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I’ Unit8 I’d like some noodles(B
姓名 班级 【学习目标】
  1. 如何询问他人的个人信息(住址或电话等) ;
  2.如何为面条和饺子等食物写 宣传广告。 【学习重点】
  1.词汇:RMB,reason, menu,At the House of Dumplings,also,as well as
  2.句型:Come and get your dumplings. What kind of dessert would you like? What size of dessert would you like? What’s……address? ……的地址是什么? 【学习难点】学会为自己开的一家食品店写一则广告 【课前预习】自读 3a。3b 填空。然后翻译下列短语。 在饺子馆 一些非常棒的特色菜 特色菜 115 个饺子 10 元人民币 甜食馆 什么种类的甜食 我想要一份大碗的牛肉面。 【课堂学习】 StepⅠDo 3a,fill in the blanks with the words in the box. StepⅡDo 3b,fill in the blanks. *At the House of Dumplings,we have some great specials! some 意为 “一些”,既可修饰可数名词, 也可修饰不可数名词。 some 通常用于肯定句中, any 通常用于否定句和疑问句中。但表示委婉请求的疑问句或希望得到肯定回答的问句中用 some,不用 any. StepⅢ
  1.Do 3c,write your own ad for dumplings,noodles,drinks and other foods you know.Then read it loudly to us.
  2.Do 3 on page
  52.Make a menu for the week and give reasons for your menu.
  3.Review(make conversation like this) A:Hello,I’d like some noodles. B:What kind of noodles would you like? A:I’d like ……noodles. B:What size bowl of noodles would you like?
A:I’d like a small/medium/large bowl of noodles,please. StepⅣ课堂练习 一.根据句意、首字母、汉语提示完成下列句子(10 分)
  1.China is a l country with long history.
  2.What s shoes would you like?
  3.My telephone n is 834?83
  4.?What’s your a? ?It’s 558 Bridge Street.
  5.We often have rice,meat,(西红柿) for lunch every day.
  6.John likes(粥),pizza(比萨),salad and ice tea very much.
  7.They usually (订购) food and drink in this restaurant.
  8.My favorite drink is (橘汁).
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七年级英语备课组 2011-4-21
二.选择填空 ( )
  1.A small pizza special $
  3. B. is C. has D. have A. are (
  2.? ?Yes, I’d like some tea. A. Where are you B. Can I help you C. Who are you D. What do
you do ( )
  3. is it? 2RMB. B. What C. How much D. What size
A. How many (
  4.Would you like something ? B. to eat C. ate D. eating
A. eat (
  5.Would you like football with us? ?Certainly. I like football
very much. A.play,to play ( B.playing, to play C.to play, playing D.playing,playing
  6.Special 2 beef and carrots and is just 10RMB
  20. , at B. have for C, has , at D. has , for
A. have (
  7.I’d like some dumplings cabbages and muttons. B. in C. has D. have
A. with (
  8..My daughter likes to eat dumplings well noodles. B.so;as C.as;as D.as;so
  1.我不喜欢汉堡包、比萨和冰茶。 I hamburgers,pizza ice tea.
  2.你喜欢什么类型的茶? of tea would you like?
  3.我们也有色拉。 We have salad.
  4.他想要一个牛肉的中碗的面条。 He’d like a bowl of noodles .
  5.让我们列一份菜单吧! Let’s ! 四. 书面表达。 假设你开了一家饺子店,为你的饺子店写一篇宣传广告,写 50 个词左右。
编写人 方芳
七年级英语备课组 2011-4-21


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