1.博物馆要求参观的游客不得在馆内拍照。 Visitors are requested not to take photos in the museum.
  2.邓小平在中国的经济发展中起着非常重要的 作用。 Deng Xiaoping played an important part in developing the economy in China.
  3.记者问作家他作品中的人物是以谁为原型的。 The reporter asked the writer who he based his characters on.

  4.她说:“我会穿一件红色的长大衣,这样 你肯定能认出我来。” “I will be wearing a long red coat so you’ll be sure to recognize me,” she said.
  5.沿着这条路走三个街区,然后右转,医院就在你 的左边。 Go along the road for three blocks and then turn right. You’ll see the hospital on your left.
  6.我们有很多工作要做,所以要利用好时间。 I have a lot of work to do, so we have to make use of time.

  7.他直接去了纽约没有在香港停留。 He went straight to New York, without stopping in Hong Kong.
  8. 这座城市在初夏季节常下雨。 Rains are frequent in this city in early summer.
Speaker 1 Country name Speaker 2 Ireland Speaker 3 Speaker 4
the Philippines Singapore very small, a city, in south east Asia; very rich
South Africa, More than a billion people, British rulers
green island in western Europe; British rulers
more than 7,000 islands
S1: I live in South Asia. My country is thousands of years old and now has more than a billion people. Unlike many other countries, our people speak a lot of languages. So we use English, which we got from British rulers hundreds of years ago. Of course, we have our own way of using English. S2 : Well, I live on a huge green island in western Europe. Hundreds of years ago, my people spoke a very different language from English. Then the British rulers came. Now the old language is spoken in only a few villages in the western part of my country.
S3: My country has more than 7,000 islands. Some of
them are very large but most of them are quite small. Hundreds of years ago, the Spanish rulers changed the way we live. Much later, the American rulers taught their own kind of English in our schools. Nowadays, we speak a kind of English that borrows words from American English but is mostly our own. S4 :My country is very small. In fact, it’s really a city. It is in southeast Asia and is very rich. People come from all over Asia to do business here. Today, you can hear our kind of English spoken everywhere in the city and on many ships that come here.
Unit 2 English around the world
Reading II
Period 4: 幻灯片49-70页
How many dialects are there in China ?
dialects family in China
北方方言 赣语 粤语 吴语 闽南语 客家话
dialects in Guangdong province
粤 客方言 方 言 闽方言
代表地区 梅州
地区 广州代表
代表地区 潮汕地区
Do you think there are some dialects in English?
The U.S.A English dialects in different countries Canada Australia India New Zealand
Fast reading:
Read the text on page 13 for 1 minute. Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph and answer the following question. Is there standard English?
Detailed Reading
Read the text for 3 minutes and answer the following question.
  1.How many dialects of American English How have been listed in the text?
  2.Why do people from both Northeastern and Southeastern of U.S. speak with almost the same dialect? And what kind of dialect is it?
  3.Why are there so many dialect in American English?

  1.How many dialects of American English have been listed in the text? Midwestern, southern, African American, Spanish

  2.Why do people from both Northeastern and Southeastern of U.S. speak with almost the same dialect? Because when Americans moved from one place to anther, they took their dialects with them.

  3.Why are there so many dialect in American English? That’s because people come from all over the world. And geography plays a part in making dialects.

  1.Standard n.&adj. phrases: come up to the standard meet standards set a standard standard of living by international standards from the standards on a standard a car of standard size a standard composer
Sentence patterns

  2.believe it or not ,…… e.g.. Believe it or not, there is no such a thing as standard English . 在应用such,so(如此)时应特别注意,如果作 在应用 , (如此)时应特别注意, 定语的词是no 定语的词是 ,all,most,some,any, , , , , another,many,much,a few,few,little,a , , , , , , little,several,one.等词语的时候,应用 等词语的时候, , , 等词语的时候 应用such, , such应放置于这些词之后;若为其他形容词, 应放置于这些词之后; 应放置于这些词之后 若为其他形容词, such 则应该放置于这些词之前。如果修饰名词的 则应该放置于这些词之前。 形容词是many,much,few,little时,不能用 形容词是 , , , 时 such,而要用 ,且so 要置于这些词之前。 要置于这些词之前。 ,而要用so,

  3.southern,eastern adj. 南方的,南部的;东方的,东部的 南方的,南部的;东方的, eastern一类的词与 一类的词与east一类的词辨析 一类的词与 一类的词辨析 专有名词, 专有名词,尤其是所表示的地方具有明 确的固定范围的专有名词,特别是政治区分, 确的固定范围的专有名词,特别是政治区分, 一般用east。普通名词和所指的地方没有明 一般用 。 确的固定范围的专有名词多用eastern。 确的固定范围的专有名词多用 。 east 重点在形容方位或从哪个方向来的; 重点在形容方位或从哪个方向来的; 而eastern则指从某一固定的地方看某一个方 则指从某一固定的地方看某一个方 或指某物来自何方或某地朝哪个方向。 向,或指某物来自何方或某地朝哪个方向。

  4.recognize Vt.辨认出来,承认,公认 辨认出来, 辨认出来 承认, phrases: recognize one’s voice recognize sb to be ……被承认为 被承认为…… 被承认为 be recognized to be…… recognize that…… 注意: 是一个终止性动词。 注意:recognize是一个终止性动词。是指原来 是一个终止性动词 很熟悉, 很熟悉,经过一段时间的间隔或别的原因后 又重新认出来。 又重新认出来。
22 a part/role in 1>be involved in an activity. 参加某活动. 参加某活动. e.g. She plays an active part in local politics. 2>make a contribution to sth; have a share in sth. 对某事起作用,有贡献;参与 对某事起作用,有贡献; e.g. She played a major part I the success of the scheme. We all have a part to play in the fight against crime.
3>. be related with; have effect on sth. 与 某事有关, 某事有关,对某事有影响 e.g. Geography also plays a part in making dialects.
Stress and intonation Read the dialogues. Find the British and American words which are different but have the same meaning. Dialogue 1: candysweets Dialogue 2: trucklorry Dialogue 3: fallautumn

  1. LITTLE GIRL: Hi, I’d 'like some 'sweets, please. STORE OWNER: 'No problem. 'All the 'candy we 'sell is sweet. ' LITTLE GIRL: I see, so you 'sell sweet sweets.
  2. BRITISH BOY: Shall we 'move the 'new bed by lorry? AMERICAN GIRL:' Not by me, I hope. ' BRITISH BOY: Oh, I’m sorry, Lori, I meant by truck. ' ' 3 BRITISH BOY: What a lovely autumn day! ' ' AMERICAN LADY: Yes, it’s a nice fall day, isn’t it?
Read the passage on Page 51, then fill in the following form: Country Education Job Most important task Who worked on it? Date of completion Other information a
Country Education Job Most important task
Scotland Village school then taught himself. Work in a bank, teacher.
Its difficulties: the biggest dictionary, work in a place where it is too hot or cold, work alone at first, only used pen and paper. Qualities needed: hard work, interest in the job, patience. Who worked on it? Murray, his two daughters and other editors. 1982 Date of
completion Other information
Ideas for this dictionary from a meeting in Britain in 18
  57. Begin to do it in 18
  95. 28 Hoped to finish it in ten years.

  1. Finish the reading task on p.
  2. Preview “discovering useful structures” on p.12 and try to finish the exercises on p.


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