Unit 2 Where's the post office? 写作 人民教育出版社
You are Charlie. Your pen pal Jack is coming to Beijing by air recently. He is going to visit you. He wrote a letter and asked you how to get to your home. Please answer his letter and e-mail him. (You can draw a map) (50-80 words)
参考范文: Dear Jack,
I know you are arriving recently. Let me tell you the way to my house. From the airport you can take a taxi to the west gate of Beijing University. Across from Beijing University is Weixiuyuan. My house is on the 2nd floor in Building No. 5 of Weixiuyuan. If you still have problems, please call me at 623357
  68. Welcome to my house.
Have a nice trip!
重点词语:clean, dirty, new, old, quiet, busy, big, small, library, bank, supermarket, center, bridge, park, post office, restaurant, street, hotel, pay phone, left, right, across from, next to, at, in, on, behind, through, in front of, between ... and ..., near
Unit 3 Why do you like koalas? 写作 人民教育出版社
以 my favorite animal 为题描述你最喜欢的动物, 文章必须回答以下问题 (60-80 词): What's your favorite animal?
What does it eat?
What do you do for it?
Do you often take it for a walk?
My Favorite Animal
My favorite animal is a dog. I like her best because she is cute and she can help me. I name her BoBo. I got it as a birthday present from my friend. She is very lovely. When I want something, I will say "BoBo", she often
goes to get it for me. She likes eating meat. I often go to the supermarket to buy some meat for her. And I often take her for a walk on weekends. Do you like her?
Unit 5 I'm watching TV. 同步写作(
  1) 人民教育出版社
假如你是 Jenny 或 Bob, 你现在正在英国学习, 你给你的朋友寄了三张照片, 下面的表格中记录了这三张照片的情景, 请根据表格中所提供的信息给你的朋友 写信详细描述一下这三张照片。信的开头已给出。
activities (what you are doing)
photo 1 photo 2
beautiful and sunny rain heavily outside
play beach volleyball with friends (you) read books (you), do homework (one of your class mates)
photo 3
windy and humid
listen to the teacher, learn to speak English (all the
students in your class)
Dear friend,
Now I'm studying in the United Kingdom. Here are some of my photos.
Dear friend,
Now I'm studying in the United Kingdom. Here are some of my photos. In the 1st photo, I am playing beach volleyball with friends on the beach. It's very beautiful and sunny. In the 2nd photo, it rains heavily outside. One of my classmates is doing homework, while I'm reading books in the library. In the last photo, it's windy and humid, all the students in my class are listening to the teacher in the classroom.
Unit 5 I'm watching TV. 同步写作(
昨天晚上莎莎在家里举办了十六岁生日聚会,很多朋友前来祝贺。莎莎请 爸爸把晚会的全过程记录了下来,她想把聚会的录像放给她的同学看。请你帮 她写一份解说稿,给她的同学讲讲晚会的情景。要求:60-70 词。你可能用到 下面的词汇。
have a birthday party, play, sing, dance, chat, make a wish, open the present ...
birthday party, friend, present, birthday cake, wish, "Happy Birthday" song, candle, music ...
happy, excited / exciting, surprised / surprising, favorite, beautiful, delicious ...
