Unit15 of Book2

  1.a few , a little , a lot of , lots of , few , little , some , many , much, a bit , a bit of, a lot,
  2. Jean's kitchen , the twins' room, the children's , men's coats
  3. So do we . So we do. We do so .
  4. potatoes.tomatoes.radios.photos.
  5. would like sth\to so. Want to do
21 help with\do? 22 never, little, few. no ,not (除 un-) 23 I like Chinese tea without anything in it . 24 take a seat = sit down 25 something English \to eat \to drink\else 26 take-away food 27 This is home cook cooking. 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 It must be more delicious. The food is really delicious. We'll have chicken with potatoes. be famous for \as make me laugh Words: chocolate without Italian Italy

  5. Walk \Go along \down\up this street
  6. You can't miss it.
  7. in front of
  8. across in the front of though

  9. What a good, kind girl! = How good, kind the girl is!
  10. the way to a place you don't know
  11. at a street corner
  12. She seems worried.
  13. the worried woman
  14. on one's way to
  15. What's the matter? What's wrong with you? What's the trouble?
  16. Can I help you? What can I do for you ?
  17. maybe=perhaps may be may

  6.pass me the cheese= pass the cheese to me
  7.Help yourself to some meat. Help yourselves to some meat, my children.
  8.one of the most popular kinds of food is fish and chips .
  9. take it home \to their workplace
  10.or, and but too also as well

  12. the most popular
  13. find \hear\watch\see\notice do\doing
  14. enjoy sth\doing \oneself
  15.be good \bad for your health be good \bad for sb. to do sth 16 I think so. I don't think do. keep healthy eat healthily
简单句的五种基本句型(见 p1

  18. in hospital , in the hospital at table ,at the table
  19. ill, sick
  20. Here it is .
in bed, in the bed
Unit 16

  1. Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to the library? Where 's the libriary? Which is the way to the libriary? How can I get to the libriary? Could you tell me Where the libriary is?
Here is the book.

  21. It'll take you about half an hour to go home
  22. That's quite a \a very long way.
  23. 20 minutes later = after 20 minutes
  24. He's very happy to see his wife.
  25. They look around.But Liu Mei didn't wait for their thanks.
  26. borrow lend Quite\very good
17 I agree. I agree with you\them--18 neither nor either of either or neither of

  2. turn right at the second crossing\turning = take the second crossing\turning on the right .
19 Sometimes my father goes shopping and sometimes mother does.
  20. do some cleaning \cooking \shopping

  3. between and --
  4. Go across the bridge.= Cross the bridge

  27. You can keep the books for 2 weeks .

  28. It may \can be dangerous .
  29. Be careful .You may cut your finger.
  30. the key to my bike ( key- keys ) , the answer to the question
  31. It may be in . So it is.
  32. watch a play on TV
  33. fix mend repair
没有人称和数的变化 Must I go home ? Yes,you must. No, you needn't . No, you don't have to.

  21. I feel a little better now.
  22. If ;you don't want to go along, I'll go with you .
  23. look after\ take care of patients.
  24. be quiet . read quietly
  25. After you use plastic bags, you mustn't throw them about.
  26. move to another town
  27. invite sb to sw
  28. on December 5th
  29. How many will there be?
  30. too many , too much , much too
  31. have a good time = enjoy oneself
  32. at midnight
  33. stop making so much noise , make a noise , stop to do \ doing
  34. complain about sth
  35. quarrel with sb
  36. They felt sorry that had to leave.
  37. be alone
  38. She said to him, " That was a surprise. "
  39. to one's surprise , surprised ,
  40. in a tired voice
  41. another, other , the other , others , the others.
  42. in fact ,
  43. necessary,
  44. make a mistake surprising
Unit 17

  1. You must be more careful.
  2. I want to catch the bus.
  3. If you want to cross a street, you must wait for the green light .
  4. It's better to wait and be safe.
  5. have an accident
  6. If there is a lot of traffic, you must wait \stop.

  34. be sure of\ that \to do
  35. on a piece of paper
  36. 5 minutes' walk
  37. go out of
  38. in time on time

  7. When you are in the UK,you have to drive on the left.
  8. stand in line and wait for your turn.
  9. get on\off\up
  10. It's necessary for us to learn to wait .
  11. a doctor's waiting room
  12. at the head\end of the queue
  13. visitor \inventor \ conductor \ inspector \ doctor

  39. I'm lost .I'm missing.
  40. First of all
  41. get to\arrive\reach
  42. It's easy to get lost ..
  43. on the other side of the road
  44. ladies' room
  45. cross crossing
  46. miss
  47. weak
  48. wait for sb
  49. geography
  50. .情态动词:见 p156 of Book2 can ?could may?might must have to ?had to need across

