Reading II
Unit 3 Travel Journal
Journey down the Mekong
A Night in the Mountains
Have you ever been to Tibet?
The Potala Palace

True or false.
①When they arrived in Tibet, it was winter then. ( F ) ②Wang Wei was behind me as usual. ( F ) ③When we reached a valley, it became warmer.( T ) ④After supper, we started to make camp. ( F ) ⑤Wang Kun went to sleep and Wang Wei stayed awake. ( F ) ⑥There was almost no wind on that night. ( T )

  2.Answer the following questions.

  1.When and where does it happen? At night in autumn in Tibetan mountain.
  2.How does Wang Kun feel about the trip now? He is starting to like it.
  3.What do you think has changed his attitude? The beautiful scene.
? Language points for Reading 2

  1. Have you ever seen snowmen ride bicycle? 感官动词see, watch, hear, notice, observe 感官动词 +sb doing sth “动作正在进行” 动作正在进行” 动作正在进行 + sb do sth “动作全过程” 动作全过程 动作全过程” + sth done “看见被动 完成的动作” 看见被动 完成的动作 看见被动/完成的动作” going ① I saw her (go) into the school when I passed the school gate. ②They knew her very well. They had seen grow her (grow) up from childhood.

  2.To climb the mountain road was hard
work. 主语, (
  1)不定式to do 可在句中做主语,注意谓语 不定式to 可在句中做主语 注意谓语 不定式 常用单数。 常用单数。如: To get up early is good for our health. 在英语表达式中,常用形式主语it 来代替 在英语表达式中,常用形式主语 不定式to 做主语 如上句可改为: 做主语, 不定式 do做主语,如上句可改为: It is good for our health to get up early early. It is necessary for us to learn more about science technology. and technology It is nice of you to let me know the result. result.

  4.It was great fun especially as it gradually became
much warmer. fun是 意为“快乐,娱乐 娱乐” 有趣的人或事” fun是[ u ] ,意为“快乐 娱乐” “有趣的人或事” 玩笑,乐事” “玩笑,乐事” 。如: Your new friend is great fun fun. have fun = enjoy oneself = have a good time 玩 得开心 What fun the children had at the seaside. be full of fun:有趣的 有趣的 for fun: 开玩笑地 为了好玩 : 开玩笑地, make fun of = laugh at 嘲笑 It is great fun to do sth. 做…很有趣 很有趣
? ? ? ? ? ?
? funny: adj.滑稽可笑的 滑稽可笑的

  5. In the early evening, we stopped to make camp. Stop to do sth “停下手头上的事,去 停下手头上的事, 停下手头上的事 做别的事” 做别的事” Stop doing sth “停止正在做的事” 停止正在做的事” 停止正在做的事 talking The students stopped (talk) as the teacher came into the classroom. It is already 12 o’clock. Let’s stop to have (have) a rest.

  6. camp:
? ? ? ? ? ? ?
n 野营、营地、营帐 That is a good place for a camp. We had a camp by the river. be in camp : 在露营中 make camp: 扎营 v. 露营、宿营 go camping 去宿营、去野营

  7.put up:
? put up the tents 搭起帐篷 put up one’s hand 举手 ? put up a notice on the board 张贴 ? Will you put me up for the night? ? 今晚能留我住下吗? (住宿,留宿)
Put 词组 put aside; put away; put down; put forward put off; put on; put out; put up with

  8. so far
? ? ? ? ? 表距离) ① (表距离 这么远;那么远 表距离 这么远; We have already travelled so far. 表时间)迄今为止( ②(表时间)迄今为止(常与完成时连 用) ▲We have learnt three units so far. ▲ So far, so good.


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