Unit 3
The Million Pound Bank Note
Discovering useful words and expressions
Retell the story by completing the following passage. American Henry was an. One day he had an bay accident in a. Luckily he was survived by a London ship for. He arrived in London by earning lost his passage without pay. He was in the street rags in. To his surprise, an incredible thing happened. Two rich brothers gave him a million bet pound bank-note because they had made a.
打赌 允许某人做某事 熟悉某人/某事 熟悉某人 某事 朝前走,前进, 朝前走,前进,往下说 事实上, 事实上,实际上 偶然地, 偶然地,意外地 放弃 解释, 解释,说明 说实话 领某人出去/进来 领某人出去 进来 关心,计较, 关心,计较,在乎 注意 惹麻烦, 惹麻烦,陷入困难 盯着…看 盯着 看 与此相反
make a bet permit sb to do sth know sb. / sth. well go ahead as a matter of fact by accident give up account for to be honest show sb. out / in care about give attention to get into trouble stare at on the contrary

  2. scene n. 现场 场面 景色 戏剧 一场 现场, 场面,景色 戏剧)一场 景色,(戏剧
Firefighters were on the scene immediately. The boy led his mother to the scene of the accident. The rocking boats along the river bank make a beautiful scene. The scene in the hospital is very moving. The last scene of the play was very impressive.
scenery / scene / view / sight
The rural there was beautiful beyond description. He is a painter of street . The valley was hidden from in the mist. His of life is different from yours. She hates the of that old car. We did the of Vienna last week.
… have made a bet. bet n.赌;打赌 赌 make/have a bet on sth. with sb. 和某人在……上打赌 和某人在 上打赌 win a bet / lose a bet 赢/输一场赌 输一场赌 do sth. for a bet 为打赌而做某事 accept a bet 同意与 打赌 同意与…打赌 He had a bet on the horses.
Have you ever made a bet with anybody?
He bet me ten dollars that John would come/on John’s coming. She bet all her money on a horse that came last.
? I bet…= (informal) I’m certain…我肯定 我肯定… 我肯定
I bet he’s gone to swimminghe loves it.
Permit me to lead the way, sir.
permit sth. / doing sth. 允许某事 干某事 允许某事/干某事 permit sb. to do sth. 允许某人做某事
I don’t permit (hold) a party in my house. Jim’s father didn’t permit him (join) the school football team. Visitors are not permitted (take) photos. I’ll come tomorrow, weather permitting. permission n.
permit n. 通行证 许可证 执照 [C] 通行证, 许可证, permission 有批准权的人的口头 “允许”, 允许” “许可” [U] 许可” 许可 申请停车许可证 apply for a parking 在某人的准许下/没获得 没获得……的允许 在某人的准许下 没获得 的允许 with/without one’s 请求允许 ask for
Not at all.
  1) 一点也不
I am not at all satisfied with the present situation. He is not at all aware of the danger he is in.
  2) 不必客气 Thank you for your help. Not at all.

  8. I earned my passage by working as unpaid hand, which accounts for my appearance. account for 作出说明;导致 作出说明; He could not account for his absence from school. Bad weather accounted for the long delay.
会计) n. 说明 理由 计算 账目 (accountant n. 会计 说明,理由 计算, 理由,计算 v. 认为 说明 总计有 认为,说明 说明,总计有 keep accounts 记账 open/close an account with a bank 在银行开立 结束帐户 在银行开立/结束帐户 on account of 因为 由于 因为, take … into account = take account of 考虑 重视 考虑,重视 on all accounts 无论如何 on no account 绝不
Give us an account of what happened. She retired early on account of ill health. The company takes account of environmental issues wherever possible.

  2. Well, towards nightfall I found myself carried out to sea by a strong wind. carried out to sea是过去分词短语作myself的
宾语补足语,相当于: 宾语补足语,相当于:Well, towards nightfall I found that I had been carried out to sea by a strong wind.
I’m going to paint it pink. (形容词) 形容词) I saw the kite up and down. (副词) 副词) We consider him a good teacher. (名词) 名词) I heard Jean sing / singing this morning. (动词
/现在分词) 现在分词) 现在分词

  3. And it was the ship that brought you to England.
该句为强调句,其句型为: 该句为强调句 其句型为: It was + 被强调部分+ 其句型为 that + 句子剩余的部分。 句子剩余的部分。
It was in this room that Lu Xun once lived. Was it because his mother was ill that he didn’t go to school? When was it that the club was set up?
Explain the usage and meaning of each italicized word in each sentence.
A He wandered around Tibet for about a month. His experience is unbelievable.
walk slowly without a clear direction
B The professor wandered from the subject of his speech.
stop paying attention
Explain the usage and meaning of each italicized word in each sentence.
A Please keep a complete account of the money we have spent.
a record
B I opened an account at the bank downstairs.
an arrangement in which bank keeps your money
Explain the usage and meaning of each italicized word in each sentence.
A It was her fault. We were late because she took so long finishing her lunch.
a mistake
B It sounds as if there is a fault in that computer.
something that is wrong with a machine
Explain the usage and meaning of each italicized word in each sentence.
A The museum sits on the exact spot where the gold was first discovered.
particular place or area
B That dress has a dirty spot right in the middle.
a small mark on something
C She spotted her friend among the passengers who got off the train.
Explain the usage and meaning of each italicized word in each sentence.
A We walked down a long passage to the back of the office building.
long narrow area with walls on both sides
B I couldn’t afford the passage to Australia.
C The old bridge isn’t strong enough to allow the passage of heavy vehicles.
movement of people or cars along a road



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