Unit 2
Healthy eating
漫 画 欣 赏
画 面 描 述
A man is feeding a chick.He puts all the nutritious food into the chick’s mouth,expecting his chick to grow fast. ,
寓 意 理 解
In our life,many parents try to offer their children more than , they need without considering whether their children can take in all this. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 120词左右的小短文
短文填空 请用适当的词填空,或者用所给词的适当形式填空。 请用适当的词填空,或者用所给词的适当形式填空。 Wang Peng felt very frustrated (frustrate) when he saw none of his customers would eat in his restaurant. his opinion,nothing , In could be better (good) than his fried rice,mutton kebabs,fatty , , pork or his sugary(sugar) cola. When following one of his best friends into Yong Hui’s newly(new) opened restaurant,he was , amazed at the menu there: raw vegetables,fruit and water. ,
In order to win his customers back ,he went to the library to do some research, which showed Yong Hui’s menu didn’t give the , customers energy-giving food. In fact,there was weakness(weak) in , Wang Peng’s menu as well. So the only solution (solve) is to combine the two menus together to get balanced menu. a
Ⅰ.单词拼写 单词拼写 准备)
  1.All the students work hard, preparing (准备 their lessons . 准备 , for the coming midterm examinations.
  2.On the morning of May Day,he got up earlier than . , (平常 . 平常 usuals 平常).
  3.Can you (尝出 anything special in this cup of tea? . 尝出) taste 尝出
  4.I’m (好奇的 to have a look at your new house. . 好奇的) curious 好奇的
  5.What (逼,驱使 him to steal money? . drove 逼 驱使)

  6.At the end of this street,there stands a newly-opened r estaurant . . ,
  7.When will the c ompetition between our class and Class One . start?
  8.At the bad news,his family felt f rustrated . . ,
  9.He has been t ired . back to China.
  10.The boy lifted the big stone with all his s trength . . of living abroad. He is considering going
Ⅱ.短语填空 短语填空
  1.Jack has five kilos since he quit smoking. . put on
  2.You smoke too much?you should try to . . cut down
  3.The kids were playing in the mud and before long they were . covered in it.
  4.After the scandal,he faces a hard struggle to public . , win back support before the next election.
  5.She has been earning her living by teaching since she . graduated from college.

  6.For that serious accident,he got away with only a fine. . ,
  7.As a saying goes,wasteful people usually end up . . , in debt spy on
  8.He is paid by the police to his colleagues. .
  9.He wants to be famous?he is tired of being nobody.
  10.I wish I could this cold;it’s been hanging about . get rid of ; for days.
Ⅲ.完成句子 完成句子
  1.Wang Pengwei sat in his empty restaurant . (感到十分沮丧 .(frustrate) 感到十分沮丧 feeling very frustrated 感到十分沮丧).
  2. Something terrible must have happened (一定是出了严重的问 . 一定是出了严重的问 题) if Maochang was not coming to eat with him as he always did.(happen)
  3.I will take all that fat off you in two weeks (在两周内去掉您的全 . 在两周内去掉您的全 部脂肪) 部脂肪 if you eat here every day.(take)
Ⅳ.模仿造句 模仿造句
  1.Nothing could be better.(P
  7) . , “否定词+比较级”表示最高级的含义,肯定的语气。 否定词+比较级”表示最高级的含义,肯定的语气。 否定词 [翻译 没有人比他更爱财。 翻译]没有人比他更爱财 翻译 没有人比他更爱财。 Nobody loves money better than he does.
  2.Suddenly he saw his friend Li Chang hurrying by.(P
  8) . , ~ see sb. doing sth. 看见某人在干某事 [翻译 我看见他正向口袋里装东西。 翻译]我看见他正向口袋里装东西 翻译 我看见他正向口袋里装东西。 I saw him putting something in his pocket.

