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一、词汇考查。 A.用所给单词的适当形式填空。
  1. Tom does well in Chinese; however Lucy does Chinese (good) than Tom.
  2. Lily isn’t good at math, in the end-of-year exam she did (bad) of all the students.
  3. When I heard the news, how I am! (disappoint)
  4. We are (luck) enough to have bought the last tickets for the World Cup. B.根据汉语或首字母提示完成单词。
  1. It’s k to all that Bill Gates is a famous person all over the world.
  2. Miss Zhao said that Jack wasn’t lazy, he was a h student.
  3. “L, I have passed the Mid-exam.” Ford told us happily.
  4. All of the (信息) come from the west.
  5. She is a lazy girl, every day she always(照抄)my homework. 二、用所给动词的正确形式填空。
  1. Dick said he (report) some important things to us the day after tomorrow.
  2. First of all, you must tell me what you (do) at nine last night.
  3. My best friend tells me he (send) some gifts to me for my birthday.
  4. Listen, some beautiful birds (sing) in the tree.
  5.you (argue) with your father when I knocked at the door?
  6. I was surprised (find) that Ann got mad after hearing the bad news.
  7. I don’t know if Lucy (come) to see me in five days.
  8. The teacher told us the earth (travel) round the sun.
  9. I don’t think you are (suppose) to smoke in the classroom.
  10. He said he (clean) his bedroom at this time yesterday. 三、句型转换。
  1. Meimei said,” I can pass the end-of-year exam easily.” (同义句) Meimei said pass the end-of-year exam easily.
  2. I hope that my parents are both well. (同义句) I hope that my parents are good.
  3. “Don’t shout at the old people”, mother said to her son. (同义句) Mother her son shout at the old people.
  4. I liked spring better than summer. (同义句) I spring summer.
  5. This little girl is very clever. (变感叹句) the little girl is! 四、单项选择。 ( )
  1. ?The earth goes round the sun. ?What did he say? I couldn’t hear him. ? . A. He says the earth goes round the sun. B. He said the earth goes round the sun. C: He said the earth went round the sun. D. He says the earth went round the sun. ( )
  2.The box is to . A. big enough, put my shoes B. enough big, put my shoes in C. big enough, put my shoes in D .big, put shoes in ( )
  3.She told us she liked piano. A. to play B. playing the C. to play a D. playing a
  4.The doctor after he the patient. A looked worrying , looked over B. seemed like worried; looked after C. looks worried , looked after D. seemed worried; looked over ( )
  5.He thinks his sister can do very well in the exams, ? A. does he B. doesn’t he C. can’t she D. can she ( )
  6.The are buying some in the supermarket. A. woman teachers, tomatoes B. woman teachers, tomatos C. women teachers, tomatos D. women teachers, tomatoes ( )
  7. Tom says he wash hands before a meal. A. must to B. will has to C. has to D. have to ( )
  8. They to visit our school the day after tomorrow. A. come B. coming C. are coming D. shall come ( )
  9. When you come here this afternoon. Please your sister you. A. take, with B. carry, with C. bring, with D. bring, to ( )
  10. I’m afraid there a heavy rain this afternoon. A. will be going to B. will C. will have D. will be ( )
  11. there was something wrong with the machine. A. There seems B. It seemed that C. He seemed D. It seem that ( )
  12. I didn’t know she play guitar(吉他) when she was four. A. can, \ B. could, the C. could,\ D. can, the ( )
  13. Mother thought a clever boy. A. he is B. him C. him was D. his ( )
  14. Can you this word English? A. say; in B. speak; in C. speak; with D. say; with ( )
  15.The rich men can buy lots of things. A. himself B. him C. them D. themselves 五、完形填空。 A Not long ago, there was a story in Russia about ZHUOYA and SHULA. They were sister and same class of a middle school. They studied hard. They were 2 brother. They were in 1 strict 3 themselves. Their homework was given the day before. SHULA was clever. He had done his homework earlier. But ZHUOYA hadn’t yet. The next afternoon she went on doing hers. SHULA thought his sister maybe couldn’t finish some of the exercises. So he put his exercise-book with answers on his sister’s desk before ZHUOYA came in the classroom, and went out quietly to play. A few minutes later, ZHUOYA came in and saw her brother’s exercise-book on her desk. But she had never looked at it all. She sat on her seat, thinking and thinking. Five minutes, ten minutes, half an hour had 4 . An hour and a half 5 , she worked out all problems at last and handed it in on time that afternoon. How happy she was! “Why not copy my key down in 6 , sister?” asked SHULA with a smile. “No, I didn’t. I must use my head and try my 7 to 8 all by myself. I’m sure, I can 9 a way. I don’t like to be lazy in 10 homework,” answered ZHUOYA. ( )
  1. A. a B. an C. the D. / ( )
  2. A. both B. either C. neither D. all ( )
  3. A. on B. with C. in D. at ( )
  4. A. past B. pass C. passed D. pasted ( )
  5. A. later B. late C. latterly D. lately ( )
  6. A. you B. yours C. your D. mine ( )
  7. A. good B. better C. best D. well
( ( (
