重点词组(自编) 人教版英语必修 4 重点词组(自编)

  1. concern oneself with welfare project
  2. connections between ….and …
  3. be put to death
  4. devote all her life to medical work
  5. wander off into the forest
  6. make it all worthwhile
  7. be used for entertainment
  8. come crowding in the achievements of women
  9. do some research on
  10. mean going back to a place
  11. leave the chimp family sleeping in a tree
  12. as a way of showing love
  13. spend many years observing …
  14. catch one’s eye
  15. cut the death rate
  16. be intended for
  17. reach a doctor
  18. deliver a baby
  19. carry on her good work
  20. argue for /with/against
  17.a specialist in women’s illnesses
  21. help improve prison conditions
  22. drive the English out of France
  23. be allowed to do
  24. be permitted to do…
  25. work out the social system
  26. be placed second to
  27. none of them

  7. work the land for the past decades have a high output graduate from search for a way to increase rice harvest less developed country rid the world of hunger
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  8. be satisfied with
  9. equip others for their research in agriculture
  10. twice as large as
  11. play his/the violin
  12. listen to violin music
  13. refer to doing sth
  14. as sb proves
  15. be rich in
  16. grow strong and healthy
  17. get exhausted
  18. carry away the soil
  19. insist on
  20. intend to
  21. be lost in thought
  22. knock out of
  23. give advice on turning over the soil/ how to fish
  24. make wine
  25. students of agriculture
  26. thanks to his research
  27. care about being famous
  28. more a farmer than a scientist
Unit 3

  1. find it funny to see..
  2. at times
  3. feel content with our life
  4. be worse off than
  5. inspire sth in sb.
  6. be born in poverty
  7. astonish sb with sth
  8. throughout the world
  9. a small round black hat
  10. be unkind to
  11. make a sad situation entertaining
  12. be set in
  13. in search of
  14. pick up gold
  15. be caught on the edge of mountain in a snowstorm
  16. pick out
  17. with great enjoyment
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  18. star in the movie
  19. give a special Oscar for his lifetime outstanding work
  20. live the last years of his life
  21. separate… from…
  22. end in failure
  23. throughout the summer
  24. be angry about sth
  25. in the open air
  26. play on words
  27. play jokes in
  28. make fun of
  29. begin with
  30. There is a chance of ..
  31. hope for the best
  32. be remembered as
  33. be known as
  34. bring out the humorous meaning
Unit 4

  1. at a major hotel
  2. represent the Chinese government
  3. look around in a curious way
  4. appear surprised
  5. an exciting experience
  6. closely followed/approach others closely
  7. be likely to do
  8. introduce them to each other
  9. kiss her on the cheek
  10. reach his hand out to sb
  11. express one’s feelings
  12. nod at
  13. the Middle East
  14. avoid difficulty in communication
  15. be nervous about the approaching exams
  16. smiling faces
  17. turn your back to sb
  18. universal facial expression
  19. show anger
  20. be intended to put people at ease
  21. nod the head up and down
  22. look away from a person
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  23. hold your arms across your chest
  24. show respect for people
  25. look them in the eye/face
  26. be wrong about each other
  27. What if…?
Unit 5

  1. provide people with a place to amuse themselves
  2. meet this need
  3. a variety of things
  4. make a profit
  5. the charges for admission
  6. sports clothing/equipment
  7. have our pictures taken
  8. be named after
  9. a place of fantasy
  10. take an active part in experiments
  11. do an experiment
  12. make large amounts of money
  13. go on imaginary trip to space
  14. come to life
  15. take a journey deep into space
  16. just for a beak
  17. meet face to face
  18. the most advanced technology
  19. science and technology?based theme parks
  20. hands-on learning
  21. a good combination of fun and learning
  22. get around
  23. go for rides on animals
  24. without danger
  25. a certain idea
  26. involve victors in physical exercise and athletic competition
  27. up-to ?date information
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