  14. in the queue, a queue jumper
  15. laugh at
  16. Her knees hurt badly.
  17. get ready for sth \ to do sth
  18. I don't feel very well.
  19. If you are ill, you'll have to see the doctor.
  20. You mustn't eat anything until you see the doctor.
missing\lost week

  45. in the reading room
  46. voice , noise
  47. 状语从句:时间状语从句( when ,before , after, until, as soon as )\ 条件状语从句( if )

  14. wake up .
  15. instead ,
get up ,
look up

  34. take more exercise
  35. make trouble
  36. stay happy
  37. get enough sleep
  38. terrible ,
  39. fatter and fatter
, eat less food
instead of

  16. look over \ up \ at \ out of--
  17. Have a good rest and drink more water
  18. Do you often have dreams ? I dream so much. Sometimes dreaming is good for us.
  19. be busy doing \ with
  20. have difficult jobs to do
  21. What about the sleeping pills I gave you ?
  22. Don't they work?
  23. be awake
  24. try to relax, be asleep try doing be alive
注意:当主句为将来时\情态动词\祈使句时,从句用一般现在时. 当主句为过去时, 从句用过去的时态..
difficult, hard thinner
  1. If you (be) ill , you'll have to see the doctor.
  2. We'll have a picnic if it (not rain) tomorrow.
  3. Come in if anybody (have) a ticket.
  4. I (go) to bed after I finished my homework.
Unit 19

  1. an island, on the island\farm\bank
  2. at the weekend
  3. I'd love to.
  4. bring take

  1. What's the trouble?
  2. I don't feel very well.
  3. I have a headache , a cough and a cold.
  4. What a terrible cough!
  5. take one's temperature
  6. She didn't feel like eating anything
  7. have \get a pain in --
  8. Nothing serious
  9. Take this medicine three times a day
  10. as soon as
  11. stop\prevent \keep from doing
  12. fall \fast asleep
  13. again and again

  5. We'll meet at the school gate at six.
  6. Don't be late. Don't be afraid.
  7. I'll be there on time.
  8. far farther farthest
  9. We'd better not go there.
  10. We've never been there before , ?
  11. No problem.
  12. It's more interesting.
  13. some banana trees
  14. They talked and laughed happily.
  15. take back to
  16. I feel a little \bit afraid.
  17. push pull take out of father

  25. Why don't you listen to music? = Why not you listen to music?
  26. some light music
  27. I feel even more tired than I usually do.
  28. 系动词 + 形容词\ 名词\ 介词短语 系动词: be , taste , look , seem , feel ,notice , smell, go , get , turn , become , keep--
  29. every five minutes
  30. I'm afraid --
  31. What do you mean?
  32. rich food
  33. enough \ tooto \ so that

  18. We won't go until we get it back again.
  19. no long no more

  4. teach oneself English = learn English by oneself
  5. at a computer company
  6. a computer engineer
  7. He has cancer.
  8. He smokes a lot .
  9. must be worried
  10. Take good care of = look after well
  11. think of .think over dead death Thanks a lot .

  27. the whole story = all the story
  28. That'll be very exciting .
  29. have a wonderful time
  30. I hope so.
  31. be late for
  32. She left her pen at home.
  33. stand on your head
  34. draw a picture with your left hand
  35. make a kite\robot\make tea
  36. once = once upon a time = long long ago
  37. look for find find out I'm excited.

  20. There's something wrong with our eyes.
  21. Can't you hear anything ?
  22. sooner or later, you'll find it somewhere.
  23. I can't find it anywhere.
  24. Is everything OK?
  25. NO one is sick\ill.
  26. get back come back return

  12. die
  13. keep a diary

  27. be happy to do
  28. eat up
  29. It's time to do \for sth
  30. be missing \lost
  31. take photos\ pictures
  32. believe
  33. 不定代词,不定副词 事 人 地 点 everything everybody everywhere something somebody somewhere anything anybody anywhere nothing nobody nowhere circle

  14. a page from a student's diary
  15. There were no classes this afternoon.
  16. the Summer Palace
  17. leave one by oneself
  18. The baby was about ten months old . ten-month-old baby
  19. at first =first of all
  20. begin to cry
  21. harder and harder
  22. turn on\off\up \down\to more and more confident a

  38. He said to monkey.
  39. tell\ask\teach\encourage sb (not) to do sth
  40. take to
  41. There he is .
  42. width these words
  43. come out
  44. wonder
  45. kill
  46. tooth teeth come down wonderful come in wonderfully

