人教大纲版 2011 届高三二轮专题复习讲义完形阅读综合突破试题 (九) 英语) (英语) (英语
1 (2009?益阳高三模拟) I was watching Sportscenter last night when one of those “human interest” stories came on and really grabbed my attention. The 1 was about a professional sport Bass fisherman named Clay Dyer.At first,they played it off as another guy trying to make the cut on the Bassmaster tour until they 2 a picture of him.No legs,no arms or rather,he has only 1/3 of his right arm.That’s all that the guy has. It was such a 3 story that I was wondering what this guy could do. Growing up,he learned to play baseball and basketball,but found that 4 was his true calling (事业).And he does it all on his own.He casts his fishing line by placing his rod under his chin.He ties his lures (诱饵) with his teeth and his tongue,never really asking 5 else to help.When he scores,he reels in the line (收 线) and removes the fish with his stub (残端) arm and his teeth.Clay Dyer even 6 how to swim.Since his body can’t produce enough sweat,he has to take a 7 in the lake every few hours to keep cool.He dives in just like anyone else,then somehow 8 with his stub arm,then,with a little help,pulls himself back up into the 9 and goes on fishing. Clay Dyer has never looked for others’ pity,nor has he allowed his 10 disabilities to prevent him from becoming a professional fisherman.His 11 for life is,“If I can,you can.” He refuses to use special equipment, 12 ,“I want to do it with one hand the way they do it with two.”
  1.A.program B.story C.content D.subject 答案 B 解析 上段的“one of those ‘human interest’ stories”暗示了本题的答案。
  2.A.showed B.played C.performed D.confirmed 答案 A 解析 show 展示,主持人向观众展示了一张无腿、只有 1/3 右臂的 Clay Dyer 的照片。
  3.A.touching B.exciting C.annoying D.embarrassing 答案 A 解析 touching 动人的,令人同情的。
  4.A.reading B.sporting C.fishing D.diving 答案 C 解析 第二段第一句中的 fisherman 暗示了答案。
  5.A.anyone B.someone C.none D.nobody 答案 A 解析 前面的 never 表明本句为否定句,因此填 anyone。
  6.A.realizes B.acquires C.notices D.knows 答案 D 解析 句意为:他甚至知道如何游泳。
  7.A.rest B.look C.dip D.shower 答案 C 解析 take a dip 指“在水里泡一泡,洗个澡”。
  8.A.walks B.swims C.climbs D.waves
答案 B 解析 他跳入水中后,用残缺的右臂划水游泳。
  9.A.bank B.car C.lake D.boat 答案 D 解析 借着一些帮助,他可以回到船上继续钓鱼。
  10.A.mental B.spiritual C.physical D.facial 答案 C 解析 他身体上有缺陷,因此空白处填 physical (身体的,肉体的)。
  11.A.motto B.value C.belief D.slogan 答案 A 解析 motto 座右铭。他的座右铭是“如果我能,你也能”。
  12.A.calling B.saying C.speaking D.shouting 答案 B 解析 现在分词 saying 表示伴随状况,意为“说道”。 2 We are what we eat because what we eat every day has a great 1 on our health.Therefore,we should make every effort to change our bad eating habits. 2 we all know,baked or fried foods may be tasty, 3 eating too much of them will probably result in some illnesses.Moreover,some food that costs us a great deal of money and is not healthy is junk food. What people like to eat 4 from culture to culture. 5 with people in the West,Chinese people used to eat more grain and vegetables,and 6 meat,which is a good eating habit.However,things are quite different now.With the rapid economic growth of our country,we now also eat a lot of food that is high in sugar and fat.We are running 7 risk of eating out without considering the balance of our diet. The food we choose affects our health, 8 we must keep it in mind that the food we choose should give us the nutrients we need.
  1.effect/impact/influence。 [本题考查固定搭配 have an effect/impact/influence on sth.。]
  2.As。 [本题考查的是 as 引导的非限制性定语从句,as we all know 也是一个固定结构。]
  3. but。 [本题考查的是对篇章结构的把握。 根据上下文的逻辑关系,此处应用转折连词 but。 ]
  4.varies/differs。 [考查动词的用法。由语境可知,此处应填 varies 或 differs。]
  5.Compared。 [考查固定短语。compared with“与……相比”。]
  6.less。 [根据前句的“more”,以及文章的逻辑意义可知,此处应填入相应的比较级 less。]
  7.the。 [run the risk of doing sth.冒……的危险。]
  8.so。 [根据语境可知此处需要用表示因果关系的 so。] 3 (2009?株州名校调研) Animals seem to have the sense to eat when they are hungry and they do not eat more than their bodies need.It has been proved that rats will,when given a choice over a period of time,prefer water with vitamins to water without vitamins,even though there is no difference in taste or smell between the two water bottles.When a fragrant flavor was added to the vitamin-enriched fluid(流 体),the rats did seem to develop a taste for it and kept drinking it,even after the vitamins were changed to the clear water.In time,however,they broke the habit and went back to where the necessary vitamins were. In a classic experiment,babies of 6 to 12 months old were placed in a cafeteria(自助餐厅) feeding
arrangement,with a wide choice of baby food before them.They were given whatever food they pointed to or appeared interested in.We are told that at first they showed some unusual eating patterns,but that over a period of time they managed to choose a well-balanced diet. So in choosing food,rats and babies do seem to know and act on what’s best for them.Obviously,there is a kind of “body wisdom”,which humans soon lose.Most of us do not eat as wisely as we could.Many of our food preferences are culturally determined and influenced by long established (建立的) habits.Some people eat foxes,dogs and blackbirds,while we eat cows and pigs.So what people eat and how much they eat seems to be greatly influenced by what is going on around them.
