk Chinese
classroom book
English book math book schoolbag story-book forty-one
notebook twenty-one thirty thirty-one forty fifty music study bed s beef vegetable plate family fork parents uncle aunt baby driver soup knife chopsticks
long hair short hair thin strong quiet friend(s) science sports bedroom shelf fridge computer game painting living table kitchen rice phone fish noodle
bathroom sofa
nurse baseball player
四会单词( 四会单词(36 个) bag pencil student home door room pen boy book ruler pencil-case teacher girl friend classroom window beef desk
bed rice
bread milk egg fish
waterchicken sister driver brother doctor father farmer mother nurse
黑体词( 个单词、词组) 四年级下册单词 黑体词(50 个单词、词组) playground garden teacher’s desk canteen art room
computer room washroom music room gym TV room lunch English class music class breakfast dinner P.E. class get up go to school go home go to bed sweater hot jeans pants socks shoes shorts cloudy colourful pretty
weather cheap
expensive sneakers boots sheep hen lamb goat
slippers cow
sandals tomato
cucumber potato onion carrot 四会单词( 四会单词(88 个) computer your board fan light this is my that
teacher’s desk picture wall floor yes it
one two three four five six seven eight nine what Chinese shirt blue yellow time English skirt it’s P.E. dress o’clock math music for class jacket
T-shirt red cold
green white no not colour warm
cool today jeans pant socks shoes let’s big banana aren’t eleven play football long short snowy sunny how much apple
small pear
orange watermelon are they horse pig duck dog fifteen twenty how many
cat rabbit thirteen
there 五年级上册单词黑体字( 个单词、词组) 五年级上册单词黑体字(16 个单词、词组) principal trash of university student cabbage pork mutton empty the in front
put away the clothes sky cloud
air-conditioner over mountain village city
四会单词、词组(93 个) 四会单词、词组( young funny tall is strong Mr kind old short is like thin he’s=he
who’s=who is strict
smart active Monday
quiet she’s=she is
Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday day
have TV
Saturday Sunday What about…? too
read books
eggplant fish green beans tofu potato tomato for we tasty sweet sour fresh salty favourite
they’re=they are fruit don’t=do not grape water the flowers make the bed set the use end
cook the meals sweep the floor table
clean the bedroom
wash the clothes curtain
do the dishescan’t=cannot trash bin closet
a computer
table bedroom kitchen bathroom living room in behind on under near
clothes river forest path park picture house
flower grass lake
bridge tree road building clean 黑体字( 五年级下册单词 黑体字(18 个) January February March April May June July September October November second third fourth fifth Eighth
December first ninth
四会单词、词组( 四会单词、词组(83 个) do morning exercises eat breakfast have English class play sports eat dinner when evening
get up at usually noon climb mountains the piano visit grandparents go hiking weekend often
go shopping play
sometimes spring summer fall
winter season which best swim fly kites skate make a snowman plant trees why because sleep Jan. Feb. Mar. Apr. May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. birthday uncle her date draw pictures phone cook dinner listen to music read a book answer the clean the room
write a letter write an e-mail mom grandpa study fly jump sleep pictures do an walk climb run fight swim kangaroo drink water take
watch insects experiment collect leaves have a picnic
pick up leaves catch butterflies honey count
insects play chess
write a report
六年级上册单词 黑体字(16 个) 黑体字( plane east take a ship west trip subway science museum north south tonight read dictionary tomorrow a magazine vapour go to the
cinema magazine
四会单词、词组(71 个) 四会单词、词组(
by light
go to school traffic
traffic rule stop wait get to library post office hospital cinema bookstore where please nest to turn next week this morning this
right left straight then
afternoon this evening comic book post card newspaper buy hobby ride a bike dive play the violin make kites collect
stamps live(s) teach(es) go(es) watch(es)read(s) does doesn’t= does not singer writer actor actress artist TV engineer accountant policeman salesperson cleaner where cloud should work rain reporter
sun stream seed come from soil sprout plant then
四会单词( 六年级下册单词 四会单词(25 个) taller shorter stronger older younger bigger heavier longer cold thinner smaller have a fever hurt have a
have a toothache have a headache matter sore
have a sore throat
nose tired excited angry happy bored sad 三年级上册句子 读下列句子,写出中文意思 读下列句子 写出中文意思. 写出中文意思
  1. Hello! Hi!

  2. China.
Hello! I’m Wu Yifan. I’m from What’s your
  4. Jie.
  5. Me
My name’s Chen I have a pencil.
  6. Good This is
morning. Good afternoon.
  7. Miss White. Nice to meet you.
  8. you from? I’m from America.
Where are
Let’s go to school. OK._______ _______

  10. . How many cakes? One cake.
  11. How are you? I’m fine, thank
  12. Let’s paint.
  13. I like green. Me too.

  14. I have a rabbit.

  15. Cool! Super! Great!
  16. May I have a look? Sure.

  17. Here you are. Thank you. You’re welcome
  18. I like hamburgers. Me too.

  19. Have some French fries.

  20. Can I have some chicken? Sure.

  21. How old are you? I’m nine. 三年级下册句子
  1. Where are you from?
  2. Good morning! I’m from America. Good afternoon!

  3. Class, we have a new friend today.
  4. Who’s that woman?
  5. Who’s that man?
  6. Who’s this boy?
  7. I have a new kite. She’s my mother。 。 He’s my father. My brother. Oh, it’s beautiful. I can see
  12. Oh, how nice! I have 16 crayons.