  8. A. work them out )
  9. A. look for )
  10. A. doing
B. work out them B. find B. to do
C. work them off C. found C. done
D. work off them D. looked for D. do
B 选用方框内的词的适当形式填空(可重复使用) get come hold bring watch make do be Lana’ s birthday 1 .We planned to give her a surprise party. I think I can 2 her a big cake with beautiful candles. Sally said she 3 some drinks and snacks. The party 4 in my house. I 5 a phone call to Frank to ask him to join us this morning. He 6 TV then. He promised that he 7 in time and bring some flowers to Lana. Eric said he 8 his robot to the party. The robot 9 all kinds things for us. We all hope Lana 10 happy. 六、阅读理解。 A ①HOUSE TO RENT Older house to rent in city center. One bedroom and one kitchen. Near important station. Buses pass back door. $ 475/mo. Phone 332-0178 ②WELCOME TO OUR DANCE CLUB Free lessons. Every Saturday evening a different lesson every week. Bring your favorite CDs. Call Bridget at : 520-1928 ③SWIMMING LESSONS FOR STUDENTS New Way Training Centre July 8~10
④WORK WANTED Strong boy pleased to work in garden or do housework. 3 hours a week. See Tom. 根据前面广告的内容及以下各题中所给提示, 选择正确答案 Look at ad① Susan is looking for a house to rent. It doesn’t matter how old and how expensive it is. She’s got to study for her exam, so the house must be quiet. ( )
  1. Susan doesn’t want to rent the house because. A. it’s too old B. it’s too expensive C. there is only one bedroom D. it’s too noisy Look at ad② Mum: Look at that ad for the dance club! The lessons are free. You can join it.
Daughter: My dear mum! You haven’t read it carefully. On Saturday, I have an English lesson in the morning, an art lesson in the afternoon and math lesson in the evening. I want some free time. )
  2. Why can’t the daughter join the club?
A. She’s free B. It’s too expensive C. She wants to do her homework D. She wants to have a rest Look at ad③ ③ Mr. Klip’s children are going to learn swimming. They’ll have a holiday from July 1 to
  14. ( )
  3. How long will it take the children to learn to swim in the Centre? A. 3 days B. 4 days C. 1 week D. 2 weeks Look at ad④ ④ Nick has always wanted to work in a garden. He thinks it’s an exciting place. It’s hard work, but he can do it. ( )
  4. What else does he need to do if he chooses to do the garden work? A. To help with his lessons B. To clean the kitchen and the rooms. C. To look after the flowers and grass. D. To do the washing for 3 hours a week.
B A city is a very big place. Sometimes it’s a lonely place, too. There are thousands of people in a city, but some of them don’t have any friends. How about you? Do you have a lot of friends? If you don’t, make friends today. If you do, make another friend today. Pick a stranger at your job or school. Walk up to him or her and say, “Hello. My name’s....What’s your name?” Start with a conversation(谈话). Smile, listen carefully, and show interest in your new friend’ s answers. Ask “Where are you from?” and “Do you like this city?” That’s a good way to start. 阅读下列短文,判断正(T)误(F) ( )
  1. A city is a very big and noisy and lonely place. ( )
  2. Everyone in the city has many friends. ( )
  3. The paragraph tells us not to make friends in a city. ( ) When you wanted to make friends with someone, please say at first,
  4. “What’ s your name? How old are you?” ( )
  5. It’s a good thing to make friends with others. 七、根据汉语提示完成英语句子。
  1.在英语方面, 阅读和听力相比较, 我更擅长阅读。 In English, I’m reading than listening.
  2.昨天谢霆锋的出现让很多人疯狂。 Many people Xie Tingfeng yesterday.
  3.大家认为可能是大毛偷了东西。 Da Mao be the thief who stole the things.
  4.我不再想吃面包了, 我已经吃得够多的了。 I want to eat bread because I have had enough.
  5.真正的足球运动员和所谓的踢球者有着很大的区别。 There is a big serious football players and so-called football players. 八、书面表达。 用英语写一个你亲近或熟悉的人,叙写关于他(她)的生活、学习、工作等情况及一些 有趣的事,不用真名。
  4.lucky B.
  1. known
  6. to find
  4.are singing
  4.preferred , to
  5.Were arguing
  5.How clever 二、
  1.would report
  2.were doing
  3.will send 三、
  1.she could
  2.in , health 五、A)1-5 CABCA B)
  1. is coming
  6. was watching 六、A.1-4DDAB
  3.told , not to

  7.will come
  10.was cleaning
四、1-5 BCBDB 6-10 DCCCD 11-15 BBBAD 6-10 BCABA
  2. get
  3. would bring
  4. will be held
  5. made
  10. will be
  7. would come B. 5-10 TFFFT
  8. would bring
  9. can do
  1.better at
  2.were mad at
  3.was supposed to
  4.don`t any more 八、One possible version: My father

  5.difference between
My father is a businessman. He sells computers. He is a kind man. He isn't good at talking. He is very busy. Last week he flew to London. I told him to bring some interesting things to me. But when he came back home, he brought nothing. I was mad. But he said he had bought some snacks and some books for me. When he flew back to this city, in the street, he met a poor girl. She didn't have enough money to go to school. She was begging in the street. My father gave her the snacks and books and some money. So I had nothing. But I was also happy. I am proud of my father.



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