Unit 1 My name’s Gina.
a girl
Listen and number the conversations.
( 2 ) A: What’s your name? B: Alan.
( 1 ) A: Hello! I’m Mary. B: Hi, Mary! I’m Jim.
( 3 ) A: My name’s Jenny. B: I’m Gina. Nice to meet you!
What’s your name? My name is… My name’s …
My name’s Kate.
What’s his/her name? His/Her name is… His /Her name’s …
Listen and number the pictures.
What’s this in English? It’s a mouse. What’s its name? Tommy Its name’s Tommy.
My name’s Snoopy. What’s your name?
Fill in the blanks with his ,her, your, my, its. 填空。 用my ,your ,his, her和its填空。 和 填空
1 Is this Mary’s pen? her Yes, it’s pen. your 2 Jim ,spell name , please? His 3 Alan has a dog. dog is brown.

  4.This is my cat. Its name is Mimi. her
  5. This is Gina and friends.
  6.This is my pen. Where is your pen, Linda.
What’s his first name? His first name is Jay. What’s his last name?
Jay Chou
His last name is Chou.
Liu Xiang
Wang lan
Xiao Yaxuan
Li Wen
Sun Yanzi
Michael Jackson
David Beckham
Diana Frances
George. W. Bush
Louis K oo

I’m Gina. What’s your name? My name’s … What’s his name? His name’s … What’s her name? Her name … What’s its name? Its name’s …
A: What’s your first /given name? B: Peter. A: What’s your last/family name? B: Smith.
Boys First Name Last Name Liu
Girls First Name Ivy Last Name Li
Charles Eric Gong Tom Deng
Jessica Yin Connie Li
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   Guanger 英语 Unit 1 一, 写出下列单词 1.好朋友 好朋友 5.日本 日本 9.悉尼 悉尼 13.东京 东京 17.世界 世界 21.美国 美国 2.笔友 笔友 6.澳洲 澳洲 10.纽约 纽约 14.居住 居住 18.法国人 法国人 3.加拿大 加拿大 7.新加坡 新加坡 11.巴黎 巴黎 15.语言 语言 19.爱好 爱好 22.英国 英国 4.法国 法国 8.国家 国家 12.多伦多 多伦多 16.日语 日语 20.讨厌 讨厌 二,翻译下列句子 1. 巴黎在哪里 在法国 ...


   人教版七年级英语上册期末考试试题 第一卷选择题(50 分) I.单项选择。 (每小题 1 分,计 15 分) ( ( ( ( )1. This is alarm clock. A. a A. broccoli A. Sorry A. tennis racket C. tennis’ racket ( A. doesn’t do C. isn’t do ( ( )6. this your guitar? A. Am A. go to home A. Are ( ( ( A. she ( ( A ...


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   Language goal : "Greet people Hello! / Hi! Hello! / Hi! I’m Alice. I’m Bob. Good morning, Alice! Good morning, Bob! Teaching aims: 1.学会正确朗读和书写 学会正确朗读和书写Aa-Hh 学会正确朗读和书写 八个字母。 八个字母。 2.了解一些常用缩略字的含义。 了解一些常用缩略字的含义。 了解一些常用缩略字的含义 3.巩固所学的八个人名。 巩固所学的八个人名。 ...

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   Unit 1 How do you study for a test ? (一)学习目标(Language Goal) 1. Talk about how to study . 学会讨论各种学习方法和策略. 2. Find out your suitable learning methods. 找出适合自己的学习方法. (二)语言结构(Language Structures) 1. Verb + by with gerund by+动名词短语 表示"通过…途径,方法" 2 ...


   博 锐 精 品 教 育 初二下册英语学习第一课时 一、知识讲解 ◆Unit 1 Will people have robots? 目标语言:Make predictions. 目标语言 重点句型:1.Will there be less pollution?Yes,there will./No,there won't. 重点句型 2.Everything will be free. 3.They'll study at home on computers. 4.I think there w ...


   3A Unit 1 一、教学要求 1、三会单词:a dog, a cat, a bird, a tiger, a monkey, a zebra, a panda, an elephant. David, Liu Tao, Yang Ling, Mike, Nancy. 2、三会日常交际用语: Hi/Hello, I’m… What’s your name? Good morning. 3、会唱歌曲:Hello! 二、单元教材分析 本单元是小学生学习英语的起始单元。 小学生对学习英语大多怀有 ...


   Unit 1 1.Check in : 在旅馆的登记入住。 Check out: 在旅馆结账 离开。 2.By: ①通过…..方式(途径)。例:I learn English by listening to tapes. ②在…..旁边。例:by the window/the door ③乘坐交通工具 例:by bus/car ④在……之前,到……为止。例:by October在10月前 ⑤被 例:English is spoken by many people. 3.how与what的区别 ...



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   Unit 1a Teamwork toiletries:n. 化妆品厂,清洁,化妆用品公司 major brands:主导品牌 expatriate:n.侨民,放弃本国国籍的人[eks ptrieit] creative thinking:创新思维 a survival course:生存技巧培训课程 profile:n. 简介,小传,概况,侧面,侧面像,轮廓,外形[ ufail] pr simulation:n. 模拟训练,模仿[ simju n] lei go for profit:追求 ...


   2011 年全国公共英语三级模拟试题及答案 Section I Listening Comprehension(25 minutes) (略) Section Ⅱ Use of English(15 minutes) Directions: Read the following text. Choose the best word or phrase for each numbered blank and mark A, B,C, or Don your ANSWER SHEET 1. Te ...


   一、接不定式(而不接动名词)作宾语的 24 个常用动词 afford to do sth. 担负得起做某事 agree to do sth. 赞同做某事 arrange to do sth.布置做某事 ask to do sth. 要求做某事 beg to do sth. 恳求做某事 care to do sth. 想要做某事 choose to do sth. 决议做某事 decide to do sth. 决议做某事 demand to do sth. 要求做某事 determine t ...