Unit 4
Astronomy: the science of the stars
漫 画 欣 赏
画 面 描 述
Two goats are tied to each other with a rope.They both see some grass in opposite directions,and try to pull to get their own , food.However the rope is too short to allow them to eat their food.
寓 意 理 解
Cooperation is better than conflict.Our goal is not that we get something and the other gets nothing,but that all people get what , they want.Thus,cooperation will benefit everyone. , 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇 词左右的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 词左右的小短文
短文填空 根据课文HOW LIFE BEGAN ON THE EARTH完成下列短文 根据课文 完成下列短文 The earth was just a cloud of after the “Big Bang”. The dust earth exploded loudly with fire and rock. They were in time to produce many things,which were to make the earth’s , atmosphere. As the earth cooled down,water began to appear , on its surface. It allowed the earth to dissolve hamful gases. Then life began to develop.
Small plants multiplied and filled the first oceans and seas with oxygen. This encouraged the development of early shellfish and fish. Land animals such as insects,reptiles and dinosaurs , appeared after green plants appeared. Small clever animals spread all over the earth. They are putting too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere,which prevents heat from the , earth into space. Whether life will continue on the earth from millions of years to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved.
Ⅰ.单词拼写 单词拼写 根据首字母或者汉语注释写出单词的正确形式。 根据首字母或者汉语注释写出单词的正确形式。
  1.I’m in a (迷惑 as to how to cope with the new . 迷惑) puzzle 迷惑 situation.
  2.He would never be (有害的 to anyone. . 有害的) harmful 有害的
  3.One (理论 about the moon is that it is a piece . 理论) theory 理论 broken off the earth.
  4.The ants were (拖) pieces of corn. . pulling 拖

  5.Our English teacher is a man of (宗教信仰 . . 宗教信仰 religion 宗教信仰).
  6.Students should pay special attention to fundamental (基础 . 基础) 基础 science.
  7.A balloon f loated in the wind. .
  8.If you m ultiply five by six,you’ll get thirty. . , ’
  9.In this v iolent conflict,about 20 common people died. . ,
  10.Man can’t live without water and o xygen . ’ .
Ⅱ.短语填空 短语填空
  1.Don’t worry?I’m sure things will get better . . ’ ?’ in time
  2.We congratulated her on giving birth to a fine healthy baby. .
  3.Now that we have finished designing,the company, . , , in its turn ,should do the constructing work.
  4.The wall blocks out all the light.It should be pulled down. .

  5.She told her child to watch out when he was crossing the street. .
  6.Using the computer isn’t difficult once you get the hang of it. . ’
  7. you are grown?up,you should not rely on your . Now that ? , parents.
  8.Should another world war break out,what would become of . , human beings?
  9.The crowd cheered up when they saw the teams arrive. .
  10.Tell the children not to get close to the cave. .
Ⅲ.完成句子 完成句子 随着地球的冷却),
  1. As the earth cooled down (随着地球的冷却 ,water began . 随着地球的冷却 to appear on its surface.(cool)
  2.Whether life will continue on the earth for millions of . years to come will depend on whether this problem can be solved (取决于这个问题能否得到解决 .(depend) 取决于这个问题能否得到解决). 取决于这个问题能否得到解决
  3.Walking does need a bit of practice . now that gravity has changed (因为引力改变了 .(now) 因为引力改变了). 因为引力改变了
Ⅳ.模仿造句 模仿造句
  1.What if was to become was uncertain until between
  4.5 and
  3.8 . billion years ago when the dust settled into a solid globe.(P
  25, , L
  8) ~ be to do...必将会做 必将会做 [翻译 年轻时,他不知道自己以后会举世闻名。 翻译]年轻时 他不知道自己以后会举世闻名。 翻译 年轻时, As a young man he didn’t know he was to win world fame ’ later on. .