Look! I'm having my sixteenth birthday party at home. There are many friends at my party. Sum Li and Bai Ling are sitting on the floor. They are playing with my pet dog Huahua. Some of my friends are singing and dancing. Lin Hui is chatting with Liu Tongyu about football. Here comes my best friend Jia Zi. She is giving me a present. Now I'm opening the present. Wow! It's a CD of my favorite singer. Now I'm standing at the
table with all my friends. There is a big birthday cake on it. I'm making a wish, and now my friends are singing the "Happy Birthday" song for me. How happy I am!
Unit 6 How long have you been collecting shells? 同步写作(
  1) 人民教育出版社
假如你是 Fred,请给你的笔友 Jenny 写封回信,谈谈你的爱好。(字数:100 词左右)
Dear Fred,
How is it going? I'm having my winter vacation now. We've got a lot of snow in my hometown this winter, so I began to learn skating. It's really fun. Now I understand why lots of people skate as a hobby.
Have a nice day!
Yours sincerely,
Dear Jenny,
Thanks for writing! It's great to hear from you. I enjoyed reading about your new hobby. I have several hobbies. I have been swimming since I was five years old. My father took me to the lake near our house and taught me. Now I love it and swim as much as I can.
Recently I started a new hobby rock collecting. Maybe it sounds boring but I've been doing it for only one week so I still find it quite interesting. What do you think of my two hobbies?
Hope to hear from you soon!
Yours sincerely,
Unit 7 What does he look like? 同步写作(
  1) 人民教育出版社
Smith 夫妇的孩子 Alex 已经一个星期没有回家了,她的父母很为他着急。 请你根据表格中 Alex 的个人资料,为他们写一则寻人启事。 (要求:60-70 词)
Name Age Appearance
Alex 14 tall, medium build, short hair, big eyes, a small nose, a big mouth, wearing glasses
Clothes Telephone
white shirt, blue pants, black shoes 6022615
We are looking for a boy. His name is Alex. He is fourteen years old. He is tall with short hair. He is of medium build with big eyes, a small nose and a big mouth. He wears glasses and a white shirt, blue pants and black shoes. If you see the boy, please call 60226
Unit 7 What does he look like? 同步写作(
Again, Lily Young has a new look. One month ago, she had long blonde hair and wore beautiful long dresses. She looked like a princess. But now, she has short black curly hair, and wears T-shirts and jeans. With those cool sunglasses, she looks like a handsome boy! I love her new image so much and I've decided to have a new look just like hers.
Unit 8 I'd like some noodle. 同步写作(
  1) 人民教育出版社
Tom 的饺子馆要在唐人街开张营业了, 请你为 Tom 的饺子馆设计一份海报。 (字数:
  60~70 词)
Telephone: 62550011
Address: 28 Bridge Street
Open: 9: 00 am ? 11: 00 pm
Food: fried chicken
French fries
Drink: Coke, coffee, mike, juice
Dessert: ice cream
Soup: vegetable soup
Tom's Dumpling House
Tom's Dumpling House has all kinds of dumplings. We have pork, chicken, beef, seafood and vegetable dumplings. Everything is delicious,
nutritious and cheap. Come and try our dumplings!
Work hours: 9: 00 am ? 10: 00 pm
Address: 115 Long Street, Blue Town
Tel: 432-7517
Unit 8 I'd like some noodle. 同步写作(
  2) 人民教育出版社
下面是 Long Life Noodle House 的菜单,请根据菜单写一则广告。
Long Life Noodle House
Luncheon Special
(from 11: 30 am to 3: 30 pm)

