Unit 9 Have you ever been to amusement park? The Fourth period
Section B
Why do you study English?
I want to understand English language movies.
It’s fun to learn another language.
I want to travel. I want to study in an Englishspeaking country.
Some of these reasons are important to you ,some are not.Compare your answers with your partner. What is the most important to you ?
Why ?
I have to !
I like English songs. I want to be a translator. It’s very popular to learn English . I want to make a foreign pen-pal. I want to be an English tour guide. I want to talk with foreign teacher freely.
I want to understand English newspapers and story books.
2a. Listen to a teacher interviewing a student. Circle the questions you hear. a. How do you spell your last name? b. Where are you from? c. Why do you want to improve your English? d. Have you ever been to an English-speaking country? e. When did you start studying English? f. How long have you been studying English?
2b. Listen again and fill in the questionnaire.
Name: Thomas Ruzic Three years. English-speaking countries visited: The United States When: When he was thirteen. Reasons for learning English: He wants to travel the world.
Studying English for:
2c. pairwork
Look at the questions in activity 2a and role play the interview. Answer with the information that is true for you.
A: Good morning. Are you Tom? The new exchange student? B: Yes, I am. A: Welcome to my class. I need to ask you some questions…
I. 根据所给首字母的提示,完成下列句子。 根据所给首字母的提示,完成下列句子。

  1. N eitherof my parents works in an office, they’re factory workers. quarium
  2. I’d really like to go to the a, there I can see dolphins, sharks, whales and other sea animals.
  3. We have famous food you can name, s __as hot dogs, fish and uch chips, pizzas and Beijing Roast Duck.
  4. The UK, the USA, Canada and Australia are all uropean Ecountries.
  5. Last weekend we had a wtime at Mona’s party. onderful specially
  6. Nowadays many people in the world can’t find work,e in the United states.


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