Unit 7
Section B (
  1)讲学案 )
要点: 学生学会谈论他们想要参观的地方。 要点: 重难点: 寻求建议;定语从句 重难点 重点词汇: 提供 provide = offer 重点句型: 重点句型:Where would you like to go on vacation? I’d like to go somewhere warm. 课前预习: 课前预习 翻译
  2. 接电话 the telephone
  3. 捎口信 the message
  4. 回电话 people
  5. 不在办公室 the office
  6. 发现,查明
  8. 乘飞机旅行
  7. 别的什么
  9. 相当多 .
  10.休闲的地方 somewhere 语法要点: 语法要点:
  1、定语从句关系词的选用②: (
  3)先行词表示地点,关系词用作从句状语时,用 where;先行词表示时间,关系词 用作从句状语时,用 when;先行词为 reason,关系词用作从句状语时,用 why。 e.g I like places where the weather is always warm. I’ll never forget the day when the soldiers saved my life after the earthquake. Would you please tell me the reason why we must be here by 9:00 tomorrow morning?
  2、定语从句主谓一致的判定:当先行词用作从句主语时,从句谓语动词的形式不能 根据关系词判定,而应同其前的先行词保持一致。 e.g The students who are going camping must be here early tomorrow morning. I bought some books that were written by Lu Xun. 课堂学习与研讨 的任务。 听录音完成 2a&2b 中的任务。 完成 Self check 1 巩固练习 汉译英
  1. 我想要一些假日套餐方面的信息。 I some information vocation packages.
  2. 你在寻找什么样的假日? What vacation are you ? 我希望去一个自然的旅行 I hope go on a tour.
  3. 这取决于它在哪儿。
It where .
  4. 我们想去对孩子们有趣的地方。 We’d like to go that’s kids.
  5.她是个活泼的女孩,每个人都喜欢她。 She is a and popular with everyone. 单项选择
  6. Who do you want to tell? A. else B. other C. others D. the other
  7. Do you want to go with us? A. something else B. else something C. somewhere else D. else somewhere
  8. You look hungry. Don’t you want ? A. something to eat B. anything to eat C. to eat something D. eat anything
  9. Could you please tell me ? A. where does he work B. when does he work C. when he works D. where he work
  10. ?Would you like some more rice? --. I’m full. A. No, thanks B. Yes, thanks C. I’d love to D. Yes, please
  11. With the money he saved, he could go on with his education. A. it B. what C. this D. that
  12. You to be here before 7:30am tomorrow. Don’t be late. A. hope B. should C. are supposed D. supposed
  13. I hope win the game. A. him to B. he to win C. him can win D. he can win
  14. -- you good luck in the new year. ?The same to you. A. Hope B. Want C. wish D. Like
  15. I hope a doctor like your father. A. being B. to be C. you to be D. you were
  16. He the article Russia. A. translate, in B. translate, into C. translates, into D. translated, into
  17.These are the two cities I have many friends. A. that B. where C. which D. who
  18. He will never forget the day he was saved by that doctor. A. that B. which C. when D. in which
  19. He read many books written by this auther. A. that is B. which is C. that are D. that was
Unit 7 Section B (
  2) )
要点: 学生进一步学会谈论他们想要参观的地方。 要点: 重难点: 阅读理解 重难点 重点词汇: provide, inexpensive, eastern 课前预习: 课前预习 翻译 and
  2. 旅行 / a trip= a trip
  1. 我和家人
  3. 在中国的东部 in
  4. 今年夏天
  5. 多远
  6. 户外活动
  7. 有个大游泳池的地方 a place a big pool
  8. 给某人建议 sb some /
  9. 最好做某事 do/it’s to do
  12. 对三人来说够大 big three people
  10. 省钱
  13. 离开三周 be three weeks
  14. 花费时间 sb time sth/() sth = It sb time sth 花钱买某物 sb money sth = sth sb money sb sth the money sb sth five yuan 课堂学习与研讨 单词学习
  1. 提供 provide = offer 向某人提供某物 provide sb sth / provide sth sb = offer / offer sth
  2. 打包 pack sth 给某人打包 pack
  3. 希望做某事 do sth = wish 希望某人能做某事 hope sb do sth = wish sb sth
  4. 东方的 eastern西方的
  5. 不贵的 inexpensive = 贵的 同义词 判断句子的正误。 阅读 e-mail, 判断句子的正误。 巩固练习 汉译英
  1. 我希望你能给我们提供一些信息。 I hope you us some information.
  2. 你们公司能提供哪些度假方式? What vacations can your firm ?
  3. 我们喜欢呆在靠海的地方。
We’d like stay near the sea.
  4. 请让我们知道最好是乘飞机,乘火车还是乘汽车旅行. Please let us know we travel plane, train bus.
  5. 我们不介意我们要走多远。 We don’t how far we go.
  6. 我们还需要呆在不贵的旅馆或公寓里。 We also need stay an hotel department.
  7. 这个人在假期中什么也不想做。 The person want on vacation.
  8. 除了等待,我们还能做什么? can we do but waiting?
  9. 在那个岛上没什么可做。 on the island.
  10. Can he spend much money the world? A. such, to travel B. such, in C. so, on traveling D. so, in traveling
  11. Children like houses are painted in different colors. A.they B. which C. where D. what
  12. They all over the country. So they plan some other country. A. have traveled, visit B. traveled, to visit C. traveled, visiting D. have traveled, to travel
  13. Some robots are to do the same things people. A. enough smart, as B. enough smart, with C. smart enough, as D. smart enough, for
  14. She decided that she won’t go alone. She decided go alone.
  15. Surfing the internet can provide us with the latest news. Surfing the internet can the latest news us.
  16. It took some students too much time to play computer games. Some students too much time computer games.
  17. People don’t feel like doing simple jobs over and over again. People do simple jobs over and over again.
  18. Would you like milk please? A. any more B. some more C. little more D. a lot of more
  19. If I there, I take a lot of photos. A. will go, will B. went, will C. go, would D. go, will
  20. The Travel Agency offered him a hotel 30 dollars every day. A. / B. for C. to D. with


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