Unit2 English around the world
Caozhou No. 1 Middle School of Heze Du Changhe
? ? ? ? ? A: Do you like moving pictures? B: Well, yeah! Why not? A: Ok! Follow me, please! B: What? A: let’s go down stairs to move the pictures! B: Oh, oh……
In how many countries do you know the English language is used by native speakers? List at least 5 countries.
New York
  1)America (
  2) England (
  3) Canada (
  4) Australia (
  5) South Africa (
  6) Ireland (
  7) New Zealand
English Around the World
the United Kingdom the USA Ireland Australia New Zealand
South Africa
New Zealand
English-speaking countries
Tower Bridge
Statue of Liberty
Opera house
New Zealand

  1.What does this sentence “English is a language spoken all around the world” mean? A.More than 750 million people speak English as their native language or a second language. B. More than 750 million people learn English as a foreign language.
C. English is the working language of most international organizations, trade and tourism. D. D All the above.
  2. In which countries do we find English is used as the second language? A.Canada, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, the Philippines and New Zealand B. South Africa, Australia, India, Pakistan, Nigeria and the Philippines
C. The Philippines, India, Pakistan, Nigeria, C Singapore and Hong Kong in China D. Ireland, Australia, Singapore, Midway Islands, Turkey and Panama

  3. In which country do all the people speak English? A. In Canada B. In India C. D. In Singapore C In America

  4. Why is English so important that we Chinese should learn it? Because . A. all the Chinese people speak English B. the Chinese people use English as a second language C. the Chinese people use English as a working language D. English is spoken around the world D
The History of the English Development. 450-1150 like German ? old English 1150-1500 like French ? middle English The 16th century to now ? modern English
Differences between American English and British English American English British English Chinese
bathroom candy eraser mail soccer subway game fall gas vocation
toilet sweets rubber post football underground match autumn petrol holiday
厕所,洗手间 糖果 橡皮 邮递 足球 地铁 比赛 秋天 汽油 假期
Differences American English theater,center,liter color,honor,labor check story(of a building) realize program smelled tire(of a car) mom
Spelling British English
theatre,centre,litre colour,honour,labour cheque storey(of a building) realise programme smelt/smelled tyre(of a car) mum
Task 1: Listening
Listen to the tape and catch the main idea of the reading.
Task 2 : READING
Read the text carefully and finish the exercises on page 10
Read the passage and choose the correct answer.

  1. English has/had the most speakers(
A ).
A . now B. when the British ruled many parts of the world C . in the time of Shakespeare D. in the 12th century

  2. Which of the following statement s(陈述) is true ?( D (陈述) )
A . Language always stays the same . B . Language changed only after wars. C . Language no longer changes. D . Language changes when cultures change .

  3. From AD 450 to 1150 , English sounded more like ( C
A . French C .German
B . Chinese D . Russian
D ).

  4. Shakespeare’s English was spoken around the (
A . 1400’s C . 450’s
B . 1150’s D . 1600’S

  5. Which country has the fastest growing number of English speaker in the world? ( B )
A . Australia C . India
B . China D . Britain
Key Sentences of each Paragraph
? Paragraph 1: Many people all over the world speak English. ? Paragraph 2: Native speakers can understand each other even if they don’t speak the same kind of English. ? Paragraph 3: Why has English changed over time? ? Paragraph 4: Finally by the 19th century the language was settled ? Paragraph 5: English is now widely spoken in South Asia.
Phrases used in the reading
  1.because of ?
  2.even if ?
  3.come up
? ? ? ?
  4.communicate with
  5.be based on
  6.at present
  7.make use of ? ? ? ? ? ? ?
  8.such as
  9.give an identity to
  10.the number of
  11.by the 1600’s
  12.the 19th century
  13.be different from
  14.have the largest number of speakers

  1. Reread the passage and list the reasons why English is spoken in many countries.
  2. Review the words and expressions in the passage and try to use it in the sentences with context.
1 . because / because of because: for the reason that... because of : by reason of; on account of because We were late it rained. because of The couple suffered a lot the necklace.

a number of the number of a great deal of
He owns a company and has money. A number a great deal of of poor children have been helped by him. The number of children he has helped has come to 1
? The number of the students in the class forty, but a number of them absent for different reasons today. A.were, was B.was, was C.was,were D. were,were

  1.come about 出现/发生 偶
  2.come across 偶然遇到 然 前进/跟随/
  3.come along 前进/跟随/表现 恢复/
  4.come around/round 恢复/改变立场 回来/
  5.come back 回来/再现记忆 传承/
  6.come down 传承/下来
  7.come in 进来 催促/
  8.come on 催促/快速行动 出来/
  9.come out 出来/出版
  10.come over 过来 显现/升高/ 显现/升高/接近
  11.come up 实现/
  12.come true 实现/变成现实
Translate the following sentences into comeChinese, paying attention to the comephrases.

  1.I came across my old classmates in town today.
  2.Troditional customs come down from old times.
  3.The author’s new book has just come out.
  4.Emma came over from Britain to see us.
  5.Such things never came about again.
  6.My fondest dreams have come true at last.
  7.He came up and said hello to us all.
  8.When I saw the pictures, happy memories came back.
4 .
in some important ways
在一些重要的方面 way与in连用 我能帮你点帮吗? 我能帮你点帮吗?
Can I help you in any way? by the way 顺便 Oh, by the way, there is a telephone message for you. in a way/in one way 在某种程度上
这种变化在某种意义上说是一种进步。 这种变化在某种意义上说是一种进步。
The changes are an improvement in one way.

be different from 不同于 不同于…… be different in 在……方面不同 方面不同 他言行不一。 他言行不一。 What he did is different from what he said. 他们在性格上互不相同。 他们在性格上互不相同。 They are different from each other in character.

voyage n. long journey, esp. by sea or in space 航
海,航行,航天 航行, journey 指经常走过的或长或短的距离=traveling by land 行走,旅行;路程 行走,旅行; go on a long train journey乘火车出远门 我们一生的漫长道路。 我们一生的漫长道路。
Our great journey through life. travels 出国旅游 suggests a fairly long period of traveling from place to place, especially abroad, for pleasure or interest. travel 不可数名词 旅游能使人见多识广。Travel broadens the mind. 旅游能使人见多识广。
? be based on/upon 以……为基础 为基础 ? base sth on sth 以某事为另一事物的根据, 以某事为另一事物的根据, 证据等
? ? ? ? 我把希望寄托在我们的好消息上 I based my hopes on the good news. 这部小说是以历史事实为依据的。 这部小说是以历史事实为依据的。 This novel is based on historical facts.
? basic adj. ? basic (to sth)基本的;根本的;基础的 基本的; 基本的 根本的; ? basically adv. 基本上;根本上; 基本上;根本上;
Exercises on page 11
  4. Sometimes British and American people use different prepositions. Fill in the blanks with both British and American prepositions. Compare their differences. in
  1) There are so many people the street. (British English) on There are so many people the street. (American English) at
  2) They are going to have a party the weekend. (Br.E.) on They are going to have a party the weekend. (Am.E.) past
  3) We will leave for the airport at a quarter five. (Br.E.) after We will leave for the airport at a quarter five. (Am.E.)
  4) His brother is the most famous football team in in England. (Br.E.) on His brother is the most famous football team in England. (Am.E.)

  5) As we know, British English is a little different from American English. (Br.E.) than As we know, British English is a little different American English. (Am.E.) in
  6) Are there many children playing football the playground? (Br.E.) on Are there many children playing football the playground? (Am.E.)


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