I、中英文互译(10%) 、中英文互译( )
  1. 向右转
  2. 公交车站
  3. 校园剧
  4. 努力工作

  6. post office
  7. welcome to Beijing
  8. next to
  9. write stories

  10. during the day __
  5. 在前面 II、学以致用,选择最合适的答案填入题前括号内。 20%) 、学以致用,选择最合适的答案填入题前括号内。 ( ) ( )
  1. Is Ann from? No,she is from. She can speak Japanese. A.France , Japanese B.French , Japan C.France , Japan D.French , Japanese ( )
  2. ? I’m a reporter. A.What do you do? B.Who are you? C.What’s your job? D.Both A and C ( )
  3. Frank is my pen pal, he Sydney, Australia. A. lives B. from C. comes from D. be from ( )
  4. Mary finds a job a shop assistant. A.as B.be C.at D.for ( )
  5.Thank you for your help. . ( ( A.That’s right B.All right C.Never mind D.You’re welcome )
  6. your grandfather live? He lives next to the library. A. What does B. How is C. Where does D. How old is )
  7.Is there a library near where you live? . A.Yes,there is B.No, there is C.Yes,it is D.No it isn’t )
  8. He likes talking to people and stories. A.write B.writes C.writing D.to write )
  9. There a bank ,two supermarkets and a park in the neighborhood. A. has B. have C. is D. are )
  10.Some people callan “angel in white”. A.I B.my C.me Dmine )
  11. Let him these things to his parents. A. takes B. taking C. take D. to take )
  12. The pay phone is Green Street and it’s across the library. A. in, to B. on, from C. at, through D. by, of )
  13. My pen pals come from different (不同的 . 不同的) 不同的 A. country B. city C. libraries D. countries )
  14. Can you write and tell me . A. yourself B. to yourself C. about yourself D. of yourself )
  15. Tigers like to eat ,but koalas like to eat. A.meat, leaf B.meats, leaf C.meat , leaves D.meats, leaves )
  16. , is there a pay phone in the neighborhood? A.Hello B.Sorry C.Excuse me D.Oh )
  17. Why do you want the lions first? A. seeing B. to look C. to see D. looking
( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( (
( ( (
  18. Lions from are very lazy. A. China A. do Yes, I do. A.play B.to play C.playing D.plays B. Australia B. have C. Africa C. make D. America D. be )
  19. What do you want to ? An actor. )
  20. Do you enjoybasketbll?
III、选择方框中的句子补全对话,有两项是多余的。 10%) 、选择方框中的句子补全对话,有两项是多余的。 ( ) A: Hello, Li lei . A. Where are you ? B: Jim, this is my friend, John. B. What do you do? A: Hello, John. Nice to meet you . C. How do you like your school? C: Nice to meet you ,too. D. Where are you from? A: John,
  21. E. What about you ? C: I’m from Canada.
  22. F. Do you speak English or French? A: I’m from the United Kingdom.
  23. G. Where do you study? C: Yes, I do.And I can speak a little Chinese,too. B: John is a good student. A:
  24. C: I study in No.9 Middle School . A:
  25. C: Very much. Teachers and my classmates are good with me.
  25. IV、完形填空。用你的智慧将下面的文章补充完整,千万要细心哦。 10%) 、完形填空。用你的智慧将下面的文章补充完整,千万要细心哦。 ( ) Mr and Mrs Green26 Sydney. They teach27 in a middle school in China. They like their work .They have two children, Jim and Sue. They are all in Shanghai now. Mr Green works there .Mr Green can28 Chinese well. Jim is a student in No.1 middle school. He has a part-time29 . He works in a supermarket . He helps people look after their kids . After school, he 30a bus to the supermarket. He31 there at about 4:
  30.He thinks it is great fun. He works324:30 to 8:
  30. He33home at 9:
  00. Jim likes his job very much. Sue is too young .She can’t go to school .She likes34 games .She often plays games 35Chinese boys and girls. ( )
  26.A.be from B.come from C.from D.in ( )
  27.A.England B.English C.Chinese D.Japan ( )
  28.A.say B.speak C.talk D.tell ( )
  29.A.work B.job C.assistant D.teacher ( )
  30.A.takes B.by C.gets D.on ( )
  31.A.arrives in B. arrives C. gets to D. arrives at ( )
  32.A.at B.from C.to D.for ( )
  33.A.come B.gets C.get D.to get ( )
  34.A.play B.plays C.playing D.do ( )
  35.A.at B.on C.for D.with
V、 阅读理解。 (25%) 、 阅读理解。 ) A. . (5%) ( ) Dear Julia, Thanks for your letter.I’m glad to know you can come on Sunday. When you come over to my house , it’s easy to find the station. It’s a little difficult after that, so here are some instructions(说 明):Take a walk past the station. You can’t turn left into Center Street, so go across the traffic lights into Apple Street. There’s a big hotel on your left. Go straight, cross the library, and turn left into Bridge Street. Turn left again into New Street. Spring Street is the first on the right. My house is on the left, across from the bank. See you on Sunday! Love, Gina 根据短文内容判断正( T ) 误( F ) ( ( ( ( ( )
  36.The letter is from Gina to Julia. )
  37.Julia will visit Gina on Saturday. )
  38.It’s difficult tofind the station from Julia’s home. )
  39.The hotel is on Center Street. )
  40.Gina’s home is across from the bank.
B. (10%) ) 看这则广告,根据其内容选择最佳答案。 看这则广告,根据其内容选择最佳答案。
Welcome to the zoo Opening Monday to Friday 10:00 a. m. ~6:00 p. m. Saturday to Sunday 8:00 a. m. ~ 8:00 p. m. Fees Adults(成人) $
  8.00 15 ~ 18 $
  6.00 8 ~ 14 $
  3.00 under8 free(免费)
  41. On Sunday, the zoo opens at . A. 10:00 in the morning B. 8:00 in the morning C. 6:00 in the afternoon D. 8:00 in the afternoon
( ( ( (
  42. The zoo opens days a week. A. one A. $3 A. $9 B. two B. $6 B. $11 B. 6:00 p. m. C. five C. $8 C. $6 D. seven D. free D. $3 C. 8:00 a. m. D. 8:00 p. m )
  43. If you are 13 years old. You want to go to the zoo, they should pay . )
  44. Kate is 12, and her little sister is
  6. If they go to the zoo, they should pay __. )
  45. The zoo closes(关) at on Wednesday.
A. 10:00 a. m.
C. (10%) . My name is Tony and I live in Canada. My mother is from Korea (朝鲜) and my father is from France, so we speak three languages at home. I think languages are very interesting and I want to study Portuguese and Chinese. But my favorite subject at school isn’t language. It’s math. I really like history, too. I like sports, especially (尤其) soccer and basketball, because they are relaxing. But I don’t have much time to play them. I go to music club after school on Mondays, I have guitar lessons on Wednesdays, and go to library on Fridays. But Saturdays and Sundays are great because I can play sports, sleep (睡觉), and watch TV. ( ( ( ( )
  46. Tony’s mother lives in . A. Korea A. Japanese A. language B. France B. Korean B. history C. Canada C. Chinese C. math D. China D. Portuguese D. Chinese )
  47. Tony can speak very well at home. )
  48. Tony’s favorite subject is . )
  49. He can’t play soccer on . A. Mondays and Fridays C. Saturdays and Sundays ( B. Tuesdays and Thursday D. Wednesdays and Saturdays
  50. Tony thinks sports are . A. interesting B. boring C. funny D. relaxing
VI、用词的正确形式填空。 5%) 、用词的正确形式填空。 ( )
  51.The Summer Palace is a good place (have) fun.
  52. His mother is (friend) to us.
  53.Who is (Tom) English teacher?Mrs Zhang.
  54.(thief) don’t like police officer.
  55.(take)a taxi from the station and pass a bank on your left. VII、根据图片或句意补全句子。 10%) 、根据图片或句意补全句子。 ( )
  1.Is this
  56.elephant? No.It’s a
  57.. Where is it from?
  1. It’s from
  58.. Do you
  59.it? Yes, I like it very much. (可爱) Why do you like it? Because it’s very
  62.is she?
  2. She is twenty
  63. old. What
  64. she do? She is a
  65.. VIII、书面表达。 10%) 、书面表达。 ( ) 假如你在 http://www.sohu.com.cn 网站上认识了一位叫 Tony 的笔友,请根据他发给你的有 关信息,向你的同学介绍他.
答题卡 姓 名 . I. 中英文互译。 10%) 中英文互译。 ( )
  1. 向右转 turn right
  5. 公交车车站 bus station 校园剧 (the)school play 努力工作 work hard 在前面 in front of
  6. post office 邮局

