4 workbook

  1.努力提高工厂工人的工作条件是值得做的事情. (It is worthwhile to…; condition) It is worthwhile to improve working condition for factory workers.
  2.她的行为鼓舞了替他人继续为野生动物保护而奋斗. (behavior; inspire) Her behavior inspired others to carry on the fight for wildlife protection.
  3.作为一名学生你应该谦虚, 不应该瞧不起那些知道得比你少的同学. (modest; look down upon) As a student, you should be modest and not look down upon the classmates who don’t know as much as you.
  4.如果人类继续这样干, 我们很快就会陷入能源危机. (human beings; be short of) If human beings go on behaving like this, we will be short of energy soon.

  5.年轻的一代中, 许多人都喜欢外国音乐和电影. (generation) Many of the young generation enjoy foreign music and films.
  6.如果想知道如何翻译这个句子, 你最好查字典. (refer to) If you want to know how to translate this sentence, you’d better refer to a dictionary.
  7.当游行的队伍离开广场后, 人群拥了进来. (move off; crowd in) When the parade moved off from the square, the people crowed in.
Unit 2:

  1.今天的课主要讲如何写新闻总结. (focus on; summary) Today’s lesson focuses on how to write a summary of a news article.
  2.我们必须快速浏览这个报告, 找到它的主要内容. (skim) We must skim the report to find the main idea.
  3.老师让我们将难懂的单词划线并查字典(找出其意思). (underline) The teacher told us to underline the difficult words and look them up in the dictionary.

  4.他说像统计数据这样的细节就不必包括在内了. (statistics; details) He said that details like statistics should not be included.
  5.我想我将用到一篇关于你们农民们让自己的土地远离化肥的报告. (keep… free of; chemical fertilizer) I think I’m going to use a report about how farmers are keeping their fields free of chemical fertilizers.
  6.这个农民花了 20 年时间来创建自己的企业. (build up) It took the farmer twenty years to build up his business.
  7.使用过多的化肥导致了严重的问题. (lead to) Using too much chemical fertilizer led to serious problems.
Unit 3:

  1.直到现在, 医生还对这种致命的疾病束手无策. (treat; deadly; disease; up to now) Up to now, doctors have been able to do very little to treat this deadly disease.
  2.父亲死后的一段时间里, 查理非常穷困. (badly off) Charlie was quite badly off for a while after his father died.
  3.地震过后, 政府为无家可归者提供了食物和毯子. (the homeless) After the earthquake, the government provided food and blankets foe the homeless.
  4.爱玛(可)不是一个一般的作家. (ordinary) Emma is no ordinary writer.
  5.戴茜羞怯地走进来, 穿着一件破旧地大衣. (worn) Daisy came in shyly wearing a worn-out coat.
  6.比赛过后, 戴维挥舞着双臂, 十分兴奋. (gesture) After the race, David waved his arms in a gesture of excitement.
  7.弗雷迪专门为这个场合买了一套西装. (occasion) Freddy bought a new suit just for the occasion.
  8.爱德华脚下一滑, 在冰上失去了平衡. (slide) Edward slid on the ice and lost his balance.
Unit 4:

  1.为了捍卫国家的尊严, 他牺牲了自己的生命. (defend) He died defending the honor of his nation.

  2.伊丽莎白不信任他, 所以给他留了假姓名和假地址. (false) Elizabeth did not trust him, so she gave him a false name and address.
  3.如果早上不喝上一杯咖啡, 詹妮就无法正常工作. (function) Jenny can’t function without a cup of coffee in the morning.
  4.在第二次世界大战期间, 他由一名上尉逐步晋升为将军. (rank) During the World War II, he roe gradually from the rank of major to general.
  5.别忘了明天把你的卡式录音机带来. (cassette) Don’t forget to bring your cassette recorder tomorrow.
  6.这里一定有什么误会, 我不知道妮在说些什么. (misunderstanding) There must be some misunderstanding. I don’t know what you’re talking about.

  1. 许 多 运 动 衣 , 运 动 鞋 的 品 牌 都 采 用 先 进 技 术 寻 求 最 好 的 设 计 . (brand; athletic; sneakers; advanced) Many brands of athletic clothing and sneakers use advanced technology to find the best design.
  2.到游乐园有很多方法: 可以坐高速大巴, 宾馆的往返汽车, 或者承地铁. (various; amusement; freeway; shuttle) There are various ways to reach the amusement park: by freeway, by hotel shuttle, or by subway.
  3. 美 国 早 期 的 移 民 不 得 不 自 己 动 手 制 作 从 布 匹 到 奶 油 之 类 的 一 切 东 西 . (settlers; cloth; cream) Early settlers in the US usually had to make everything from cloth to cream by themselves.
  4. 如 果 你 想 从 事 旅 游 行 业 , 当 一 个 至 少 懂 一 门 外 语 的 翻 译 是 很 有 帮 助 的 . (tourism; translator) If you want to be part of the tourism business, it would be very helpful to be a translator for at least one language.
  5.我发现我能从接近真实生活的情景中学到很多. (get close to) I find that I can’t learn a lot from getting close to real life situation.

  6.这个主题公园有一部分模拟的是古代中国的生活(场景). (theme; be modeled after) A part of the theme park was modeled after life in ancient China.


