8) 人教版新目标七年级英语下册各单元词汇用法汇总
Unit 7 What does he look like?
01,What does he/she look like? (What is he/she like?)他/她长得什么 样?
He has nice short curly brown hair and is tall/short/ medium height. 他有一头卷发,体格高大/矮小/适中.
She has beautiful long straight blonde hair and is thin/heavy/ medium build. 她有一头长长的金发,身材纤细/体型较胖/不胖不瘦.
look like 看起来像……(like 的用法见第一单元)
That man looks like a teacher.那个人看起来像个老师. 要询问"某人长得什么样子"就应该用下面这个句型:
What does (sb.) look like? 回答就应说出某人长相的特征:
He is very tall. 他个子很高. She has long hair. 她头发很长.
He is short and fat.他又矮又胖.
02,She always wears funny sunglasses.他总是带着滑稽的太阳镜. wear 的用法见第四单元.
03,He is the captain of the football team and he's very popular. 到他是足球队的队长,且非常受欢迎.
此句用 popular 来修饰人,是"受欢迎,受喜爱"的意思.
Mr. Wang is a popular teacher in our school.王老师在我们学校是一 位受欢迎的老师.
He is a popular football player.他是位受大众喜爱的足球运动员. popular 还有"流行"的意思.
This song is very popular.这支歌很流行.
04,She is good-looking but a little (bit) quiet.她长得很好看但有点文静. beautiful 可以指一个人的"外在美",也可指"心灵美".除了指人(女性) , 还可以指物.
She is a beautiful girt. 她是个漂亮的女孩. The flowers are very beautiful. 那些鲜花很美丽. good-looking 指(外表上)看上去"令人愉快的,好看的,漂亮的",可指 男孩,也可指女孩.
He is a good-looking boy. 他是一个漂亮的小男孩. 还有一个专门用来修饰男性的单词:handsome 漂亮,英俊
Liu Dehua is a very handsome film star. 刘德华是一个非常英俊的电 影明星.
05,She loves telling jokes and she never stops talking.她喜欢讲笑话 且总是讲个不停.
stop 动词(v.)停,停止 注意 stop doing 与 stop to do 的区别:stop doing 停止做某事
When teacher came in, the students stopped talking.当老师走进来 时,学生们停止了讲话.
stop to do 停下(原来所做的事情)去做(另一件事)
When he saw me, he stopped to say hello to me.当他看见我时,他 停下来向我问好.
06,He has a beard/ a mustache.他留着胡须.
07,I don't have a new look, but he does.我的外貌没有变化,但是他有.
08,Nobody knows me.没人认识我.
09,Do you remember Johnny Dean, the pop singer with funny
glasses? 你还记得那个戴着滑稽眼镜的流行歌手约翰尼迪安嘛?
with 与后面的名词一起构成一个介词短语,作 singer 的定语.
10,This person is medium height. She has short curly hair.这个人中 等身高,他有着弯曲的头发.
Unit8 I'd like some noodles.
01,What kind of noodles would you like?你想要什么样的面条?
I would like beef/ mutton / chicken / cabbage / potato / tomato noodles.
I would like noodles with beef/mutton/chicken/ cabbage/tomatoes/potatoes. 我要牛肉/羊肉/鸡肉/甘蓝/土豆/西红柿面条.
02,What size bowl of noodles would he like?他想要多大碗的?
He would like a small/ medium/ large bowl of noodles. 他要小/中/大碗的.
would you like 的用法见第一单元"like"用法.
03,In/at a noodle/dumpling house = in/ at a house of noodles/dumplings.在面条/饺子馆.
04,We have some great specials.我们有一些很好的特色菜.
05,Special 1 has beef and onions, and is just RMB 10 for
  15. 特色菜1有牛肉和洋葱,售价仅人民币10元15只.
06,We also have orange juice and green tea.我们也有桔子汁和绿茶. also 表示"也",放在肯定句中,在 be 动词和情态动词后,实意动词前.如:
Lucy is listening to the radio, Lily is also listening. 露茜正在听收音机,莉莉也在听. too 常用于肯定句和疑问句中, 它一般放在句末, 而且常用逗号与句子隔开. 如: English people eat a lot of beef . American people eat a lot of beef,too. 英国人吃很多牛肉,美国人也吃很多牛肉. either 用作副词时,意为"也(不)",用于否定句的句末.如: If you don't go there, I won't, either.如果你不去那里,我也不去.
07,The dumpling and soup lunch special is RMB
  10.饺子配汤的午餐特 色仅售人民币10元.



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