  8. How many kites can you see?
  9. The black one is a bird.

  10. How many crayons do you have?
  11. Open it and see.
  12. Do you like peaches?
  13. What about pears?
That’s right. Yes, I do. /No, I don’t. Oh, I like them very much.

  14. Let’s have some peaches and pears.
  15. Have some fruits.
  16. Sorry, I don’t like bananas.
  17. Can I have an apple, please?
  18. Have some more?
  19. Where is my car? Certainly. Thank you, Miss White.
No, thank you. It’s under the chair. No problem.

  20. Excuse me. Can I use your pencil?
  21. Here you are.
Thank you!

  22. Come on, children. Look at the elephant.
  23. Wow! It’s so big! It’s so funny!

  24. It has a long nose and a short tail.
  25. It has small eyes and big ears.
  26. Look at the giraffe. Oh, it’s so tall.

  27. The giraffe is tall. The deer is short.
  28. You’re tall. I’m short.
  29. Let’s fly it.
  30. What a big fish! 四年级上册句子
  1. What’s in the classroom?
  2. This is Zhang Peng, our new classmate. You’re right. OK.

  3. We have a new classroom.
  4. Where is my seat?
  5. Let’s clean the classroom.
  6. Let me clean the board.
  7. It is nice and clean! It is near the door. Good idea! All right. Good job!

  8. What colour is the schoolbag? It‘s black and white.
  9. May I have a look? Sure. Here you are.
  10. My schoolbag is heavy.
  11. What is in the schoolbag?
  12. How many picture-books do you have?
  13. My friend is strong. He has short hair….
  14. I have a new friend.
  15.What’s his name ?
  16. What’s her name ?
  17. Is this yourbedroom?
  18. I have a new eraser.
  19. Is she in the study?
  20. Where are the keys? 21 Are they on the table?
  22. What’s for dinner? No, she isn’t. She’s in the kitchen. They are in the door. No, they aren’t. Rice, fish and vegetables. He likes sports. She likes music.
His name is Zhang Peng. Her name is Amy. Yes, it is./No, it isn’t.

  23. What would you like for dinner? I’d like some rice and
  24. Everything’s ready.
  25. Dinner’s ready! Thanks /Thank you. Your forks and knives.

  26. Help yourself! Thank you.
  27. I can use chopsticks. Let me try.
  28. Mm…Yummy, I like Chinese food. good time. See you tomorrow.
  30. How many people are there in your family? Three.
  31. Who are they? My parents and me. Me too.
  29. We had a

  32. My family has seven members.
  33. Who’s this man?
  34. Who’s this woman?
  35. Is this your aunt?
  36. What’s your mother?
  37. What’s your father?
  38. Are they farmers? 四年级下册句子
  1. Where is the canteen?
  2. This is the teacher’s office. It’s on the first floor. That is my classroom. Forty-five.
  4. Do He’s my uncle. She’s my aunt. Yes, she is. /No, she’s my sister. She’s a teacher. He’s a doctor. Yes, they are. / Yes, you’re right.
How many students are there in your class? you have a library? first floor.
  5. The canteen is on the That is your

  6. This is my computer.
  7. Is this a teacher’s desk?
  8. Is that the art room?
  9. What time is it?
  10. It’s time for English class. Yes, it is.No, it isn’t. Yes, it is.No, it isn’t. It’s nine o’clock. Breakfast is ready!

  11. School is over. Let’s go to the playground.
  12. Let’s go home.
  13. It’s 7:
  05. It’s time to go to school.
  14. It’s 8:30 .It’s time for music class.
  15. I like the white sweater with the green skirt.
  16. I like the blue dress.
  17. Where is my skirt? Blue. Yes, it is./No. it isn’t. My T-shirt is red. No, it’s not.
  21. Whose is I’m ready.

  18. What colour is it?
  19. Is this your skirt?
  20. Is that your T-shirt? it?
  22. Whose is this?
  23. What are they? It’s my T?shirt.
It’s your baby brother’s! These are your baby pants. They’re so small. Yes. But what for?

  24. Are those my shoes?
  25. Our neighbour has a new baby!
  26. This is the weather report. Can I wear my new shirt today? It’s warm today.
It’s cool in Lhasa.
  27. No, you can’t. /Yes, you can.
You can wear your new shirt.
  29. Can I
wear my T-shirt? doing? Beijing? York? matter? It’s
Yes, you can.
  30. What are you Not much.
  31. What’s the weather like in rainy today.
  32. It’s sunny. How
  33. about What’s New the

  34. It’s windy now.
I have to It’s colorful. It’s
close the window.
  35. Look at that dress. very pretty.
  36. Can I help you? dress?
  38. What size? they are.
  40. How much are they?
  41. What are they? sheep? horses? It’s ninety-nine Yuan.
  37. How much is this
Size five.
  39. Are they all right? Yes,
They’re thirty-five Yuan. They are goats.
  42. Are they
No, they aren’t. They are goats.
  43. Are they No, they aren’t .They are donkeys. They are fat.
  45. How many One hundred.
  46. What do you see in the

  44. Look at the hens. cows do you have? picture?
I see five cats. Yes, they are. /No, they aren’t.

  47. Are these tomatoes? What are these? They are carrots.
  1. is, my, this, computer (.) teacher’s desk, this, is, a (?)

  2. your, is, that, computer (.)

  4. is, it, time, what (?) it’s, class (.)

  5. o’clock, it’s, two (.)
  6. time, math, for,

  7. this, is, your, T-shirt (?) warm, it’s, today (.) it, is (?) (?)

  8. colour, it, is, what (?)

  10. play, let’s, football (.)
  11. much, how,

  12. yuan, it’s, ten (.)
  13. they, much, how, a



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