人教新目标八年级英语上册 Unit 2 What’s the matter?-单元测试 班级 姓名 学号 分数 听力测试(20 分) 笔试部分 一、单项选择(
  25) ( )
  1、I it's important to sleep eight hours a night. A. need B. sure C. believe ( )
  2、It's very cold. There is snow on the road. A. much too B. too much C. very much ( )
  3、People have good habit are popular. A. which B. those C. who ( )
  4、My aunt looks and often tired. It might be because she has too much yin. A.quite B. quiet C. quietly ( )
  5、When you are stressed out. You should music. A. listen to B. hear C. listen ( )
  6、Everyone tired sometimes. A. get B. gets C. has ( )
  7、I'm . I want to drink some water. A. hungry B. tired C. thirsty ( )
  8、He isn't in . A. at moment B. the moment C. at the moment
  9、I have a lot of . A. headaches B. headache C. the headache ( )
  10、You talk . A. much too B. too much C. very much ( )
  11、Tony . A. is stress out B. stress out C. is stressed out ( )
  12、I have a toothache. I have to . A. go to the dentist B. go to the dentist's C. see the dentist's ( )
  13、He has. A. a headache B. the headache C. headache ( )
  14、Did you some medicine? A. take B. eat C. drink ( )
  15、Are you feeling today? A. better B. good C. well ( )
  16、What's you? A. matter with B. matter of C. the matter with ( )
  17、, you should study hard at school every day. A. On the hand B. On the other hand C. On other hand ( )
  18、She is easy to . A. get angry B. angry C. angring ( )
  19、 you do your homework yesterday? A. Do B. Did C. Does ( )
  20、If you have a cold, you see a doctor. A. can't B. should C. shouldn't ( )
  21、It's good exercise every day. A. to take B. takes C. took ( )
  22、Can you come and play football . A.with us B. and we C. with we ( )
  23、She doesn't feel very well. She must stay . A. in home B. at the home C. at home ( )
  24、I help my mother. I go out with you. A. can,can B. may, can't C. can't, can't ( )
  25、 you have a sore throat? A. Do B. Are C. Can 二、完型填空(10 分)
  1、Traditional Chinese doctors believe we need a balance __1__ yin and yang to be
  2.Are you often 3 and often 4__ ? Maybe you have 5 yin. You should eat hot yang foods. 6__ Dangshen and Huangqi herbs is 7 good for this. But people__8are too stressed out may have too much yang. It's easy 9 a healthy lifestyle. It's important to eat a 10 diet.
( )
  1. A. for B. of C. on ( )
  2. A. healthy B. health C. unhealthy ( )
  3. A. quite B. quikly C. quiet ( )
  4. A. tied B. tired C. tried ( )
  5. A. too many B.much too C. too much ( )
  6. A. Eat B. Eating C. Eats ( )
  7. A. also B. too C. either ( )
  8. A. who B. where C. when ( )
  9. A. has B. to have C. live ( )
  10.A. balance B. balance of C. balanced 三、阅读理解(10 分)
  1、Many people like animals and keep one or more as pets(宠物)--dogs, cats or some kinds of birds. If you keep a dog or a cat as a pet. you must know how to look after them. A grown--up(常 年) dog neeeds two meeals a day--not more. And it can eat meat, fish, rice nnd some other things. Dogs like large bones (骨头), but don 't give them chicken bones. Remember to give them much clean water. A dog should have a clean, dry house for sleeping. Washing it once a week is good for its health. If it is ill, take it to a doctor. A healthy dog will bring you more pleasure. Be careful when you have chosen(已经选择) a cat. It has two meals a day with some meat or fish. Cats drink a little milk every day. Sometimes give them vegetables(蔬菜)to eat. Don 't forget that they need clean water to drink. Take good care of your pets. They will be your good friends. Maybe they can give you some help when you need. ( ) l. Many people keeepas pets. A. cats B. pandas C. chickens ( )
  2. What do dogs like eating? A. All the bones. B. Big bones. C. Chicken bones. ( )
  3. A healthy dog can you happy. A. make B. give C. take ( )
  4. Cats usually drink A. orange B. milk C. milk and water. ( )
  5. Will pets be people's friends?. A. No, I don 't think so. B. Yes, but only a little C. Yes. they will.
  2、Once an old man went to see a doctor. The doctor looked him over carefully and said," Medicine won't help you. You must have a good rest. Go to bed early, drink milk, walk a lot and smoke one cigar a day. Go to the country place for a month." After a month the man came to see the doctor again. " How are you?" said the doctor. "I'm glad to see you again. You look much younger." "Oh, doctor, I feel quite well now," said the man, " I had a good rest. I went to bed early,drank alot of milk and walked a lot. Your advice certainly help me, but you told me to smoke one cigar a day almost killed me first. It's no joke to start smoking at my age!" ( )
  1. The doctor told the man . A. to go to bed early B. to drink milk C. Both A and B. ( )
  2. Which of the following sentences is true? A. The old man was yoounger than before after a month. B. After a month, the man felt better. C. The doctor didn't told him what to do. ( )
  3. The doctor's words were for the man's health. A. bad B. good C. terrible
( )
  4. The doctor wanted the old man . A. to get worse B.to start smoking C.to smoke less than before ( )
  5. From what the old man said at last, we think . A. he didn't understand the doctor's advice. B. one cigar a day was helpful to him. C. smoking made him better than before. 四、句型转换(10 分)
  1、My father had a backache yesterday.(同义)My father had yesterday.
  2、The teacher is busy now.(同义) The teacher is busy .
  3、To eat healthy food is imortant for us .(同义) important foor us .
  4、Perhaps Tom will come with us, but he is not sure.(同义) Tom but he is not sure.
  5、You shouldn't eat anything for 24 hours.(同义) You should for 24 hours.
  6、I have a pain in my head today.(同义) I __ today.
  7、I don't feel very well.(同义) I well.
  8、What's wrong with you?(同义) What's with you?
  9、He doesn't feel very well.(同义) He very well.
  10、You should lie down and rest.(否定) You down and rest. 五、句子翻译(10 分)
  1、他胃痛,24 小时不要进食。 He has a stomachache, He eat anything .
  2、你应当多喝开水。 You drink hot water.
  3、早睡觉对你的健康有好处。 is good your .
  4、嗓子痛会导致你发烧。 can give you a .
  5、饮食平衡是很重要的。 It is important to 六、补全对话(5 分)
  1、A: Good morning, doctor. B: Good morning.What's the 1__? A: I __2__ feel very well. I have a headache and a fever. B: __3 you have anything for breakfast? A: No, I don't feel like eating. B: 4__ your mouth and say "Ah". It's a cold. A: What __5__ I do, doctor. B: Please take this madicine three times a day and stay in bed for a few days. A: Thank you. 七、首字母填词(5 分)
  1、I have a t and I want to see a dentist.
  2、--Mum, I have a s throat. --You should drink some hot water with h.
  3、--What's the m? -- I have a bad cold.
  4、We should eat vegetables and other healthy food to s healthy.
  5、Tell him to l down and have a rest. 八、短语互译(5 分)
  1、a banlanced diet
  2、for example
  3、at the moment
  4、stay healthy
  5、stressed out


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