  3.He could not have Yong Hui getting away with telling people . lies.(P
  28) , ~ not have sb. doing 不允许或容忍某人干某事 [翻译 我不能容忍你这样说话。 翻译]我不能容忍你这样说话 翻译 我不能容忍你这样说话。 I can’t have you speaking like this.
  4.Why don’t you sit down and try a meal?(P
  10) . ? , Why don’t you...?为什么不 ?为什么不……? ? [翻译 为什么不试试? 翻译]为什么不试试 翻译 为什么不试试? Why don’t you give it a try?

  5.“According to my research,neither your restaurant nor mine . , offers a balanced diet,” explained Wang Peng.(P
  2) , , ~ neither...nor... 既不 既不……也不 也不…… 也不 [翻译 他和我都没有看过这部电影。 翻译]他和我都没有看过这部电影 翻译 他和我都没有看过这部电影。 Neither he nor I have seen the film.
  6.Their balanced diets became such a success that before long . Wang Peng became slimmer and Yong Hui put on more weight.(P
  11) , ~ such...that... 如此 如此……以至于 以至于…… 以至于 [翻译 他走得很匆忙,没有和我们告别。 翻译]他走得很匆忙 没有和我们告别。 翻译 他走得很匆忙, He left in such a hurry that he didn’t say good-bye to us.

  1.diet n. 日常饮食;食物 . 日常饮食; It is important to have a balanced,healthy diet. , 均衡、健康的日常饮食很重要。 均衡、健康的日常饮食很重要。 搭配 be on a diet在节食 在节食 go on a diet节食 节食 都可作“ 辨析 diet和food都可作“食物”解。但diet指的是习惯吃的食 和 都可作 食物” 指的是习惯吃的食 物 或规定的食物,特指维持健康的定量或定质的食物, 或规定的食物,特指维持健康的定量或定质的食物,如病人的 疗养饮食等。 是一般用法, 疗养饮食等。food是一般用法,凡能吃喝的具有营养的东西都 是一般用法 称food。 。
是可数名词, 连用; 提示 diet是可数名词,常与不定冠词 连用;food是不可数名 是可数名词 常与不定冠词a连用 是不可数名 词,但在表示食品的种类时,可以用复数。 但在表示食品的种类时,可以用复数。 用diet和food的适当形式填空 和 的适当形式填空 (
  1)太多的甜食会使你发胖。 太多的甜食会使你发胖。 太多的甜食会使你发胖 Too many sweet will make you fat. foods (
  2)我不吃巧克力,我正在节食。 我不吃巧克力,我正在节食。 我不吃巧克力 I mustn’t have chocolate?I’m on a . diet (
  3)我决定在休假前开始节食。 我决定在休假前开始节食。 我决定在休假前开始节食 I decided to go on a before my holiday. diet (
  4)这个病人不可不吃东西,但要吃不含糖的食物。 这个病人不可不吃东西,但要吃不含糖的食物。 这个病人不可不吃东西 The sick man must not go without ,but he must have a food , without sugar. diet

  2.balance n 平衡;天平 . 平衡;
v.平衡;权衡 .平衡;
I think it’s important for a college student to have a balance between study and a social life. 我认为一个大学生在学习与社会生活之间保持平衡是很重要的。 我认为一个大学生在学习与社会生活之间保持平衡是很重要的。 You have to balance the advantages of living downtown against the disadvantages. 你必须权衡住在市中心的利弊。 你必须权衡住在市中心的利弊。 根据提示,完成下列句子。 根据提示,完成下列句子。 (
  1)Seeing a car coming at a crossing,she lost her balance (失去平 , 失去平 衡) and fell down from her bike. (
  2)The key to learning skating is to keep the balance(保持平衡 . 保持平衡). 保持平衡