  1.Why was a fragrant flavor added to the rat’s drinking water in the experiment on rats? A.To find out rats’ preference in flavor. B.To encourage rats to drink vitamin-enriched water. C.To test whether rats know which drink is good for them. D.To show that vitamins are tasteless. 答案 C 解析 推理判断题。根据第一段中的第三句“When a fragrant flavor was added to the vitamin-enriched fluid,the rats did seem to develop a taste for it and kept drinking it,...”一 句可知本题选 C 项。
  2.What similarity do babies and rats have in their eating habits? A.They both have the wisdom to choose a balanced diet. B.They both prefer flavored food and drink. C.They both have the same eating habits. D.They both develop a taste for the same kinds of flavors. 答案 A 解析 推理判断题。由最后一段的第一句可知本题选 A 项。
  3.In the second experiment,babies were. A.given many choices of drinks B.provided with various kinds of baby food C.brought up in a cafeteria D.trained to select a balanced diet 答案 B 解析 细节理解题。由第二段的第一句可知本题选 B 项。
  4.Which statement is TRUE according to the passage? A.Babies are wiser than adults. B.People’s eating habits will never change. C.Rats are not as clever as babies. D.Humans will lose some kind of their “body wisdom” as they grow. 答案 D 解析 推理判断题。根据最后一段的第二、三句可知本题选 D 项。 4 A volcanic eruption in Iceland has sent ash across northern Europe.Airlines have stopped or changed the flights across the Atlantic Ocean,leaving hundreds of passengers stuck in airports. Grimsvotn is one of the largest and most active volcanoes in Europe.What makes Grimsvotn different is that it lies under a huge glacier (冰川) of ice up to 12 meters thick.The hot volcano
heats up the ice above it,which then forms a layer (层) of water between the glacier and the volcano.This layer of water puts pressure on the volcano,keeping it stable.As the water flows out from under the glacier,the pressure lifts.The lava (岩浆) from the volcano then comes up to the surface.This is exactly what is happening today. Now,airlines have to make changes to their flights so as not to fly through the clouds of volcanic ash.According to KLM,one of Europe’s biggest airlines,airplanes cannot go under the cloud or over it.Going through the cloud can result in ash getting stuck in the airplane’s engines,causing damage to the plane. The eruption has also caused problems for animals in Iceland.The volcano left ash and sharp,glass-like rocks all over the countryside.Farmers are keeping their animals inside to stop them from eating ash-covered grass or the sharp objects.
  1.What makes Grimsvotn different from other volcanoes? A.It is below ice. B.It lies under the sea. C.It is the largest volcano. D.Its lava affects the airlines. 答案 A 解析 细节理解题。根据第二段的第二句话“What makes Grimsvotn different is that it lies under a huge glacier of ice up to 12 meters thick.”可知,Grimsvotn 是在冰层下面的 火山。
  2.What keeps Grimsvotn still? A.The slow flow of water. B.The low water temperature. C.The thick glacier. D.The water pressure. 答案 D 解析 细节理解题。根据第二段中的第四句“This layer of water puts pressure on the volcano,keeping it stable.”可知,是水的压力使得火山平静。
  3.Which of the following is the result of the volcanic eruption? A.People stop traveling in Europe. B.Airlines suffer from the loss of planes. C.It becomes dangerous for animals to eat outside. D.Farmers have lost many of their animals. 答案 C 解析 细节理解题。A 项表述与文中叙述的飞机改变航线不符;B 项表述与第一段第二 句话意义不符;C 项表述与文中最后一段的最后一句话内容相符,故为正确答案;D 项 内容文中没有涉及。
  4.This text is most probably taken from . A.a research paper B.a newspaper report C.a class presentation D.a geography textbook 答案 B 解析 文章出处推断题。本文是一篇科普短文,讲述了冰岛发生的一次火山喷发的原因
及其对航班、动物等的影响。从文字表述形式看,应该是一篇新闻报道,而不是地理教 材内容,它更多地是以旁观者的语气来讲述整个事件。



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