(Reading) Unit 9 Saving the earth (Reading)
东坝中学: 东坝中学:汪孜 Vivian
动画 拯救!
? 猜将要学习的内容.
Dongba Middle School: Vivian
The beautiful earth is our home.Do you love to live here?
Enjoy the video and answer the question:
Is the earth still beautiful? why ?
Polluted River in NanBu.
Chengdu Sandstorm(
What problems does the earth faces?
Why is the earth crying and calling for help?
Air pollution
伐木 过度 开发资源
deforestation Water pollution
After seeing the pictures, do you still enjoy living on the earth?
But after seeing the following pictures,do you still enjoy living on the earth? Watch the video and find out the
topics which are mentioned: air pollution war illness hunger water pollution over- population noise pollution rubbish
forest disappearing air pollution white pollution species
water pollution noise pollution soil erosion climate
Our earth is in great danger. Can you think of other problems she is facing?
Write down as much as you know. Ask one of your group to report it to the whole class. See which group can give the most information. (In 3 minutes)
What other problems does the earth faces?
Task One:Do the match
water pollution trash/garbage air pollution deforestation desertification starvation 过度砍伐 水污染 沙漠化 垃圾 饥饿 空气污染
air pollution aids
water pollution
noise pollution
problems the earth is facing
white pollution
overpopulation soil erosion war &violence
air pollution
water pollution
noise pollution
problems the earth is facing: white pollution
poverty war &violence
overpopulation soil erosion
Preparing for reading
air pollution water pollution noise pollution poverty problems the earth is facing:
white pollution
Over-population war and violence
Our earth is injured and she is being sent to hospital .
Our earth is injured and she is being sent to hospital .Luckily ,the United Nations held a meeting in Johannesburg in South africa,in 2002 to share ideas about ways to take better care of the earth.
How to help the earth solve the problems it’s facing?
In order to help the earth, the United Nations held a meeting to discuss the problems.
What’s the name of the meeting?
The Earth Summit.
There is a good way to find problems and also a good way to solve problems.
the Earth Summit
the highest point; top of a mountain meeting between the heads of two or more countries
a summit talk
a summit meeting
最高级会议 Earth Summit 地球峰会
The Earth Summit
? 积分开始!抢答 必答题
□ Earth Day April . 22nd
善待地球珍惜资源, 善待地球 珍惜资源, 珍惜资源 □ The topic of 2006 is 持续发展 □ WHO stands for 世界卫生组织
□ The largest desert in the world Sahara □ World Environment Day is June.5th
Fast reading
Please read this passage quickly with the following tasks.
  1. Try to divide this passage into 4 parts .
  2. Find out the main idea of each paragraph.
While listening, find out the main idea of each paragraph.
Listen to the tape and find out which paragraph the main idea below belongs to. para2 para7 para1 para5
a. The big three and the results caused by them. b. It is a place to find solutions for the future. c. A brief introduction to the Earth Summit. d. Words by a visitor to the Earth Summit.
para3 e. Something about poverty,war, and violence. para6 f. Willingness to take action is necessary. para4
g. Conferences help people understand that there exist serious problems and there is still time to take action.

  2.The text can be divided into four parts
Part one: ( Para1 ) Part two: ( Para2 ? Para3 ) Part three: ( Para4 ? Para6 ) Part four: ( Para7 )
Part. 2
Part .4
A.How the summit helps people understand the serious problems facing the earth B. How the summit helps people find the solutions for the future C.The origin of the Earth Summit and the purpose of holding it D.The content of the Earth Summit
Sample outline earth summit
Introduction Body
Give more detailed information
Introduce the Earth Summit to the readers. Para.1 Para . 1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4 Para.5 Para.6 Para.7
Impor -tance
What we can do
Read and fill in the chart:
  1. How many earth summits are mentioned? What are they?
  2.When were the meetings held?
  3.Where were the meetings held?
  4. What was the main theme of each Earth Summit?
  5. Why were the Summits held? Name Time Place Theme Purpose The Earth Summit
Name Time Place Theme 1972
The Earth Summit 2002
Stockholm, Sweden Johannesburg, South Africa Ways to take care of our earth Discuss some of the most important problems facing our earth Sustainable development Discuss the question how we can continue developing the world without damaging the environment
Main idea:
Para1: Introduction
The background knowledge and the main theme.
What’s the name What’ of the meeting? When was the meeting held?
The Earth Summit
1972 2002 Stockholm, Johannesburg, Where was the meeting held? Sweden South Africa Ways to take Sustainable development What’s What s the main care of our earth How to continue theme of the Earth Summit? Discussed some of the developing the most important world without problems facing damaging the our earth environment
What is the “big three”?
Contaminated drinking water Poor sanitation; Air pollution
Part Ⅱ Body
& The importance of Summit)
What did Premier Zhu stress?
Equality Each country takes part in Fairness Rich countries help poor countries;
International cooperation Prosperity of developing Countries;
Possible sustainable development Help to understand the existing serious problems Impact of the Summit There’s still time to take action Change the way we live to save the earth Students are learning “earth issues”