  2.They were in time to produce carbon,nitrogen,water vapour . , , and other gases,which were to make the earth’s , ’ atmosphere.(P
  11) , in time to do sth.来得及干某事 来得及干某事 [翻译 我们正好赶上了早班车 翻译]我们正好赶上了早班车 翻译 We were in time to catch the early bus.
  3.They are putting too much carbon dioxide into the . atmosphere,which prevents heat from escaping from the earth , into space.(P
  49) , ~ prevent...(from) doing...阻止某人干某事;防止某事发生 阻止某人干某事; 阻止某人干某事 [翻译 他的头痛没有阻止他第二天去上课。 翻译]他的头痛没有阻止他第二天去上课 翻译 他的头痛没有阻止他第二天去上课。 His headache did not prevent him(from) going to class the next day.

  4.Last month I was lucky enough to have a chance to make a . trip into space with my friend Li Yanping,an , astronomer.(P
  3) , ~ be+adj.+enough+to do足以做…… + 足以做…… + + 足以做 [翻译 这个男孩子的年龄足够大了,能参军了。 翻译]这个男孩子的年龄足够大了,能参军了。 翻译 这个男孩子的年龄足够大了 The boy is old enough to join the army.
  5.But when I tried to step forward,I found I was carried . , twice as far as on the earth and fell over.(P
  3) , twice as...as...是……的两倍 是……的两倍 [翻译 他跑起来速度比我快一倍。 翻译]他跑起来速度比我快一倍 翻译 他跑起来速度比我快一倍。 He runs twice as fast as I.

  6.“Oh,dear,” I cried,“walking does need a bit of . , , , practice now that gravity has changed.”(P
  3) ” , now that...既然 由于…… 既然/由于 既然 由于…… [翻译 既然大家都到了,咱们开会吧。 翻译]既然大家都到了 咱们开会吧。 翻译 既然大家都到了, Now that everyone is here,let’s begin our meeting. , ’

  1.unlike prep. 与……不同;不像;非……的特征 . ……不同 不像; ……的特征 不同; 相当于be 归纳 (
  1)be unlike...相当于 different from... 相当于 (
  2)unlike sth./sb.位于句首,常用于表示对比。 位于句首, 位于句首 常用于表示对比。 (
  3)unlike的反义词为 的反义词为like。运用:完成句子 的反义词为 。运用:
  1)音乐与其他艺术形式不同。 音乐与其他艺术形式不同。 音乐与其他艺术形式不同 Music is quite unlike any other art form . (
  2)本系统与多数系统不同,极易安装。 本系统与多数系统不同,极易安装。 本系统与多数系统不同 ,this one is very easy to install. Unlike most systems , (
  3)迟到这么久可实在不像他平时的作风。 迟到这么久可实在不像他平时的作风。 迟到这么久可实在不像他平时的作风 to be so late. It’s very unlike him ’

  2.harmful adj. 有害的,伤害的 有害的, 搭配 熟记下列搭配 be harmful to对……有害 对 有害 do harm to sb.=do sb. harm对某人有害处 sb.= harm对某人有害处 do more harm than good弊多利少 弊多利少 come to no harm没受损害 没受损害 翻译:吸烟有害健康。 翻译:吸烟有害健康。 Smoking is harmful to health.

  3.exist vi. 存在;生存 . 存在; 联想exist as作为 作为……而存在;以……形态存在 而存在; 联想 作为 而存在 形态存在 exist in存在于 存在于……中 存在于 中 exist on靠……生活 生存] 靠 生活[生存 生活 生存 表示“ 此时exist不用进行时。 不用进行时。 搭配 there exist(s)表示“存在 有”,此时 表示 存在/有 不用进行时 表示“ 拓展 there exists表示“存在 有”,是“there be”句型的延 表示 存在/有 句型的延 伸,类似的还有there stand(s),there lie(s) there live(s), 类似的还有 , , there occur(s)等。 等
完成句子 (
  1)少数人认为世界上存在恶魔。 少数人认为世界上存在恶魔。 少数人认为世界上存在恶魔 Several people believe the devil in the world. exists (
  2)好人到处都有。 好人到处都有。 好人到处都有 warm?hearted persons everywhere. ? There exist

