册亨民中卢克茂 制作

  1.Understanding the article is B my capacity. A. from B. beyond C. away from D. over
  2.The job he did was D praise. A. more than B. over C. out of D. beyond
  3. of the village two small lakes. A. The east; lie B. East; lies C. The east; lies D East; lie D.
  4.The book on the table is wet. A. A. lying B. lies C. lay D. lied A
  5.She is my aunt my mother’s . A. in; side B. in; sides C. on; side D. on; sides C
  6.I have a lot to say that problem. A. referred to B. B in relation to C. in relation with D. referring on

  7.Strangely the story is popular the young. A. made up; to B. made up of; with C. made up ofDto ; D. made up; with has been B.
  8.The time A. losing; made up for B. lost; made up for C. losing; made up of; to D. lost; made up of
  9. by a group of children, the old man went on A with the story. A. Surrounded B. Surrounding C. To be surrounded D. Being surrounded
  10.The bird B in the tree is so beautiful. A. settled B. settling C. stayed D. sits B
  11.This kind of cloth is sold the yard. A. by B. on C. about D. with

  6.The cold climate here doesn’t agree D me. A. to B. on C. about D. with
  7. our parents, we are very lucky indeed. C A. Comparing with B. Comparing to B. C. Compared with D. To compare to
  8. Chaplin acted in 83films, manyC of he wrote and directed himself. A. them B. that C. which D. it
  9.?How did you the old valuable house? C my uncle. He left it to me in his will. ?It used to be A. take possession of, in possession of B. take the possession of, in possession of C. take possession of, in the possession of D. take the possession of, in possession of
  10.I have several problems to B . I can’t go now. A. be settled B. settle C. be settling D. settles
II.Key phrases

  1. one’s job= become jobless lose make
  2. a decision=make up one’s mind lie
  3.tell sb. a lie= to sb.
  4.have sb. do sth. have sth. to do have sb. doing sth. have to do sth. make a reply to look up sb. sb. have sth. done
  5. to sb.=answer sb. upon/on
  6.look down

  7. one’s surprise/delight/joy/disappointment=to to the surprise of sb. to be surprised do sth. sth.
  8.at work/play/rest/desk/table/peace/war to
  9.refuse do sth. after work/school at be surprised
III.Choose the best answer
  1. They chickens, cattle and crops as well on the A farm. A. raise B. feed C. keep D. bring up B
  2. My brother stayed at home studying English going to the cinema. A. instead B. instead of C. without D didn't
  3. The accident was my fault, so I had to pay for the damage the other car. C A. of B. at C. to D. on
  4. The old man is still suffering from pain. It seems B that the medicine has him. A. no effect to B. little effect on C. some effect in D. a good effect on
  5. A hammer driving in nails. B A. is used to B. is used for C. Is used as
IV.用下列所给词的正确形式填空。 用下列所给词的正确形式填空。 Hearin (hear) the news, they could
  1. g not help crying.
  2. Being (be) angry, he could not say a word. Not having received
  3.(not receive) his letter, he decided to make a call to him. permitting
  4. Weather(permit),we would do the experiment once again .
  5. They walked on the road,(sing and dance). Singing and dacing

  6. Encouraged (encourage) by these successes, they worked still harder. compare (compare) with you, we still
  7. have a long way to home. surrounde
  8. The teacher stood there,(surround) d by many students. are raising to help the people in
  9. They money the disaster area at the moment. (raise).
  10.The sun in the east and sets in the rises west. (rise , set )
v.单句改错 单句改错. 单句改错
  1. Because I amby the the teacher my English is Helped helped by teacher, getting better and better.
  2. Watered the vegetables, they then sat down Having to have a rest .
  3. If caught, the police will punish the thief. the thief will be punished by the police.
  4. She heard a terrible noise, it brought her --whitch heart into her mouth.
  5. Tom’s mother kept telling him that he should work harder, but which didn’t help. it



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