英语必修5 workbook翻译答案

   Book 5 workbook Unit 1 1. 除了去公园之外,我的活动范围仅限于邻近地区。 Apart from going to the park, I limit my movements to my neighborhood. 2. 没有足够的证据很难做出决定。 It is difficult to draw a conclusion without enough evidence. 3. 这些科学的探索将有助于我们项目的成功。 The scientific enquiries ...


   Unit1.Art 1.虽然我不是现代艺术方面的学者,但是去看展览的主意对我很有吸引力。 Although I’m not a scholar in contemporary art, the idea of going to the exhibition appeals to me. 2.你知道几何学在传统的西方艺术中曾被用来勾画绘画作品吗? Do you know the geometry was used to plan paintings in tradition Western ar ...


   Unite1 Festivals around the world 1. 那照片让她想起淹死在海里的爱人,她哭了.当她走出房间时,尽管已拭去了泪水,但 仍掩盖不住脸上的悲伤. (remind…of; drown; weep; wipe; sadness ) The photo reminded her of her lover who had drowned at sea, and she wept. Although she had wiped all her tears away whe ...

英语必修4 workbook翻译答案

   BOOK4 Unit1: 1.努力提高工厂工人的工作条件是值得做的事情. (It is worthwhile to…; condition) 2.她的行为鼓舞了替他人继续为野生动物保护而奋斗. (behavior; inspire) 3.作为一名学生你应该谦虚, 不应该瞧不起那些知道得比你少的同学. (modest; look down upon) 4.如果人类继续这样干, 我们很快就会陷入能源危机. (human beings; be short of) 5.年轻的一代中, 许多人都喜欢外 ...

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   免费英语资源下载, 中学英语之家 免费英语资源下载,无需注册 无需点数 http://www.hsehome.net Teaching plan of Book 5 设计教师: 设计教师:黄敏丽 Unit 1 Great Scientists Teaching Goals: 1. Enable the Ss to familiar with some famous scientists and their contributions. 2. Enable the Ss to learn ho ...

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   Unit 1 Cultural relics 听录音, Ⅰ. 听录音,根据所听内容选择正确答案 听第 1~3 段对话,分别完成第 1~3 题 1. Why was the man late? A. He missed the bus. B. Something was wrong with his car. C. He was caught in a heavy traffic. 2. What can we learn about the man? A. He couldn’t ride ...


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   本文由百科英语贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 登陆下载更多资料 www.lzcyy.net 量子场女生英语 Unit 1 Cultural relics Part One: Teaching Design (第一部分:教学设计) 第一部分:教学设计) Period 1: A sample lesson plan for Reading (IN SEARCH OF THE AMBER ROOM) Aims: : To read abou ...

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   What’s the meaning of “help” in it? Fill in the blanks: describe 描写,描述???? 描写, describe Eg: Can youthe bag you lost. described He himself as a good person last year. description Can you give me aof the thief. unique uniquely(adv) ?????? 独特的??? 更多资源 ...



   Unit 2 Is this your, pencil? 单元整体说明 单元教材分析 本单元围绕“识别物品的所属” ,使学生学会询问物品的主人的基本句型“Is this/that your/her/his pencil? Yes, it is. No, it isn’t.” ,体会一般疑问句的用法;学习如何写“失物招领、 寻物启事” ,巩固所学单词的拼写“How do you spell pen? P-E-N.” 。通过以上几个方面的学 习,既能提高学生解决问题的能力,又能巩固所学知识。本单 ...


   本书下载于小说之家电子书论坛,如需更多好书,请访问www.itxtbook.com 专门替中国人写的英语语法 第一章 英文文法的最基本规则 英文和我们中文最大的不同,是在动词,我们中文的动词很简单,没有所谓的第几人称,也没有复数和单数之分,更没有过去式或进行式,英文可不同了,凡是用动词的时候,必须注意很多很多的规则,一旦弄错了,常常是犯了大错。 在这一章,我要将英文最基本的规则一一列下。这些规则都是我们中国人所常常不注意的。 为了不要误导读者,凡本书内错误的句子前面都有0*0的符号。 规则(1 ...


   英语名言警句 A great poem is a fountain forever overflowing with the waters of wisdom and delight (P.B.Shelley, British poet) 伟大的诗篇即是永远喷出智慧和欢欣之水的喷泉。(英国诗人 雪莱 P B) A novel is a mirror walking along a main road. (Stendhcl,French writer) 一部小说犹如一面在大街上走的镜子。(法国 ...


   苏州市实验小学六年级英语毕业模拟卷 班级 姓名 听力部分(30%) 一、听录音,选出你所听到的单词、时间、词组或句子(读一遍)10% ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ) 1. A. wallet ) 2. A. twelfth ) 3. A. contest ) 4. A. right ) 5. A. parent ) 6. A. 11:45 ) 7. A. go camping B. water C. watch D. world D. tonight D. costume D. fi ...


   用简单英语口语谈生意 谈“生意”才是目的,“说”只不过是一种手段;如果用简单就可以达到目的, 就完全没有必要说得那么复杂,那么辛苦!!只要生意能谈成,手段似乎没有予 以复杂化的必要?应该愈简单愈好。《用简单谈生意》EZ Business Talk 就是 教您如何用简单美语(初中程度)来处理错综复杂的生意…… 介绍篇: 1) A: 我们以前没有见过吧? A: I don‘t believe we‘ve met. B:我想没有。 B: No, I don‘t think we have. A: ...