  4.puzzle n. 谜;难题 .
vt.&vi.(使)迷惑;(使)为难 使 迷惑 使 为难 迷惑;
  1)puzzle / 搭配 用适当的介词或副词填空 over about sth.为……苦思冥想 为 苦思冥想 (
  2)puzzle sth. 想出;苦思而求得 想出; out 用相关短语翻译下列句子。 用相关短语翻译下列句子。 (
  3)凯伦整个晚上都在想这个问题。 凯伦整个晚上都在想这个问题。 凯伦整个晚上都在想这个问题 Karen was puzzling over the question all evening.
  4)他终于想出了如何解决这个问题。 他终于想出了如何解决这个问题。 他终于想出了如何解决这个问题 He finally puzzled out how to solve the problem.
的适当形式填空。 用puzzle的适当形式填空。 的适当形式填空 (
  5)He stared at the words in complete puzzlement . (
  6)I think it’s really a problem. I really don’t ’ ’ puzzling know which to choose. (
  7)She listened with a expression on her face. puzzled (
  8)I’m doing a word in this newspaper. ’ puzzle

  5.mass n. 质量;团;块;大量 . 质量; 识记a 大量的; 识记 mass of/masses of大量的;大批的;许多 大量的 大批的; 提示a 既可修饰复数名词, 提示 mass of或masses of既可修饰复数名词,亦可修饰不可数 或 既可修饰复数名词 名词。 名词。 完成句子 (
  1)大量的书籍摊满了整个房间。 大量的书籍摊满了整个房间。 大量的书籍摊满了整个房间 covered every surface in the room. Masses of books
  2)我们仍然可以抽出许多时间。 我们仍然可以抽出许多时间。 我们仍然可以抽出许多时间 We still had to spare. masses of time 大部分; 辨析 the mass of...大部分;大多数 大部分 (
  3)现代人大多受到电视的影响。 现代人大多受到电视的影响。 现代人大多受到电视的影响 The mass of modern people 大量地; 识记 in a mass大量地;大批地 大量地 (
  4)大批的运动爱好者在赛前就来到了体育馆。 大批的运动爱好者在赛前就来到了体育馆。 大批的运动爱好者在赛前就来到了体育馆 Sports fans came to the stadium before in a mass the game. are influenced by television.

  1.in time 及时;早晚;迟早 . 及时;早晚; 完成句子 (
  1)我们到达车站时,刚好赶上那班车。 我们到达车站时,刚好赶上那班车。 我们到达车站时 We got to the station just catch the bus. in time to (
  2)他早晚会明白什么才是对的。 他早晚会明白什么才是对的。 他早晚会明白什么才是对的 he will see what is right. In time
提示 in time to do sth./for sth. 来得及干某事;正好及时赶上…… 来得及干某事;正好及时赶上…… (
  3)我刚好来得及赶上那班飞机。 我刚好来得及赶上那班飞机。 我刚好来得及赶上那班飞机 I was just the flight. in time for (
  4)大夫正好及时赶到挽救了他的生命。 大夫正好及时赶到挽救了他的生命。 大夫正好及时赶到挽救了他的生命 The doctor got there just his life. in time to save

  2.cheer up 感到振奋;欢呼;喝彩;[口]振作些 . 感到振奋;欢呼;喝彩; 完成句子 (
  1)你需要点东西让自己振奋一下。 你需要点东西让自己振奋一下。 你需要点东西让自己振奋一下 You need something to . cheer yourself up (
  2)我要带安吉到外面转转,让她振奋起来。 我要带安吉到外面转转,让她振奋起来。 我要带安吉到外面转转 I’m taking Angie out to . ’ cheer her up (
  3)打起精神来,曼迪! 打起精神来,曼迪! 打起精神来 ,Mandy! , Cheer up

  3.watch out vi. 当心;提防;密切注视 . 当心;提防; Watch out! There’s a car coming.注意!有辆车开过来了。 注意! ’ 注意 有辆车开过来了。 是不及物动词短语, 连用。


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