Unit 3
Travel journal
Two cactuses are growing in a large area of desert. The mother cactus is holding an umbrella to protect the baby cactus from the baking sun. But against her good wish,the baby cactus is bending , down and turning weak in the shade of the umbrella.
In our daily life,parents are making every effort to create a , comfortable environment for their children. But too much protection has a side effect on their children. One cannot grow up without experiencing pain and difficulties. 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 你能否对此加以扩展,写一篇120词左右的小短文? 120词左右的小短文
短文填空 根据课文Journey Down the Mekong完成下列短文。 完成下列短文。 根据课文 完成下列短文 Wang Kun and Wang Wei are brothers and sisters. They have dreamed of taking (take) a great bike trip. It was Wang Wei who first had the idea to cycle along the Mekong River. They rode (ride) source is in bicycles to travel along the Mekong River, whose , Qinghai Province. When/As it enters Southeast Asia,it travels , slowly through hills and low valleys and the plains where rice grows. Despite the difficulties,Wang Kun and Wang Wei were , determined (determination) to begin their journey at an altitude of more than 5,000 meters in Qinghai Province. During their journey, , they enjoyed the (continue) , continuous change of the weather. Finally, they reached Dali in Yunnan Province, , Dao Wei and Yu Hang joined them. The four of them went where on with their great bike trip.We were determined on starting early.
Ⅰ.单词拼写 Ⅰ.单词拼写
  1.He was too (顽固的 to admit that he was wrong. stubborn 顽固的 顽固的) cousins 表兄
  2.He has many (表兄 but he likes none of them. 表兄) insisted 坚持
  3.Our teacher (坚持 that we leave at once. 坚持) attitude 态度
  4.He took a friendly (态度 to us. 态度)
  5.He gave up the job, determined (决心 to stay in the village. 决心) , 决心

  6.His name is f amiliar to me,but I haven’t met him before. ,
  7.The plane made a drive to a lower a ltitude
  8.The captain kept a j ournal everything that happened.
  9.Please give full d etails of the accident. to work .
when he was at sea. He wrote down

  10.In order to give himself more exercise,he c ycles , every day.
Ⅱ.短语填空 Ⅱ.短语填空
  1.The artist was fond of
  2.Have you drawing when he was only a child of four. where to go for your holidays? ?
made up your mind

  3.She went to America in 1956 and has lived there ever since .
  4.The old woman lives on her own and has a dog for company .

  5.The greatest scientists like Einstein don’t care about money at all.
put up
  6.Before it got dark,the campers their tents in a valley. , give in
  7.They were not a good team,but they refused to and , accept defeat.
  8.These shoes are too large.Can I change them for a smaller size? ?

  9.Although she had problems,she carried on working . , as usual
  10.A real sportsman will never dream about cheating in a game.
Ⅲ.完成句子 完成句子
  1.When some British people went to Australia, , English began to be spoken there (那儿开始讲英语 .(speak) 那儿开始讲英语). 那儿开始讲英语 Only time can tell
  2.(只有时间会知道 whether Chinese English 只有时间会知道) 只有时间会知道 will become one of the world Englishes.(tell)
  3.Many people put their thought into a diary but others write about their travels in what is called a travel journal 志上). 志上 .(call) (在所谓的旅行杂 在所谓的旅行杂
Ⅳ.模仿造句 模仿造句
  1.She can be really stubborn. [翻译 伦敦的夏天有时候会很冷。 翻译]伦敦的夏天有时候会很冷 翻译 伦敦的夏天有时候会很冷。 It can be rather cold in summer in London.
  2. Our legs were so heavy and cold that they felt like blocks of ice. [翻译 这孩子太小,不能照顾他自己。 翻译]这孩子太小 不能照顾他自己。 翻译 这孩子太小, The child is so young that he can’t look after himself.
  3.To climb the mountain was hard work. [翻译 解决这个问题是不容易的。 翻译]解决这个问题是不容易的 翻译 解决这个问题是不容易的。 To solve the problem is not an easy task.

