人教高中英语单元过关检测 Senior 1 Book 2
Unit 1

  1. It sounds a good idea, but it r to be seen whether it will succeed.
  2. This old vase dates from the Ming D.
  3. Our school gave a r to our new principal.
  4. Some articles of f were lost when we moved to the new house.
  5. They succeeded in the experiment on the fifteenth t.
  6. There is some e to suggest that he was there on the night of the murder.
  7. In the long journey, he p a most amusing companion.
  8. He p to be doing his homework when the teacher came in.
  9. Her sudden disappearance was a complete m.
  10. It is said that the pirates (海盗) buried their t on this island.
Unit 2

  11. We were impressed by the ruins of an a building.
  12. C among youths to enter the best colleges is intense (激烈的).
  13. The fairy's m changed the two brothers into ducks.
  14. Don't be late for your i, or you won't get the job.
  15. The a won two gold medals in the Olympics.
  16. She a that she had stolen the bicycle.
  17. Even if Lincoln was not ready to admit it, blacks knew that this was a war against s.
  18. He r his brother as captain because his brother was ill.
  19. Can you r what happened in your childhood to your present state of mind?
  20. If you want to sell your product, you had better a it.
Unit 3

  21. Let’s a the problem and see what went wrong.
  22. The development of the steam engine was the greatest t advance of the 19th century.

  23. The automobile caused a r in our way of traveling.
  24. The plan sounds s enough but it will be difficult to put it into action.
  25. Can a intelligence take place of human intelligence in the future?
  26. You should take a of the fine weather to paint the fence.
  27. What kind of m is the bridge made of?
  28. She said she didn’t like it, but p I thought it was very good.
  29. Unexpected difficulties a in the course of their experiment.
  30. They s their child with too much praise.
Unit 4

  31. Man should protect w for his own existence.
  32. You will e your health if you work so hard.
  33. Did you report the l of your jewelry to the police?
  34. There are many s of roses in this garden.
  35. Scientific discoveries are often a to industrial processes (过程).
  36. It is dangerous to drive in a t fog.
  37. The baby was badly bitten by m.
  38. There are five boxes c books and toys.
  39. The amount of rain a the growth of crops.
  40. After a f battle the enemy was forced to retreat (撤退).
Unit 5

  41. She prefers pop music and jazz to c music.
  42. He is a pianist in an o.
  43. A m is a person who performs or writes music, especially as his/her job.
  44. The teacher c her hands to attract the class’s attention.
  45. They can manage it themselves. I don't suppose they wanted any e help.
  46. Bright colors are a to children.
  47. Your compass and clock are the most essential (必要的) i in sailing.
  48. The group of popular singers will give another two p before leaving China.
  49. Thanks to his a, he has obtained great success.
  50. Cheating at the game ruined that player's r.
词 汇 与 完 成 句 子 专 题
Unit 1
  1.The Great Wall is one of the w of the world.
  2. When the police arrived, he had destroyed the e of his guilt.
  3. Have you seen the latest d for the new library?
  4. Her parents died in the accident, but she s.
  5. I got a very friendly r when I arrived there.
  6. There’s some d whether John will come on time.
  7. My mother gave me this pen as a birthday g last week.
  8. Ms. Jean is able to make her classes lively and interesting. What a g teacher she is.
  9. The Art Museum was broken into and a lot of t were stolen.
  10. The thief went into the reception room s, trying to steal the precious(珍贵的) vase in it.
  11. We’ll h up some milk for the coffee.
  12. He went into his office and l up a cigarette.
  13. She r at home to look after the children when her husband went out to work..
  14. The C Revolution happened in China in the 1960s.
  15. The f in your room looks new at the first sight.
  16. The f style attracted a large number of people.
  17. I don’t want to go; b, I’m too tired.
  18. He is in a poor s of health.
  19. They are pretty r. Only about a hundred were made.
  20. The Potala Palace in Lhasa, Tibet remains a m to many foreigners. 二.完成句子
  21. I gave him some apples (作为..的报答) his help. .
  22. He (移开) his trousers and I found the wound.
  23. The two countries were then (交战). People lived a hard life.
  24. A team of 350 experts(专家) were sent to the desert(沙漠), the buried ancient city(寻找埋在地下的古城).
  25.Your suggestion will be carefully (考虑).
  26. In order to (证明) her point, she showed them the latest sales figures.
  27. The headmaster (器重) me because of my good performance.
  28. Recently I’ve found a rare Qing Dynasty vase. But I don’t know whether it should
(属于) me.
  29. The old man saw some Germans (拆开) the Amber Room and moving it away.
  30. The police have received the letter and they are (调查) it.
Unit 2
  1. The Chinese delegation has won 32 gold m in the 2004 Athens Olympic Games.
  2. A from all over the world will come to attend the Games every four years.
  3. Mr. King has r Mike as captain of the team.
  4. Tom will have an i with the boss of the company he wants to work in.
  5. Mary was not at home, so her son acted as h.
  6. Many c will compete in a race to be held next month.
  7. She was a into the party.
  8. They often do some p exercise after school.
  9. It’s f of you to make so many mistakes.
  10. You can find some a ruins in the village.
  11. The two countries are closely r as the lips and teeth.
  12. The football match will be held in the Peking Workers’ S..
  13. The people without tickets are not a to enter the stadium.
  14. The newspaper has lots of a, which help us to find a good job..
  15. He is an h person. You can believe in him.
  16. The family has many r in Canada.
  17. The girl won the first p in the competition.
  18. It is an h for me to be invited to your birthday party.
  19. We gave Alice and Tom a dish made of s as a wedding present.
  20. He is tired of being treated like a s.
  21. The (有魔力的) tools are popular with young children. 二.完成句子
  22. He never listens to anything , expect when it (有关系)himself
  23. We (曾经)work more than ten hours a day.
  24. We achieved victories (一个接一个地).
  25. I went to see my grandfather
  26. He decided to travel by car (每两周).
(而不是) by train.

