Unit 2 What’s the matter? Page 8 Section A 2a~2c
Good morning, everyone. I’m glad to stand here to share my ideas about the lesson with you. I hope that you will give me some advice for my presentation. I will analyze the lesson from the six aspects:analysis of teaching material, student analysis, teaching methods, learning methods, procedures and blackboard design.
Part One :Analysis of teaching material
1 .Status And Function This unit focus on a very important grammar point?I have a headache. shouldn’t = should no .The textbook start with the interesting topic -- what's the matter., by this way, it is great helpful to attract the attention of the students.Such a topic is related to daily life, so it is helpful to raise learning interests of students and it will be also helpful to improve their spoken English.
  2.Teaching Aims and Demands
Knowledge Objects: New words; Some advice; Grammar Focus. Avility Objects Listening, reading and writing skills. Communicative competence. Moral Object : To be a doctor and serve the people heart and soul.

  3. Teaching Key Points toothache fever hot tea with honey
  4.Teaching Difficulties What’s the matter? I have a toothache. Maybe you should see a dentist. That’s a good idea. He has a stomachache. He shouldn’t eat anything. shouldn’t lie down and rest see a dentist drink lots of water
Part Two Analysis of students
The Ss has learned English for a long tome. They can understand some words and some simple sentences. And ,this lesson about health,body , Ss have taken a great interest in English now.
Part Three Teaching aids and methods
Teaching Aids : A tape recorder; A projector. Teaching Methods: Listening,reading and writing methods. Pairwork.
Part Four Learning methods

  1. Teach Ss how to be successful language learners.
  2. Teach Ss how to develop the reading skill ? skim & scan; how to communicate with others; how to learn new words; how to learn independently;
  3. Get the Ss to form good learning habits.
Part Five Teaching Procedures
Step I Greet the class . Show the new words on the screen.Read the new words to students and ask them to repeat.Talk about the Chinese meanings. fever lie rest honey dentist water shouldn’t Step II 2a Now open your books at Page
  8. First read the eight items to students and ask them to repeat. toothache sore throat stomachache fever lie down and rest hot tea with honey see a dentist drink lots of water Listen to the recording . Please pay attention to the first one has been done for you . The boy has a toothache and the advice is to see dentist. Then check the answers on the blackboard. Step III 2b First look at the four pictures. Each picture illustrates one of the conversation.Now we’ll listen to the conversations again. This time listen for the missing words. Write the missing words on the blank lines.(Play the recording one time only)Then check the answers. Step IV 2c Pairwork First I’ll have two students read the dialogue in the box . A: What’s the matter? B: I have a toothache. A: Maybe you should see a dentist. B: That’s good idea. Now practice the conversation in Activity 2b. Take turns having the problems and giving advice.
Ask students to work in pairs. After they practice a while, have several pairs of student present their conversations to the class. Step V Grammar Focus (Show on the screen) I have a headache. He has a toothache. You should go to bed. He shouldn’t eat anything. She should see a dentist. shouldn’t = should not Step VI Summary This class we’ve learnt some advice to people who have health problems. Who wants to be a doctor in future?OK.Serve the people heart and soul. Step VII Homework: Practice the conversations and review the Grammar Focus.
Part Six Blackboard design
Unit 2 What’s the matter? toothache lie down and rest sore throat hot tea with honey stomachache see a dentist fever drink lots of water


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