  4.It was great fun especially as it gradually became much warmer. [翻译 在国外生活不容易,特别是当你不会说英语时。 翻译]在国外生活不容易 特别是当你不会说英语时。 翻译 在国外生活不容易, It is not easy to live abroad,especially when you can’t speak , English.
  5.We can hardly wait to see them! ! [翻译 他急切地想得到那份工作。 翻译]他急切地想得到那份工作 翻译 他急切地想得到那份工作。 He can’t wait to be given the job.

  1.imagine vt. 想像;设想 想像; 搭配 (
  1)imagine doing/n./pron.
  2)imagine+从句 + (
  3)imagine+宾+宾补 + 完成句子 (
  1)你能想象她会成为超级女生? 你能想象她会成为超级女生? 你能想象她会成为超级女生 imagined her becoming Would you ever have a super girl? ? (
  2)想想你自己有钱又有名的情况。 想想你自己有钱又有名的情况。 想想你自己有钱又有名的情况 Imagine yourself to be rich and famous.
  3)你能想像在发生什么事吗? 你能想像在发生什么事吗? 你能想像在发生什么事吗 what is happening Can you imagine ? ? 派生 imagination n.想像;想像力 .想像; (
  4)她心中所想的超乎人的想像。 她心中所想的超乎人的想像。 她心中所想的超乎人的想像 What she has in mind is beyond imagination .

  2.prefer v. 更喜欢 搭配 (
  1)prefer (doing) sth.to (doing) sth.喜欢 做)……而不喜欢 喜欢(做 喜欢 而不喜欢
(做)…… 做 (
  2)prefer to do sth.rather than do sth.宁愿做某事而不愿做某事 宁愿做某事而不愿做某事 (
  3)would prefer it if...更愿意或更希望 更愿意或更希望…… 更愿意或更希望 完成句子 (
  1)猫和狗之中我更喜欢猫。 猫和狗之中我更喜欢猫。 猫和狗之中我更喜欢猫 prefer cats to dogs I . (
  2)我喜欢步行更甚于骑自行车。 我喜欢步行更甚于骑自行车。 我喜欢步行更甚于骑自行车 walking to cycling I prefer . (
  3)我希望你不要在孩子面前抽烟。 我希望你不要在孩子面前抽烟。 我希望你不要在孩子面前抽烟 I’d prefer it if you didn’t smoke in front of the children .

  3.persuade vt. 说服;劝服;使某人相信 说服;劝服; 搭配 (
  1)persuade sb.to do sth.说服某人去做某事 说服某人去做某事 (
  2)persuade sb.into doing sth.劝说某人做某事 劝说某人做某事 (
  3)persuade sb.out of (doing) sth.劝说某人不要做某事 . (
  4)persuade sb.of sth.使某人相信某事 使某人相信某事 完成句子 (
  1)我最后终于想法子说服她跟我一起出去喝一杯。 我最后终于想法子说服她跟我一起出去喝一杯。 我最后终于想法子说服她跟我一起出去喝一杯 I finally managed to persuade her to go out for a drink with me. (
  2)我搁不住人家的劝说,就参加了比赛。 我搁不住人家的劝说,就参加了比赛。 我搁不住人家的劝说 I allowed myself to be persuaded into entering the competition .
  3)我们最终使本相信这个决定是明智的。 我们最终使本相信这个决定是明智的。 我们最终使本相信这个决定是明智的 We finally persuaded of this decision. Ben of the wisdom (
  4)他劝阻我把我所有的存款借给他。 他劝阻我把我所有的存款借给他。 他劝阻我把我所有的存款借给他 He 联想 persuaded me out of lending him all my savings.
convince sb.to do sth.说服某人做某事 说服某人做某事
advise sb.to do sth.建议某人去做某事,劝说某人去做某事 建议某人去做某事, 建议某人去做某事

