新目标 七年级(上 七年级 上) Unit 8
Unit 8 When is your birthday? Self check
Try to find out their birthdays.
Thomas Edison Feb. 11,1847
A: Do you know Edison? B: Yes I do. A: When was he born? B: He was born on Feb. 11th, 18
  47. A: What did he do? B: He was an inventor.
Ba Jin: a famous Chinese writer Born: November 25,1904
Lu Xun: a famous writer Born: September 25, 1881
Nie Er Feb.14, 1912
Albert Einstein Mar.14, 1879 Maria Curie Dec.7, 1867
Charles Darwin Nov.15, 1809
Li Siguang Oct. 26, 1889
Isaac Newton Dec.25, 1642
一、写出下列序数词。? 写出下列序数词。 second 1st 2nd first third ? fourth 3rd ? 4th eighth ? 5th 8th ? fifth twelfth 9th 12th ninth 20th twentieth? ?
二、用月份名词填空: 用月份名词填空:
  1. 1st is New year’s Day. January
  2. 12th is Planting Day. (植树节 植树节) 植树节 March
  3. 1st is Fool’s Day. (愚人节 愚人节) 愚人节 April
  4. 1st is Labour’s Day. (劳动节 劳动节) 劳动节 May

  5. 1st is Children’s Day. June
  6. The last(最后的)three months of (最后的) a year are October, November and . December
  7. New school year begins (新学年开 新学年开 始于) . 始于 in September
三、写出每组对话的问题: 写出每组对话的问题:
  1. Q : When is your birthday? A: My birthday is April 22nd.
  2. Q : How old are you? A: I’m sixteen.
  3. Q: When is your brother’s birthday? A: My brother’s birthday is May 16th.

  4. Q: When is the party? A: The party(音乐会)is May 21st. (音乐会)
  5. Q: How old is your mother? A: My mother is forty - eight .
四、将下列词连成一个完整的句子。 将下列词连成一个完整的句子。
  1.May, it, is, first It is May 1st.
  2. birthday,my,is,10th October . My birthday is October 10th.
  3. his, is, birthday, September, second ? Is his birthday September 2nd?

  4. your, birthday, mother’s, when, i s,? When is your mother’s birthday?
  5. old, are, how, your, parents. How old are your parents?
  6. The, speech contest, July 3rd, is, The speech contest is July 3rd.
January 1st February 14 March 12th April 1st May 1st June 1st
Children’s Day Tree planting Day Fools’ Day Valentine’s Day New year’s Day May Day
July 1st August 1st October 1st December 25th
Army Day National Day Christmas Day The Party’s Day


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