  1. buy ,make , do , cook , draw, sb sth = sth for sb

  23. stop to do
  24. after a while
  25. make faces
stop doing

  47. cousin
Unit 21

  1. 并列句(and, but , so. or )
  2. 反身代词 P155

  2. I don't know how to use it.
  26. all kinds of funny things
  3. all by oneself
第 一 人 称
第 二 人 称

  19. lose oneself in ,
be lost

  10. relay race
  11. at the starting / finishing line
  12. get ready to do\ for sth
  13. passon to--
  14. catch up with
  15. be neck and neck
  16. a moment later, after a moment
  17. far behind
  18. go on doing something \to do
  19. fall behind
  20. go / run past
  21. congratulations to sb. on sth.
  22. rather badly

  20. work all night doing something
  21. enjoy oneself = have a good \wonderful time
单数 复数 反身代词与 enjoy, help, hurt, teach, wash, look after 等动词连用. eg: Help yourself! She didn't hurt herself.
  3. fall off = fall down from
  4. hurt oneself
  5. play the piano play computer games
  6. write down
  7. Could she swim when she was 4 years old?
  8. hear someone playing his Sonata in F.
  9. afford (to buy) a ticket to the concert
  10. say it for fun
  11. pardon me
  12. to one's surprise
  13. by ear
  14. in the dim candle light
  15. through / across
  16. for a while .,
  17. say to oneself
  18. look up to the sky, look up the new words in the dictionary for a long time play basketball\chress\cards I can look after myself, thanks. Did you enjoy yourselves?

  22. wish \ hope\ expect
  23. go on a trip
  24. come along
  25. be worried about
  26. Have a nice weekend!
  27. I'm afraid so.
  28. leave behind
  29. care for
  30. thank-you note
  31. clever\cleverer
Unit 22

  1. hold a sports meeting
  2. on the playground
  3. the 100-metre race
  4. the high jump
  5. the long jump
  6. quite\very well quite a = a very , rather the girls' 400 metres

  23. at the same time
  24.at the end of
  25.on the first lap
  26.come on , come along, come up with,
  27. I'm not sure.
  28. right now = at once
  29. well done
  30. It was nothing.
  31. do one's best
  32. It's difficult ti see. in the end

  7. Which sport are you in today?
  8. bad luck, Good luck to you. Luckily, he was saved.
  9. Who won the race? win
be in , take (an active) part in be lucky,
, beat

  33. bad \badly\ ill
-- worseworst

  34. Class 3 were the winners.
  35. loudly , aloud win-won ?won

  10. in the future
  11. spend on / (in) doing , cost , take, pay for
  12. unusually things
  13. work out
  14. personal computer

  31. tell funny stories
  32. a friend of his
  33. lie ?lay- lain\ lied-lied,
  34. deaf, blind people lay- laid-laid

  36. win- winner
  37. dance- dancing
  38. take turns
  39. as fast as AB

  35. person- persons ? personal
  36. unusual
  37. million,
  38. lose- lost-lost billion
, not as\so as

  15. plan to do sth.
  16. millions of
  17.grow up
  18. developing country, more developed country ,
  19. solve business problem
  20. marry A married B.\ A and B get married.\ A gets married to B
  21.They improved the software to make it easier for people to use computer. less developed country
Li Lei jumped farther than Jim. Lin Tao jumped farthest of all .
Lucy is as tall as Lily. But she didn't run as fast s Lily.
Unit 24

  1.过去进行时:P157 结构:was\were + doing 时间:at ten o'clock yesterday , at that time, 上下文等 eg: What were you doing this time yesterday? We were working in class. I was drawing a horse when the teacher came in. My father was reading while mother was cooking.
  2.quite a nice picture = a very nice picture
  3.I hope so.
  4. on Monday afternoon
  5.You must work harder. OK. I'll will.
  6.What were you drawing on? = Where were you drawing?
  7.get on well with
  8.in the city of
  9. take off, put on
Unit 23

  1.冠词:见 P153?155 of Book 2(下) a useful book\ university--an unhappy\ old\unlucky\ accident\A\E\F\H\I\L\M\N\O\R\S\X

  2. in the living room
  3. sth be interesting, an interesting book , sb be interested in , show no interest in
  4. be written by
  5. in new ways
  6. of course
  7. best ?seller
  8. It seems to be an interesting book.
  9. learn from

  22. Father's Day
  23. plan to do
  24. be pleased(高兴) , be pleased with(对满易)
  25.talk, say , speak,. Tell
  26. What size does she wear?
  27. either, too, as well, also
  28. play a joke on
  29. give a lecture
  30. fina



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   Unit 1 Will people have robots ? Teaching goals: 1. Words&phrases: robot, paper, less, fewer, simple, unpleasant, factory, seem, etc . 2. will 构成的一般将来时态的陈述句、 否定句、 疑问句及回答. 3. There be 句型的一般将来时. 4. more , less , fewer 的用法. 5. 学习一般将来时态的相关知识,学会对未来进 ...



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