  4.insist v. 坚持;坚决主张 坚持; 搭配 insist on/upon sth. 坚决做,坚持做 坚决做, insist on doing (坚决 要求做 坚决)要求做 坚决 insist that 坚持认为,坚持说 坚持认为, 提示: 表达“ 所跟的宾语从句使用虚拟语气; 提示:insist表达“坚持主张”时,所跟的宾语从句使用虚拟语气; 表达 坚持主张” 表达“坚持一种说法,看法或事实” 表达“坚持一种说法,看法或事实”时,宾语从句使用陈述语序 和 相应的时态。 相应的时态。 完成句子 he(should) come (
  1)我坚决主张他与我们同行。 with us 我坚决主张他与我们同行。 我坚决主张他与我们同行 I insisted that with us.) your being (
  2)我坚持你到那儿去。 我坚持你到那儿去。 我坚持你到那儿去 there I insist on . .(=I insisted on his coming =

  5.graduate v. 毕业 n.大学毕业生 . 派生 graduation n.毕业 .
搭配 指出下列各个词组的汉语意思 (
  1)after graduation 毕业后 (
  2)graduate from Beijing University 从北京大学毕业 。 (
  3)graduate in law at Oxford 毕业于牛津大学法律专业 。 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子。 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子。 (
  4)他去年毕业于南京大学。 他去年毕业于南京大学。 他去年毕业于南京大学 He graduated from Nanjing University last year.
  5)毕业后你打算干什么? 毕业后你打算干什么? 毕业后你打算干什么 What are you going to do after graduation (
  6)毕业生不得不面对严峻的就业市场。 毕业生不得不面对严峻的就业市场。 毕业生不得不面对严峻的就业市场 Graduates have to face a tight job market. .

  6.schedule n. 时间表;计划 时间表; 搭配
安排; vt. 安排;计划
  1)on/behind/ahead of schedule按照/迟于/先于预定时间 按照/ 按照 迟于/
  2)be scheduled to do sth.计划做某事,确定做某事 计划做某事, 计划做某事 完成句子 (
  1)会议计划开四天。 会议计划开四天。 会议计划开四天 The meeting is scheduled to last four days . (
  2)他原本能按预定进度做完这件事的,但不知怎地却落后了。 他原本能按预定进度做完这件事的,但不知怎地却落后了。 他原本能按预定进度做完这件事的 He could have finished it ,but somehow , on schedule he fell behind. (
  3)我们提前 个星期完成了这项工程。 我们提前3个星期完成了这项工程 我们提前 个星期完成了这项工程。 We finished the project three weeks . ahead of schedule

  7.determine v. 决定;决心;确定 决定;决心; 搭配 be determined to do/on doing sth./that-clause We were determined to start early.我们决定早动身。 我们决定早动身。 我们决定早动身 →We were determined on starting early. →We were determined that we start early. 联想 decide to do sth./on doing sth.决定做某事 决定做某事 提示 determine后接 后接that从句时,从句中的谓语动词常用 从句时, 后接 从句时 从句中的谓语动词常用(should) 形式。 +v.形式。 形式 完成句子 (
  1)无论发生什么事,她都已经决定把真相说出来。 无论发生什么事,她都已经决定把真相说出来。 无论发生什么事 No matter what happens,she has determined to tell the truth , (
  2)我们必须决定下一步的行动。 我们必须决定下一步的行动。 我们必须决定下一步的行动 what to do next We must determine . .
  3)她决心不会让任何事情阻止她去新疆工作。 她决心不会让任何事情阻止她去新疆工作。 她决心不会让任何事情阻止她去新疆工作 She determined that nothing prevent her from going to work Xinjiang. 派生 determined adj.下定决心的;意志坚强的 下定决心的; 下定决心的 in
He is so determined a man that we all have faith in him. 他意志非常坚定,我们都相信他。 他意志非常坚定,我们都相信他。 派生 determination n.决心 . a man with great determination 一位意志坚决的人

  8.journey n. 旅行;旅程 旅行; 搭配 make a journey(to)(去……)旅游 ( )
go on a journey(=make a long journey)去旅行 = 去旅行 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子。 根据汉语意思,完成英文句子。 (
  1)如果时间允许,我们就去旅行。 如果时间允许,我们就去旅行。 如果时间允许 go on a journey Time permitting,we’ll . , (
  2)明年我们打算进行一次南美之旅。 明年我们打算进行一次南美之旅。 明年我们打算进行一次南美之旅 make a journey to Next year we plan to South America.

  9.attitude n. 态度,看法 通常用作可数名词 态度, 搭配 attitude to/towards.


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