  1. Lo Mein(捞面)with beef or chicken …………………………………………………5 yuan

  2. Lo Mein with shrimp 虾) ( ……………………………………………………………………………………5 yuan

  3. Noodles with bean paste & minced meat sauce(炸酱 面)………………………………
  3.5 yuan
Egg rolls(青卷)………………………………………………………………………
  3.5 yuan
Fried chicken wings(炸鸡翅)……………………………………………………………
  3.5 yuan
SOUP: Egg drop(蛋花)………………………………………………………………….1 yuan
Vegetable ………………………………………………………………………………
  1.5 yuan
Long Life Noodle House
Tel: 21286543
At the Long Life Noodle House, we have some great specials for lunch! Special 1 has beef or chicken for just RMB
  5. Special 2 has shrimp for only RMB 5, too! Special 3 is with bean paste and minced meat sauce, and it's just RMB
  3.5! For appetizer, we have Egg Roll for RMB
  3.5, and Fried Chicken Wings for RMB
  5. For soup, we have Egg Drop Soup for RMB 1 and Vegetable Soup for RMB
  5. Come and enjoy your lunch Today!
Unit 8 I'd like some noodle. 同步写作(
Sentence 1
The Germans eat spaetzle, a popular dish of noodles made with floor, eggs and water or milk.
Sentence 2
Jewish people eat noodles filled with beef, chicken and spices. They call this dish koogle and it looks like a pie.
Sentence 3
Italians eat pasta; they come in different shapes and people usually eat them with tomato or cream sauce.
Sentence 4
The Japanese eat mainly three types of noodles ramen, soba and udon.
Sentence 5
You can cook noodles in many different ways. You can boil, fry or steam them. You can also cook them with different kinds of vegetables and meat. Or if you don't have the time, just add boiling water to instant noodles and you can have a hot meal in less than three minutes!
Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation? 同步写作(
  1) 人民教育出版社
你最难忘的一次旅游经历是在哪里?请为你学校的校刊写一篇文章,介绍你 这次旅游经历,以下问题供参考。(要求:
  60~70 词)
What did you do on that vacation?
How was the weather?
How was the food?
How were the people there?
How did you feel?
Why was it meaningful or interesting?
My sister and I traveled to Zhangjiajie on my summer vacation two years ago. We climbed Tianzishan the highest mountain in Zhangjiajie. The mountain is 1, 262 meters high. It took us a whole day. We felt very tired about half way to the top. I wanted to give up. Some people went past us and cheered us, "Come on. The top is near." We walked up, but very slowly. After five hours we were at the top. How exited we were to see the wonderful sight!
Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation? 同步写作(
  2) 人民教育出版社
Name Maria
Place London
Time last year
Weather cool,
hamburger, visit a
fried fish, pizza, chicken
friend, go shopping, go to the movies
Maria went to London on vacation last year. The weather was cool and cloudy. Maria visited a friend in London, and they had great fun going shopping together. Maria bought a lot of things. During her stay, she went to the movies. There were quite a few new movies on show. Most of them were really fun. Maria also tried some different kinds of foods there. She thought the hamburger, fried fish and pizza were quite delicious. But she didn't like the chicken at all. In a word, it was a good vacation for Maria --the beautiful city, the pleasant weather, the delicious food, the fun movies and the friendly people there.
Unit 10 Where did you go on vacation? 同步写作(
  3) 人民教育出版社
Sentence 1
Today, my uncle and I went to Central Park. It was a beautiful sunny day. We walked around and fed the pigeons. In the afternoon we went to the Guggenheim Museum. It was amazing. In the evening we went to a really expensive restaurant, but it was really crowded and the food was awful.
Sentence 2
Today, I wanted to go to see the Statue of Liberty, but the weather was terrible so we didn't go. We just stayed at my uncle's house and watched TV. In the evening we went to a Broadway show. It was really interesting.
Sentence 3
Come and see exotic Egypt. See the ancient pyramids and walk down into the tombs of long ago pharaohs. See the famous Sphinx. Take a river cruise down the mighty River Nile. And ride a camel in the desert. It's here waiting for you in Egypt.
Sentence 4
London is full of things to see and do. See the famous Big Ben and see fantastic views from the London Eye. See historical sights of St. Paul's Cathedral and the Tower of London. Go to museums. See an art exhibition at the Tate Modern. And visit Madame Tussauds and see your favorite famous people come alive. It's all here in London. Come and visit us!
Sentence 5
I just got back from my summer vacation and it was great! I went to Beijing. The weather was perfect, not too hot and I saw so many interesting things. I walked along the Great Wall it was amazing! I also visited Tian'anmen Square and went to the Forbidden City and the Summer Palace. The buildings were beautiful. The food was excellent, but it was really spicy sometimes. And the people were not bad. I don't speak Putonghua, so sometimes that was a little difficult. I had a fabulous time. I want to go back to China again next year!
Unit 11 What do you think of game shows? 同步写作(
  1) 人民教育出版社
中国广播电视报想了解当代中学生喜欢什么样的电视节目,请根据以下调查 问题,谈谈你对电视节目的喜好情况。(要求:60~70 词)
Where you live:

  1. What programs do you like best? How often do you watch them?

  2. Why do you like those programs?

  3. What programs do you dislike? Why?

  4. What s



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