Unit 3
The Million Pound Bank Note
漫 画 欣 赏
画 面 描 述
A man with a stain on his face is wiping a mirror.The man has noticed the stain but he is cleaning the mirror.Certainly,he , will never wipe the stain off.
寓 意 理 解
In our life,when problems occur,some of us often blame , , the environment first,which surely prevents us from finding a , solution. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 120词左右的小短文
短文填空 根据课文Act One和Act Four完成下列短文。 完成下列短文。 根据课文 和 完成下列短文 Sailing (sail) home,Henry,a San Francisco businessman, , , , found himself carried (carry) out to sea by a strong wind. When he had just about given himself up for lost,he was spotted (spot) by , a ship and therefore/so he landed in London accident. Hungry by and alone,he walked on the steets of the city when he was , unexpectedly(expect) called into a mansion, where two rich , brothers,Oliver and Roderick,gave him a letter and told him not , , to open it till two o’clock of the day.
knowing it was a million pound bank-note,Henry left the , Not mansion and went into a cheap restaurant to stuff his stomach. Everybody was rude to him because/as he was in rags and
looked depressed. Then,to the surprise of everybody,he handed , , the owner a million-pound bank-note to pay for the meal. (介 On 介 词) seeing the note,all the people in the restaurant became polite , and tried their best to please Henry. Don’t you think it’s most the incredible tale in the world?
Ⅰ.单词填空 单词填空
  1.He hasn’t got much of a sense of (幽默 . . 幽默 humour 幽默).
  2.?Is this a (真的 Ming vase? . 真的) genuine 真的 ?No, ?No,it’s a fake.
  3.Rich families used to employ men and women (佣人 . . 佣人). servants 佣人
  4.You need (耐心 if you want to get served in this shop. . 耐心) patience 耐心 passage 通行
  5.The old bridge is not strong enough to allow the (通行 . 通行) of heavy trucks.

  6.She is the teacher’s favourite and this makes all the other . students j ealous of her.

  7.A period of ten years is a d ecade . .
  8.A person shouldn’t be judged by his or her a ppearance . .
  9.He looked over his s houlder . to see if he was being followed.

  10.D essert is the sweet food served after the main course of a . meal.
Ⅱ.短语填空 短语填空
  1.He was . brought up in London,and came to America for ,
further education.
  2.It wasn’t a good thing;on the contrary it was a huge mistake. . ;
  3.Success in business is simply a matter of knowing when to . take a chance .

  4.I found a woman trembling with cold at the corner of . in rags the street.

  5.They found the cave quite by accident when they were . walking across the field.
  6.Don’t worry about your accommodation.I’ll take care of it. .
  7. To be honest . ,I don’t quite agree to this plan.

  8.We had a wonderful time in the country. the . As for traffic,we had no difficulty. ,
  9.?Shall I go on with the talk? . ?Sure. Go ahead .They’re all listening. account for the sudden disappearance of the

  10.How do you .
murder weapon?
Ⅲ.完成句子 完成句子
  1. . Walking down the street (在街上正走着的时候 ,he 在街上正走着的时候), 在街上正走着的时候 heard someone calling him.(down)
  2.I earned my passage by working as an unpaid hand, . , which accounts for my appearance 的原因). 的原因 .(appearance)
  3.Henry is looking at them over his left shoulder . 转过去看着身后的他们). 转过去看着身后的他们 .(shoulder) (把头向左 把头向左 (这就是我现在这幅样子 这就是我现在这幅样子
Ⅳ.模仿造句 模仿造句
  1.I wonder,Mr Adams,if you’d mind us asking a few . , , questions.(P
  15) , I wonder if you’d mind... 不知您是否介意…… 不知您是否介意 [翻译 不知您是否介意我们在这里抽烟。 翻译]不知您是否介意我们在这里抽烟 翻译 不知您是否介意我们在这里抽烟。 I wonder if you’d mind us smoking here.
  2.And it was the ship that brought you to England.(P
  27) . , 强调句式:It is/was+被强调部分+that+句子剩余部分。 强调句式: +被强调部分+ +句子剩余部分。 [翻译 这就是鲁迅生前曾经住过的房间。 翻译]这就是鲁迅生前曾经住过的房间 翻译 这就是鲁迅生前曾经住过的房间。 It is in this room that Lu Xun once lived.