  7. welcome to Beijing _欢迎到北京
  8. next to 紧挨着
  9. write stories 写故事
  10. during the day_在白天_
II、学以致用,选择最合适的答案填入题前括号内。(20%) 、学以致用,选择最合适的答案填入题前括号内。 1 C 11 C 2 D 12 B 3 C 13 D 4 A 14 C 5 D 15 C 6 C 16 C 7 A 17 C 8 C 18 C 9 C 19 D 10 C 20 C II.得分
班 级
III、选择方框中的句子补全对话,有两项是多余的。 、选择方框中的句子补全对话,有两项是多余的。 (10%) ( ) 21 D 22 E 23 F 24 G 25 C III.得分
IV、完形填空。用你的智慧将下面的文章补充完整,千万要细心哦。 10%) 、完形填空。用你的智慧将下面的文章补充完整,千万要细心哦。 ( ) 26 B 27 B 28 B 29 B 30 A 31 B 32 B 33 B 34 C 35 D
V、阅读理解。(25%)(36-40 每小题 1 分 ,41-50 每小题 2 分 ) 、阅读理解。 ( 36 T 37 F 38 F 39 F 40 T 41 B 42 D 43 B VI.得分 44 D 45 B 46 A 47 B
V.得分 48 C 49 A 50 D
VI、用词的正确形式填空。 5%) 、用词的正确形式填空。 ( )
  51.to have

  55. VII.得分
VII、根据图片或句意补全句子。 、根据图片或句意补全句子。 (10%) ( )

VIII、书面表达。 、书面表达。 (10%) ( )
假如你在 http://www.sohu.com.cn 网站上认识了一位叫 Tony 的笔友,请根据他发给你的有 关信息, 向你的同学介绍他.(要求:
  2、字数不少于 50 个) Name Age Birthplace(出生地) School Likes Family Want to be Tony 14 Paris,France Green Middle School watchingTV/playing tennis/listening to music mother,father,sister Actor



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