  3.curiosity n. 好奇心;求知欲 好奇心; 搭配 have a curiosity about sth./to do sth. 对……有好奇心 out of curiosity 出于好奇 satisfy one’s curiosity 满足好奇心 求知欲强的; 派生 curious adj.求知欲强的;好奇的 求知欲强的 curiously adv.好奇地 好奇地
完成句子 (
  1)儿童对周围的世界有天生的好奇心。 儿童对周围的世界有天生的好奇心。 儿童对周围的世界有天生的好奇心 Children have a natural curiosity about the world around them. (
  2)出于好奇,请问你有多大? 出于好奇,请问你有多大? 出于好奇 Just ,how old are you? , out of curiosity (
  3)我有种好奇心,想知道下一步要发生什么事情。 我有种好奇心,想知道下一步要发生什么事情。 我有种好奇心 I have a curiosity to know what would happen next. (
  4)他们对住在楼上的人感到很好奇。 他们对住在楼上的人感到很好奇。 他们对住在楼上的人感到很好奇 They very were curious about the people living upstairs.
  5)“你真是位画家吗?”他好奇地问道。 你真是位画家吗? 他好奇地问道。 你真是位画家吗 “Are you really an artist?” he asked . ? curiously
选词填空 (
  6)His answer didn’t satisfy my at all. curiosity (
  7)I was to find out what she had said. curious (
  8)He asked me where I came from. curiously

  4.limit n. 界限;限度 . 界限;
限制; vt.限制;限定
搭配 limit...to... 把……限制在……内 set a limit to... 对……作出限制 常与介词to连用 提示 limit常与介词 连用。 常与介词 连用。 完成句子 (
  1)我们能忍受的疼痛是有限的。 我们能忍受的疼痛是有限的。 我们能忍受的疼痛是有限的 There is the amount of pain we can bear. a limit to (
  2)我们要为这次旅行的花费设个界限。 我们要为这次旅行的花费设个界限。 我们要为这次旅行的花费设个界限 We must the expense of the trip. set a limit to
  3)她的旅行仅限于一些法国的旅游胜地。 她的旅行仅限于一些法国的旅游胜地。 她的旅行仅限于一些法国的旅游胜地 Her traveling has been a few French limited to resorts. (
  4)我为了减肥,限定自己每天摄入1000卡的热量。 我为了减肥,限定自己每天摄入 卡的热量。 我为了减肥 卡的热量 I’ve myself 1,000 calories a day to try to lose to limited weight.

  5.benefit vt. 使受益;得益 使受益;
n.利益;益处 .利益;
The rain will benefit the crops这场雨对庄稼会有好处的。 这场雨对庄稼会有好处的。 这场雨对庄稼会有好处的 搭配 benefit from...从……中获益 从 完成句子 (
  1)他将从这种新的经营方式中受益。 他将从这种新的经营方式中受益。 他将从这种新的经营方式中受益 He will benefit from the new way of doing business.
  2)从学习外语中我得到很多益处。 从学习外语中我得到很多益处。 从学习外语中我得到很多益处 I got a lot of benefit from learning a foreign language.
识记of 识记 benefit to对……有益处 对 for the benefit of...为了……的利益 为了 (
  3)每天做些适量运动对健康很有好处。 每天做些适量运动对健康很有好处。 每天做些适量运动对健康很有好处 Plenty of exercise every day is of great benefit to our health. (
  4)她为了健康而去了那里。 她为了健康而去了那里。 她为了健康而去了那里 She went there for the benefit of her health.
联想 do good to...对……有好处 对 有好处 to one’s advantage对某人有好处 对某人有好处 to one’s interest对某人有益 对某人有益 in the interest of为了 为了……的利益 为了 的利益 to one’s profit对……有好处 对 有好处 in one’s favour对……有利 对 有利 for the sake of为了,为了 为了, 为了 为了……的利益 的利益

  6.combine vt.&vi. (使)联合;(使)结合 联合; 使 联合 使 结合 搭配 combine...with/and... 与……结合 be combined in 结合成 combine to do 联合做某事 根据汉语意思,完成下列句子。 根据汉语意思,完成下列句子。 (
  1)钢是由铁加碳炼制而成的。 钢是由铁加碳炼制而成的。 钢是由铁加碳炼制而成的 Steel is produced by combining
n.联合体 .
iron carbon. with
  2)那两个党联合起来打败了政府。 那两个党联合起来打败了政府。 那两个党联合起来打败了政府 The two parties combined to defeat the government.

  1.be/get tired of 厌烦;讨厌


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