They’re broken in body but firm in spirit.
Warming Up Could you name some other famous disabled people and briefly introduce them? (disability, achievement)
Zhouzhou famous conductor born mentally disabled with an IQ of a child
Helen Keller(1880-19
  68) ( )
writer, United States blind deaf and dumb
Steven Hawking Speech impaired损害 physicist / mathematician
Beethoven Deaf
Franklin Roosevelt the 32nd president of the USA
Franklin Roosevelt the 32nd president of the USA
Thomas Edison
deaf, a great inventor, more than 1000 inventions in his life
Tai Lihua deaf and dumb a famous dancer The Thousandhand Bonhisattva
Zhang Haidi writer became disabled at the age of 5, taught herself English and took up writing in 1983
Sanglan 1981 --, China. --, China.
a famous gymnast She got seriously hurt in a competition and can’t stand. She helped to bid(投标) 2008 (投标) Olympic Games and helped organize the Paralympics
What does these people’s stories tell us? As long as they don’t lose heart, the disabled can also make great contributions with their efforts. Some are even better than normal people.
There is a website called “Family Village” on the internet. Let’s see what can we see in it.
Welcome to the Family Village!
[About Us] [ What's New ] [ Site Map ] [Suggestions] [ Discussion & Chat] [ Search ]
Q: What is the website about? A: It tells stories of the disabled.
Fast-reading: Para.1: Para.2: Para.3: Para.4: Para.5: How his life has become easier. How his disease developed. An introduction to Marty and his muscle disease. The advantages of his disease. Marty met a lot of difficulties at school.
Medical Record of Marty
Name: Marty Fielding Gender: male unDisease: an un-known muscle disease run Symptom can’t or stairs… climb and things or (症状 症状): 症状 clumsy drop furniture. bump into
Detailed-reading (3-
  4): Fellow students’ conduct changed. children in primary school laugh at him students at high school accept him
Marty’s feeling changed. in primary school stupid at high school not annoyed
Q. Why has his fellow students’ conduct changed towards Marty?
? A. Because they are now high school students. ? B. Because they are all disabled people. ? C. Because Marty is now a healthy boy like them. ? D. Because they found that Marty was able to live as rich and full a life as everyone else.
Further understanding (
  1): “Live one day at a time.” Marty
We can see that Marty is a person.
optimistic, brave, optimistic brave stupid, pessimistic, independent, strong-minded… independent strong-minded
Further understanding (

  1.When Marty says “ I am one in a million”, he really means A. he is unique B. he has a rare disease C. he has a muscle disease D. he lives a hard but happy life
  2.What is the tone of the text? A. Sad. B. Happy . C. Positive. D. Negative.

  3. Which of the following is false? A. Although a few students look down upon him, Marty never gets annoyed. B. Marty leads a meaningful life and does not feel sorry for being disabled. C. Marty only spends time with his pets and never with his friends. D. Marty’s disability has made him more independent.

  4. From the passage we can infer that Marty . A. asks others to feel sorry for him. B. never loses heart. C. is afraid of being made fun of D. will not accept any encouragement
Further understanding (
the change of
Marty’s feelings:
hopeless stupid
hopeful good/busy
not get annoyed
Marty’s mini biography
Marty’s disease Marty’s difficulties Marty’s ambition Marty’s achievement Marty’s hobby Marty’s motto Marty’s advice
disease difficulties ambition
__ muscle disease that a makes him very weak clumsy and can’t or climb run stairs as quickly as other people computer firm to work in a invented a computer game
hobby motto
going to the and movies football and keeping pets matches at a to live one day __ __time
Live a rich and full life every day.
Don’t for the disabled or feel sorry make fun __ them but accept __ of them and give them encouragement to live as rich and full a life as you do.
Exercise 1
Problems caused by his disability
  1. weak and can’t run or climb stairs as quickly as others

  2. clumsy and often drops things or bumps into furniture
  3. can’t play football and can only enjoy football matches from a bench at the stadium
  4. has missed a lot of lessons
  5. felt stupid because of being behind the others
What Marty does in spite of his disability
  1. enjoys writing and computer programming

  2. invented a computer football game
  3. looks after pets
  4. disability has helped me grow stronger psychologically and become more independent

  1. I don’t have time to sit around feeling sorry for myself.
我没有时间闲坐着顾影自怜。 我没有时间闲坐着顾影自怜。 to sit around 在句中作定语,修饰 在句中作定语,修饰time
feeling sorry for myself是一个现在分词短语 在句 是一个现在分词短语,在句
中作状语,表示伴随的情况。 中作状语 表示伴随的情况。 表示伴随的情况
He sat there in silence, doing nothing.
As well as going to the movies and football matches, … 的短语为主语时, 当A as well as B的短语为主语时,谓语动词 的短语为主语时 保持一致。 与A 保持一致。 was His wife as well as his children invited to the party. were His children as well as his wife invited to the party.
比较: 与 as well比较: 比较 as well 也,还,同样 常放在句末作状语, 常放在句末作状语,前面不用逗号分开 I can see how English is used in everyday life as well. 有时也放在句首, 有时也放在句首,常用逗号隔开 As well, I can see how English is used in everyday life .
“Even for a withered flower, it longs to contribute all of its fragrance. Even it is a broken tree, it longs to contribute all of its shade.”
( Quoted from the website of China Disabled People’s Performing Art Troupe:
哪怕是一朵残缺的花, 哪怕是一朵残缺的花,也想 献出全部芬芳; 献出全部芬芳; 哪怕是一棵受伤的树, 哪怕是一棵受伤的树,也要 献出一片绿荫。 献出一片绿荫。

  1. disability n.伤残 无力 无能 伤残;无力 伤残 无力;无能 disabled adj.伤残的 伤残的 ? the disabled (指代一类人 伤残人士 指代一类人)伤残人士 指代一类人 disable vt.使丧失能力 使伤残 使丧失能力;使伤残 使丧失能力 选词填空: 选词填空 disability, disable, disabled disabled
  1) The are to receive more money.
  2) She managed to lead a normal life in spite disability of her .
  3) Many soldiers were in the war. disabled

  2. conduct
n.行为 品行 行为;品行 行为 vt.指挥 管理 指挥;管理 指挥 短语: 为人;表现 短语 conduct oneself 为人 表现 conductor n.管理人 指挥 售票员 管理人;指挥 管理人 指挥;售票员
完成句子: 完成句子 conducted the visitors round
  1) The guide (带 (带 领游客参观了) 领游客参观了 the museum.
  2) I’m glad to see your conduct at school 你在 (你在 校的行为) 校的行为 has improved.
  3) Your children conduct themselves well. (表 表 现)

  3. My motto is: live one day at a time.
我的座右铭是:过好每一天 我的座右铭是 过好每一天. 过好每一天 一次,每次 一次 每次
at times in time of in no time at no time
一度,曾经 at one time 一度 曾经 在......的时候 的时候 立刻,马上 立刻 马上
Think and compare!
在任何时候都不;决不 在任何时候都不 决不

  4. ambition n. 野心 雄心 野心;雄心 ambitious adj.有雄心的 野心勃勃的 有雄心的;野心勃勃的 有雄心的 be ambitious for sth/to do sth 某事怀有雄心/热切的希望 对(做)某事怀有雄心 热切的希望 做 某事怀有雄心 完成句子: 完成句子 ambitious for success/to succeed
  1) I am (热切希望能成功 in life. 热切希望能成功) 热切希望能成功
  1) His (要 要 ambition to become prime minister 做首相的雄心) 做首相的雄心 is likely to be realized.


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