  1. What should the developed countries do?
  2. What will it be like if there is not international cooperation?
  3. How can we save the earth?
  4. What did the visitor said in our text?
What should the developed countries do?
Rich countries have a responsibility towards poor countries and must do whatever they can to help others.
What will it be like if there is not international cooperation?
Without international cooperation, developing countries cannot prosper, nor will sustainable development be possible.
How can we save the earth?
Only by changing the way we live can we save the earth?
What did the visitor said in our text?
“Had I known that air conditioners cause so much pollution, I would never have bought one. Not until we know more will we be able to improve the situation. If all of us make small changes, we could make a big difference.”
Part Ⅲ
Conclusion (solutions)
In harmony with nature
Put an end to the death and suffering caused by the big three
Better education
Less unfair
The poverty can be wiped out
Less violence and fewer wars
Sample outline earth summit
Introduction Body
Give more detailed information
Introduce the Earth Summit to the readers. Para.1 Para . 1 Para.2 Para.3 Para.4 Para.5 Para.6 Para.7
Impor -tance
What we can do
True or False

  1. In 1972, the United Nations held a meeting in Stockholm, Sweden to share ideas about how we can save the earth.

  2. In Johannesburg, experts from all over the world spoke about different topics and discussed new ways to solve the problems facing our planet now.

  3. The “big three” causes almost three million deaths.

  4. In the world, developing countries can prosper on their own.
  5. We can save the earth by changing the way we live every day.
True or false
20% ? 30% of the people on earth do not have access to clean drinking water. Air ? Water pollution alone causes almost 3 million deaths. small ? If every one of us make a big change, we could make a big difference.
Task 3 True or false
  1.In 1972, the Earth Summit was held in Johannesburg, and one of the main themes was “sustainable development”. ( F )
  2.As a result of several Earth Summits, much progress has been made to save the earth. ( T )
  3.Only 80% of the people on earth have access to clean drinking water. ( T )
  4.In rural areas, people’s deaths have nothing to do with air pollution because these areas are far away from cities. ( F )

  5.According to China’s then Premier Zhu Rongji, without international cooperation, developing countries can still prosper, and sustainable development will be also possible. ( F )
  6.The Earth Summit help people understand that man has serious problems, and has no time to deal with them. ( F )
  7.Small changes mean a big difference, and a big difference, means that the environmental conditions of the earth will improve. ( T )

  8.Only students are learning more about “earth issues”. ( F )
  9.The willingness to act is as important as the better understanding of the environment. ( T )
  10.Without better education, man can’t build a better society, as a result of which he can neither go in harmony with nature, nor can he put an end to the death and suffering caused by the big three. ( T )
Suppose you were the Chinese girl who attended the Earth Summit, tell what she heard and saw at the Summit. Begin with “Hello, everyone. I’m the luckiest girl to attend the 2002 Earth Summit in Johannesburg. Now let me tell you about the summit. …”
responsibility alone causes almost three million deaths. Most Air pollution deaths happen in areas. rural If we are to develop the world successfully, we must make sure create that every one is able to take part in the new world we . Rich countries have a towards poor countries whatever and must do they can to help others. The message is spreading the world and man students across issues are learning more about “earth” in school. A better as understanding of the environment is necessary, is the willingness to act. With better education, people will be able to build a better harmony put society in with nature and an end to the death suffering by the big three.And if poverty is less of a caused problem and people are better educated, there is a good chance less fewer that we will see violence and wars.
If we want to get knowledge, we must have better education. With better education, people will be able to build a better society in harmony with nature. With better education, much of the poverty can be wiped out. With better education, we will see less violence and fewer wars.
What can you get from this passage ?
only one
Did you do anything bad for the environment in your daily life?
As a student ,what should we do and not do to save our earth?
As a student,what can you do to save our earth? white plastic boxes(快餐盒) plastic bags rubbish bins( bins(垃圾箱) tissues(纸巾) handkerchief package(包装) chopsticks recycle one-off(一次性的)…
Useful words :
one-off ×
plastic bags
white plastic boxes
Use one-off chopsticks , lunchboxes and cups. When sneezing, use tissue paper instead of a handkerchief. Don’t throw rubbish at will. Don’t waste electricity. Use as much water as we like since we pay for it.
Don’t destroy trees and grass. Wear coats made of fur for they are beautiful. Build more and more houses on farmland. Plant trees around your house.
Use fridges and air conditioners to keep cool.
How many wrong doings can you find out?
work: Written work: Write down your speech. work: Oral work: Retell the text in your own words.
Work in groups. After the Earth Summit, let’s hold a meeting about the environment pollution next class, please collect ideas to take better care of our city, our home.
Heal the world
? There's a place in your heart and I know that it is love and this place could be much brighter than tomorrow And if you really try you'll find there's no need to cry In this place you'll feel there's no hurt or sorrow There are ways to get there If you care enough for the living Make a little space Make a better place ... Heal the world Make it a better place For you and for me And the entire human race There are people dying If you care enough for the living Make it a better place For you and for me
在你心中有个地方 我晓得那里充满了爱 如果你真心关怀生者 营造一些空间 创造一个更美好的地方┅ 治愈这世界,使它成为更好的地方 为你、为我,也为了全人类 不断的有人死去 如果你真心关怀生者 为你,为我,创造一个更美好的地方 如果你想知道缘由 爱,它不会说谎 爱是坚强的,它在乎的是欢喜的奉献 若我们尝试,我们将明白 在喜乐中,我们感受不到恐惧与忧虑 我们不再只是活着,而是真正的开始生活 然後,那感觉将持续下去 爱足够我们成长 创造一个更美好的世界 创造一个更美好的世界┅
Heal the world Make it a better place For you and for me
主讲人: 汪孜
? representative ? sustainable ? contaminate ? sanitation ? access ? rural ? poverty ? Premier ? cooperation ? prosper ? harmony


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