  27. If you make a (诺言), you should try to keep it.
  28. (举办) the Olympic is a rich prize for a country.
  29. All countries can take part if they reach the standard to (参加) the game.
  30. At last he succeeded in (解决出) this problem.
Unit 3
  1. In c with most educated people, he prefers classical music to jazz.
  2. He is quite clever a boy though he looks s-minded.
  3. In the past 20 years, my hometown has t changed.
  4. Computers are often used to deal with information and communicate with each other around the world by the I.
  5. In the early 1960’s, computers were connected by a n, so that people could share information and talk to each other.
  6. Could you tell me the advantages and d of being famous?
  7. He is so clever that he is considered to have high i.
  8. The new type of mobile phone is expensive, , it’s worth buying it.
  9. I think we can work together to c an even better system.
  10. A computer can solve many m problems.

  11. She didn’t like the plan, but p I see nothing wrong with it.
  12. The 21st century is the century of information t.
  13. The b of their first child was a joyous occasion(高兴的事).
  14. There are so many different t of bread that I didn’t know which to buy.
  15. Stone is often used as a building m.
  16. The invention of computer was a t revolution.
  17. There are many ways of c in the modern world, such as telephone, fax, and so on.
  18. His report d with the fact.
  19. Some students have a more m approach to learning.
  20. I’m trying to c how much paint we need. 二.完成句子
  21. They were (监视)by three policemen.
  22. (在某种程度上), I like this book very much.
  23. She was (徘徊) up and down the road, not knowing what to do and where to go.
  24. As time (流逝), my memory seems to get worse.

  25. How are you going to (处理) the water pollution of the area?
  26. You have to (做出决定) whether to accept the job or not.
  27. To be a good learner, you must (充分利用) the library books, newspapers and magazines.
  28. I would really like to (和……打比赛)a human team sometimes.
  29. In this way, I can (补充)new moves. (在... 的帮助下) English, I have made rapid progress in my ... my
  30. English study.
Unit 4
  1. Most people are afraid of w animals.
  2. The p of the old buildings is poor.
  3. It is hard for the graduates to a for ideal jobs.
  4. China is becoming a p country in international affairs.
  5. The story of Hong Zhanhui a millions of Chinese.
  6. Why are pandas in d of disappearing?
  7. He is wearing sunglasses to p his eyes from the strong sunlight.
  8. They tried their best to bring the new law into e.
  9. Why are they in danger of d?
  10. One home in China is in Wolong Nature R , Sichuan Province.
  11. Another problem is the l of bamboo.
  12. The number of South China tiger has risen from very few to about 60 after being left in p with no hunting.
  13. What do you s we (should) do to protect wildlife?
  14. We are killed for the wool that is taken from under our s.
  15. More a should be paid to improving the living condition of farmers.
  16. I have not heard from her r.
  17. It was as f as tiger.
  18. Sea water c salt.
  19. He is the l boy in the family.
  20. Poverty and ignorance are e of progress. 二.完成句子

  1. They were both punished smoking. (由于……的结果)
  2. Many animals have in the past.(灭绝)
  3. He is losing life. (危险)

  4. What other
  5. Our fur
do you know? (濒危物种) make sweaters like yours. (正被用来…)

  6. The tour companies be allowed to hunt some for a fee, which made a lot of money for the farmers.(申请)
  7. The teacher stood in front of us,
  8. Suddenly, a cat jumped out
  9. .(脸上带着微笑) (从门后).

(面积是多少) of this temple? .

  10. They lived on the earth tens of millions of ago, long before humans (形成)
  1. I’m sure she is h with me although I met her for the first time.
  2. The poor girl was kneeling on the ground, begging money from the p.
  3. You’ll get an e gift if you buy something during the Christmas.
  4. Even the medium can play j on the president on April Fools’ Day.
  5. The Internet games are a to some young people.
  6. The former USSR(苏联) b up many years ago.
  7. The assistants of the library are s out the books.
  8. Chinese government will always s to the policy to reform and open up to the world.
  9. The f music is very familiar among the villagers.
  10. The boy sings so well that he dreams of being a m tomorrow.
  11. We left our hometown and moved to the big city to e much money.
  12. When the famous singer appeared on the stage, all the f cheered.
  13. He did it so well to win a good r rather than money.
  14. They put an a in a newspaper looking for rock musicians
  15. Man has the a to speak.
  16. They are going to give a p of ‘Hamlet’.
  17. I will see you (.后来 后来) 后来
  18. As the goes, “Time


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