  3.That’s why we’ve given you the letter.(P
  49) . , That’s why...这正是 这正是……的原因。 的原因。 这正是 的原因 [翻译 这正是我向你撒谎的原因。 翻译]这正是我向你撒谎的原因 翻译 这正是我向你撒谎的原因。 That’s why I told you a lie.
  4.You must come whenever you want and have whatever you . like.(P
  47) , whatever...无论什么 无论什么…… 无论什么 [翻译 你想买什么就买什么吧。 翻译]你想买什么就买什么吧 翻译 你想买什么就买什么吧。 You can buy whatever you want.

  1.scene n. (戏剧)一场;现场;场面;景色 . 戏剧)一场;现场;场面; 辨析scene,scenery,sight,view , 辨析 , , (
  1)scenery指一个地区的山水风光或自然风景,着重美,不可数 指一个地区的山水风光或自然风景,着重美, 指一个地区的山水风光或自然风景 名词。 名词。 (
  2)view是scenery的一部分,即从某处看到的东西或自然美景, 是 的一部分, 的一部分 即从某处看到的东西或自然美景, 可数名词。 短语表示所看到的东西或景色, 可数名词。用of短语表示所看到的东西或景色,用from短语表 短语表示所看到的东西或景色 短语表 示从某处看。 示从某处看。 (
  3)scene与view相当,只是scene(场面 多半包括人和动作在内; 与 相当,只是 场面)多半包括人和动作在内; 相当 场面 多半包括人和动作在内 指具体场面所表示的“一处风光,一幕景色” 不分乡间或城市、 指具体场面所表示的“一处风光,一幕景色”,不分乡间或城市、 室内或室外,动态或静态,好看或难看,可数名词。 室内或室外,动态或静态,好看或难看,可数名词。
  4)sight可数名词,指值得看的“奇观”;或指某处或某地有趣 可数名词,指值得看的“奇观” 可数名词 的名胜、建筑物 常说 常说the sights)。 的名胜、建筑物(常说 。 用上述表示风景的词填空。 用上述表示风景的词填空。 (
  1)The cave is a very nice in that place. sight (
  2)From the top of the hill you have a nice of the whole view city. (
  3)We’ll take you to see the when you’re in Beijing. sights (
  4)The in the mountains is very beautiful. scenery

  2.permit vt. 许可;允许;容许 许可;允许; This problem permits no delay.这个问题不容许拖延。 这个问题不容许拖延。 这个问题不容许拖延 允许(某人 搭配 permit (one’s) doing sth.允许 某人 做某事 允许 某人)做某事 permit sb.to do sth.允许某人做某事 允许某人做某事 有以上用法的动词还有:allow“允许 允许” forbid“禁止 禁止” 提示 有以上用法的动词还有:allow 允许”;forbid 禁止”; advise“建议;劝告”。 advise 建议;劝告” 建议 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 用所给动词的适当形式填空。 (
  1)You are not permitted (smoke) here. to smoke (
  2)I advise you not (drink) too much. to drink (
  3)We forbid (shout) loudly in the office. shouting (
  4)The teacher encouraged me (study) abroad. to study

  3.stare vi 凝视;盯着看 . 凝视; 翻译下列句子 (
  1)他盯着这个单词,努力想记起它的意思。 他盯着这个单词,努力想记起它的意思。 他盯着这个单词 He the word,trying to remember what it meant. , stared at (
  2)她深思地凝视着远方,考虑当前的情况。 她深思地凝视着远方,考虑当前的情况。 她深思地凝视着远方 She thoughtfully into the distance,deliberating , stared the state of affairs.

  4.spot n. 斑点;污点;地点 . 斑点;污点;
vt.认出;发现 认出; 认出
马上; 搭配 on the spot马上;立刻;在现场;当机立断 马上 立刻;在现场; be spotted with满是……斑点 满是 in a tight spot处在困难的地位或环境中 处在困难的地位或环境中 put sb. on the spot使某人为难;使某人采取行动 使某人为难; 使某人为难 翻译下列句子 (
  1)当她生病的时候,她脸上有斑点。 当她生病的时候,她脸上有斑点。 当她生病的时候 spots She had on her face when she was ill. (
  2)这里是建房的好地方。 这里是建房的好地方。 这里是建房的好地方 spot This is a nice for a house. (
  3)我昨天在人群中认出一个朋友。 我昨天在人群中认出一个朋友。 我昨天在人群中认出一个朋友 spotted I a friend in the crowd yesterday.

  5.account n. 叙述;报道;账目;账户 . 叙述;报道;账目; She gave the police a full account of the incident. 她向警方详尽地叙述了所发生的事情。 她向警方详尽地叙述了所发生的事情。 因为; 搭配 on account of因为;由于……的缘故 因为 on no account绝不 绝不 take...into account/take account of...对……加以考虑;顾及 对 加以考虑; account for做出解释;说明原因;(数量、比例上)占 做出解释; 做出解释 说明原因; 数量、比例上)
选用上述短语完成句子 (
  1)We delayed our departure the bad on account of weather. (
  2)Too much rain the poor crop. accounts for account for (
  3)He could not his absence from school.

  6.seek vt.&vi. 寻找;探索;寻求 . 寻找;探索; 搭配 seek out搜寻出 搜寻出 seek for寻找 寻找 seek after追求;寻求;探究 追求; 追求 寻求; 求名/ 联想 seek fame/help求名/助 求名 seek one’s home回家 回家 seek shelter from rain寻找避雨的地方 寻找避雨的地方 翻译下列句子 (
  1)我将征求医生的意见。 我将征求医生的意见。 我将征求医生的意见 I my doctor’s advice. will seek (
  2)水往低处流。 水往低处流。 水往低处流 Water seeks . its own level (
  3)我们想玩捉迷藏。 我们想玩捉迷藏。 我们想玩捉迷藏 We want to play . hide-and-seek

  7.contrary n. 反而;对立面 反而;
adj.相反的;相连的 相反的; 相反的
与此相反; 搭配 on the contrary与此相反;正相反 与此相反 翻译下列句子 (
  1)这不合我们的信仰。This is 这不合我们的信仰。 这不合我们的信仰 contrary to our beliefs.
  2)我的看法完全相反。My view is on the contrary . 我的看法完全相反。 我的看法完全相反

  8.amount n. 数量 . She contributed a large amount of money to the charity. 她捐了很多钱给慈善机构。 她捐了很多钱给慈善机构。 归纳(
  1)“a large amount of+不可数名词”意指“大量 归纳 +不可数名词”意指“ 的……”,作主语时,谓语动词用单数; ,作主语时,谓语动词用单数; (
  2)“large amounts of+不可数名词”意指“大量的 +不可数名词”意指“大量的……”,作 , 主 语时,谓语动词用复数; 语时,谓语动词用复数; (
  3)“the amount of+不可数名词”意指“……的数量”,作主 的数量” +不可数名词”意指“ 的数量 语
  1)number与amountnumber表示“数”,常与复数名词或 与 表示“ 辨析 表示 代词搭配; 表示“ 与不可数名词搭配; 代词搭配;amount表示“量”,与不可数名词搭配;二者表示 表示 修饰。 “数量”时,受large和small修饰。“a large/small number of+ 数量” 和 修饰 + 可数名词复数”意指“许多 少数 少数……”,作主语时,谓语动词用 可数名词复数”意指“许多/少数 ,作主语时, 复数; 的数量” 复数;“the number of+可数名词复数”意指“……的数量”, +可数名词复数”意指“ 的数量 作主语时,谓语动词用单数。 作主语时,谓语动词用单数。
  2)表示“许多、大量”的短语还有: 表示“许多、大量”的短语还有: 表示 a great/good many+可数名词复数,谓语动词用复数; +可数名词复数,谓语动词用复数; many a+单数可数名词,谓语动词用单数; +单数可数名词,谓语动词用单数; a grea


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